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1. Sydney International Christian Church - Sydney

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Address: Level 1/280 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 402 546 712

Business type: Non-denominational church

Sydney International Christian Church: what do users think?
Jall: I strongly urge people to not go to this church. The weekend I attended, the entire sermon was about money and how much money each patron should give to the church. The theme was “waiting for a miracle” and the leader repeatedly stated that the miracle that people were waiting for will never happen unless they either double their contribution or go overseas on a mission. Everything was focused on the church getting money and the whole church felt brainwashed, cheering for their leader, Joe, as he publicly called out members during the sermon for not doing or giving enough to the church. There was no mention of what happens with the money that people are contributing.If you search up their parent church which originated in the US you will see that there has been a lot of issues surrounding the finances of their “charity” Mercy Worldwide where in previous years, almost all of the incoming money went to the board rather than to projects.I genuinely felt sorry for all of the brainwashed followers in attendance over the weekend. I felt unsafe with the amount of manipulation coming from the leaders presenting. The entire set-up felt like a cult targeting vulnerable international students trying to find a sense of belonging.I strongly urge you to not attend this church. Please understand that every follower I met was really nice, friendly and very welcoming but they were all brainwashed. I hope everything comes unravelled and people can see this operation for what it really is.They tend to target International students on University campuses. I recommend just keep walking.
guess who: Warning- THIS IS A CULT.They mostly target at international students, and take advantage of the loneliness often experienced by them.They will shower you with compliments and act really friendly- DO NOT FALL FOR THAT.They’re manipulative and scheming.Never have I felt that uncomfortable during a bible study. They’ll berate you for your beliefs if they’re contradictory to theirs. They even told me that I wasn’t allowed to hang out with people that are non Christians.If you only surround yourself with believers, how are you going to spread the gospel?They aren’t really Christians as well, as they baptise you very quickly and hold the belief that you have to be baptised in their church for it to count- they say this to welcome you into the kingdom of God but in fact what they teach and do are unbiblical.They lurk on university campuses a lot and have created something called disciples on campus,so be aware.They’re also around train stations (especially parramatta) so if you ever get approached by someone and invited to a Bible game night please gently refuse them and walk away immediately.
Peter W: . I highly recommend it!Response after reading 1 star reviews…I always find it interesting that people can review a church as if it were a cafe you casually stumble upon. Nonetheless, some of the comments you will see for the Sydney International Church are just that (feelings and opinions not based on biblical convictions
Sam: , when in reality, they’re just like the religious elite of Jesus day, who looked down on everyone else and were very confident of their own righteousness and understanding of things, but in the end were far from God.Just do a Google/Youtube search of ‘International Christian Church’ and you’ll find many articles and videos exposing the practices of this Church… (even more if you include the content on the ICOC, which is essentially just a lighter version of the ICC
Tree Druid: This is a closed religious order. The general public is not welcome, to approach the hall, while religious activities are being held. ( Sundays 12pm until 6pm)The hall is rented, not owned by this religious order.Visitors are quickly escorted off grounds by coerced non English speaking students ( bouncers).Trespassers are then promptly arrested by police.Avoid.
Ethan Wynne: Majority of the 5 star reviews left by people here are part of the "church" if you can call it that and are trying to boost their ratings so tread carefully. Had a really negative experience with them at MQU, very rude and stand offish, they are known for their 'trojan horse evangelism', meaning they invite you into a bible study and then berate you on whatever Faith you are apart of. I should clarify, these folks do not think anyone else as a Christian aside from themselves. It really says something when a church has a 3.6 star rating, preaching Christ but not practicing Christ. Stay.far.away
Kit Chi: There's a long history of spiritual abuse that's associated with the International Christian Church, and its founder Kip McKean. That's why many people regard it as a cult. Simply Google the terms "International Christian Church cult" and you will see many stories of abuse spoken out by ex-members. Rather than addressing these allegations, they simply brush off them off as "persecution". Beware!
A Long: Disturbing to see the reincarnation of the Sydney Church of Christ lead by Kip McKean. I was part of this church back in the 80s & early 90s. There is no grace in this church, it’s all about your “good” works. We were made to evangelize, to meet quotas, to report back to a discipler (someone over you in the Lord) who would absolutely berate you if you didn’t meet some goal the minister set for that week. There was little encouragement, lots of legalism; that eventually led to a public outcry and dissolution of the original Sydney Church of Christ.Crazy notion that only Christians in the world are them, everyone else is lost because a true disciple is 100% preaching the word. I saw the truth after visiting a prison ministry runned by a man who was not from this church, but was so sold out in preaching the word to inmates. I thought, surely this man is saved by Jesus, he was without a doubt, motivated by grace. At 90+ years, he was so fervent and fired up. How can the Church of Christ claim he isn’t saved, just because he wasn’t going to their church? That didn’t make sense. The Bereans in Acts, tested to see if what the disciples said was true.. open your eyes, be skeptical and don’t be afraid to question, especially leadership, research Kip’s earlier works, this guy is quite an arrogant egotist & narcissist.. I wished I wasn’t so gullible, and as a result, allowed the church to abuse my faith, I paid a big price, mentally. I lost many friends, lost the love of my family and till this day, affects my life.90s Church leadership abused their authority grotesquely. Humiliation was the order of the day, “you need to be humble and accept this rebuke” was the catch cry. They often went on incredible holidays together, at churches expense. Expenses that members gave, through sacrificial tithing. Special contributions were 10x normal tithing; and as Uni students we not only suffered to pay rent, food and yet expected to give sacrificial. I personally survived on student special rice & gravy towards the last days of week. As a result my uni grades suffered. Church leaders blamed it on my lack of discipline etc, it’s always your fault, your sin, you are pathetic never looking at the yoke they were placing on young impressionable kids. I worked starting 3:30am at bakery before uni, did full time Engineering at Usyd, expected to evangelise, attend church services mid week, Sunday and Bible Talks, etc.. looking back it’s a wonder how I even got through uni!Save yourself the trouble, go seek God elsewhere. There are many fantastic churches filled with God loving people everywhere. Don’t fall for the lie that they are the only church making disciples.
Afolabi Akanbi: All that glitters is not gold. Please do your research.
She warrior: Great
Leo Chan: Definitely would recommend! Currently no longer going there as I moved countries, but spent a substantial amount of time with the Christians here. By doing so you can definitely see a Spirit-led group that is trying to live according to the Word of God and love Him with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Anyone who says otherwise most likely just doesn't know them that well or are making quick judgements without Biblical evidence. If you're looking to follow Jesus, this is the place for you!
Hannah: The Sydney International Christian Church is awesome!! Incredible teachings and fun hangouts Would recommend!!
James Kwok: Was a part of this church family for 6 years, people are incredibly loving, like no other community I’ve ever seen before and I feel like I’ve gotten to know God and his word so much more compared to before! 10/10 would recommend
bo xiao: Great church with warm-hearted, passionate, loving people. That really make me feel like a family. Great, radical, inspiring sermons were preached, literally opened my mind and helped me find God in my life.
Keanu Rhoades: Teachings and practices are on point and biblical! 3
Anju Umezu (AJ): Love going to this church so much! People are so friendly and treat you like family. They really hold on to the teachings of the Bible and they have fun doing it! Would definitely recommend.
Bob Hawke: Very dirty toiletsIf toilets dirty, imagine how dirty the souls?
Shantel B: This church follows the radical teachings of Jesus and loves like no other. Never found anything like it
Eve WU: People from the church are so nice and they do well as God's followers. So lucky for me to know and be part of them before. Best wishes.
Vernon Labayog: Joined a group. Really great on first few meetings but rear its ugly head. You will notice that they are judgemental and very close-minded as you go along. Be very cautious with this church or better yet just stay away.
Jordan Totenhofer: Incredibly convicting sermons. Great fellowship. You can tell a great church not only by their service but also by their lifestyle. These guys live and breathe God's word. So inspiring.

2. Blessed Christenings & Gifts - Earlwood

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Address: 208 Homer St, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8084 1717

Business type: Gift shop

Blessed Christenings & Gifts: what do users think?
Nicole Watts: beautiful products prices are good loved the oil and the iconic was perfect
William Dachris: Beautiful boutique store with amazing products!
Cali Burgers: Beautiful quality christening gowns made in Australia @ reasonable pricing compared to others. Thank you! Great customer too! Thank you!!!
Christina Markovska: I purchased a christening dress for my daughter from this store; an easy and stress free process. The quality of the dress is exceptional and the customer service by Kosta was fantastic. Definitely recommend this store to anyone interested in purchasing items for a christening!
Topita Tuliatu: If you are organising a Christening and looking for amazing service, beautiful gowns and accessories, look no further! Kosta greets you with a smile and welcomes you into his store, he is knowledgeable and genuine. The displays on show are stunning, we purchased everything for our christening service in this little gem and loved everything about our experience. Honestly look no further and go no where else for your prince or princesses special day! Thank you Kosta for making our experience nothing but pleasurable! If I could rate you 100 stars I would!Nona to be Vicky Tuliatu
Kathleen G: Amazing service and beautiful quality of work!
Maria Karabatsos: Was so happy with the christening box and accessories that I purchased for my beautiful goddaughter Kaye. Kostas was wonderful. He was very helpful and advised me of the process and everything that was required. I loved the items. They looked beautiful on the day and will make a lovely keepsake. Thank you Blessed Christenings.
Maria Habib: Excellent service. Went above and beyond to get my sons Christening outfit. Thank you!
Bruno Caseiro: Thank you for creating such a beautiful gown for our Daughter on her special Baptism day, the dress honestly exceeded our expectations. Kosta was so lovely to deal with and really showed alot of care in helping us and making sure we were really happy with everything.
Vicky: Blessed Christenings provided an outstanding service along with a beautiful product range. Highly recommend!
Jessica Lazarevich: Amazing service, beautiful pieces. I am so incredibly happy with my god son’s outfit.
Maz Savv: Kosta supplies very unique items and is so helpful. He goes out of his way to assist where he can. Excellent customer service and I would recommend this shop to everyone.
Gina Tsoupis: The most adorable and beautiful selection of clothing and all accessories for a child’s christening. Quality and style is exquisite and unique. I couldn’t highly recommend this place more. A very memorable experience, as their service and assistance is exceptional also.
Ralph Yorong: For your christening needs
Francesco d'Amati: Bad post-sale customer service
Igor M: Very nice shop. Good and prompt service. Satisfied.
mary ackerman: Interesting, but expensive
Aliye Demirci: Wonderful experience, great customer service!
Daniela Stojanovski: Really nice things, brought over from Europe in small batches so you know you won't be seeing the same candles everyone. The owners are so good to deal with and flexible when I needed to exchange something as my godson got chubby
Dean 2707: Kosta and Poppy are wonderful and very helpful. One stop shop for beautiful and quality products for all your christening needs. I would recommend this store to everybody.👍
Alexi Papas: I had about 0 understanding of what i needed to buy and prepare for when christening a child. These guys helped me step by step and went out of my way to make it as stress free as possible. Reasonably priced, parking's a pain. Def reccomend

3. St Paul's Sydney Lutheran Church - Darlinghurst

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St Paul's Sydney Lutheran Church
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Address: 3 Stanley St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9331 1822

Business type: Lutheran church

St Paul's Sydney Lutheran Church: what do users think?
Veronica Schwedes: Community of Lutherans which welcomes people from all walks of life. Growing artistic connections within the local inner Sydney neighbourhood.
Brigitte Tietge-Rollans: It was very good to be able to worship in person and not on-line.
Sean Gooley: Great meetings.
Colin Jones: A very inspirational Christmas Eve service
Felix Tong: 兄姐友善親切,牧者講道熱情有力🙏
Tom Allen: Small welcoming Christian congregation, part of the Lutheran Church of Australia.

4. The Parish of Our Lady of the Way - North Sydney

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9 reviews
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The Parish of Our Lady of the Way
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Address: Loreto Ministries, 42 Ridge St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 8918 4101

Business type: Parish

The Parish of Our Lady of the Way: what do users think?
Thomas Swain: Was a question in religion test :(
Richard Healey: The Sunday evening Mass is really wonderful. Music is always excellent. Community is warm and welcoming. Liturgy is engaging.
Sean Netting: Lovely Area, and a very nice Church

5. Moving Memories Australia - Earlwood

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25 reviews
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Moving Memories Australia
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Address: 1 William St, Earlwood NSW 2206, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 4:30PM Mon

Telephone: +61 411 322 995

Business type: Video production service

Moving Memories Australia: what do users think?
John Prorellis: I recently used Moving Memories to digitise a variety of very old video tapes. The final product was excellent. I found the service provided by Emmanuel to be very professional, timely and efficient all round. Very happy to recommend.
Areta McRae: My husband and I both booked in with Emmanuel 15 minutes apart to transfer our wedding video onto digital as our 20 year anniversary gift to each other. Watching it for the first time in years, seeing precious moments we’d completely forgotten about and loved ones who had passed was a priceless gift that we’ll cherish forever. The perfect way to celebrate our special day. Thank you Moving Memories. We highly recommend this quick and professional service x
James Phillips: An amazing reproduction on 8mm film from 40 years ago. It looks way better than this shaky camera operator was able to achieve.Thanks for the memories.
John Sotiris: Very happy with Emmanuels efficient and awesome customer service. Great quality and also happy with the end product.
Reno Randwick: Great service & fast turnaround
Julie I: I can't thank Emmanuel enough after he transferred our old VHS tapes onto a memory stick....and well didn't it bring back a lot of joyous memories. They were memories of our wedding and both our daughters christenings. We have lost all four parents now so to see them again was just beautiful...very bittersweet to hear my dear father's voice after losing him 10 years ago. I highly recommend Emmanuel and once again cannot thank him enough.
Amy Cunningham: We found an old VHS and weren't sure what was on it. Now we know! Thanks Moving Memories, great service and excellent communication.
KJ: Was a quick and easy transfer of a 90's VHS of mine to file. 1-2 weeks and it was done.
Robert Russell: Had some VHS-C Tapes that needed some TLC after some years of storage, they had mold and had lost some of their quality through demagnetization. There are some things that are better left to those with the skills refined over the years, and thats what you get from Moving memories. Couldnt be happier with the results, will be coming back again in the new year for the next batch to be processed.
Jessica Felicetti: I this service was amazing. I have wanted to convert the VCR tapes from my childhood for years and finally did so with Moving Memories. Emmanuel was quick to respond and very friendly. The process was simple and prices were affordable. Thank you again and I know these videos will make my parents so happy when I gift it to them this Christmas xxx
Carissa Bolton: Excellent. Needed a dvd and vhs tape transfer done quickly and Emmanuel turned it around in a day. Prompt service, consistent contact and a great result. Highly recommend this local business.
Seamus Findlay: A joy to deal with and fantastic outcome, cleaning mouldy tapes, joining broken ones and even coping with dead moths..Our daughter is really enjoying her baby/toddler video clips..I would highly recommend Moving Memories.Thanks so muchShay
Lydia Zhou: Emmanuel did a great job at digitalising all my tapes and was super kind and easy to communicate with! I highly recommend : )
Annika Cole: I am very happy with Moving Memories service. I had some old VHS tapes transfered to USB, which was handled in a smooth and easy way. Great communication and great price. I would recommend Moving Memories to anyone that needs this service. Thank You!!
Jenny Nguyen: I highly recommend Moving Memories for anyone who would like to capture their precious memories. Moving Memories displayed a high level of professionalism with fantastic service from the start to the end. During the event we had the agenda mixed up and Emmanuel managed to smoothly edit the parts of the video into the correct event order. The video quality that came out honestly was fabulous. I have to say that Emmanuel videoing and editing literally save our day. He was very patient with us throughout the whole editing process. Every details was encapsulated perfectly and there was absolutely no faults that were found. The cost was also at a reasonable price. On top of the service, their communications was clear and prompt.Moving memories definitely deserve more than a 5 star rating!
Sayoko Yanai: We could not have asked any better service and professionalism than Moving Memories. Clear and prompt communications, top quality digitalized files from old poor quality VHS and audio tapes and at very reasonable cost . Emmanuel kindly took time to adjust and fine tune as we requested even after the files were posted. We recommend Moving Memories to anyone who wishes to keep precious memories.
Liam Twigden: Successfully converted our old tapes with no hassle at all. Would definitely recommend.
Marty Alchin: Recently had 2 video movie cassettes converted to digital. Emmanuel was great with the service he provided. He told me they would be ready in a week and after 2 days he had then completed. After watching my TV had a problem playing part of it. He rectified the problem straight away. Couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.
Doreen James: I am very happy with the service. You did a great job restoring my 1983 BETA video tape and putting it onto a USB stick. It has bought back great memories for me. Thank you, Emmanuel.
Maggie Maroc: Emmanuel was a pleasure to deal with, reliable, very conscientious with the job and a great communicator. I highly recommend his work. Thanks Emmanuel!
Bernise & Christopher Rutgers: Got my old VHS tapes converted to digital files - and they were great. Fast and efficient service, lots of options for file types.

6. St. Euphemia Greek Orthodox Church of Bankstown - Bankstown

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51 reviews
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St. Euphemia Greek Orthodox Church of Bankstown
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Address: 6/12 East Terrace, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9709 6908

Business type: Greek Orthodox church

St. Euphemia Greek Orthodox Church of Bankstown: what do users think?
Christothea Triantafyllou: It's our lord Jesus's religious beliefthat calms a heard and relax of believing in christ amen
Kosta Hatzis: Good Place but wish they were Teaching the Public about God not Repeating the same words every day and the Public Gossip
Con HATZIS: Good place
Rose Roses: God lives there
Helen Naziridis: A place where you can go and connect with your prayers with God. Beautiful Byzantine iconography and chanting.
Daniel Roberts: Great School with awsome teachers that have been teaching there for years my wife and her hole family have all gone here my son is now going here. we did have him at a local public school for kindy and year one where he was in fist fights everyday. as soon as we pulled him out and enrolled him here and his been at St. Euphemia he hasnt had one fist fight to date and also speaks some Greek. I kinda wish my parents enrolled me here A++++ super happy with this school great job to everyone working there.
ROUSSOS NIKOLAOS: Μοναδικό ελληνικό σχολείο. Πίστη και παράδοση που δεν την συναντάς ούτε στην Ελλάδα
Dennis Albert: Lovely place to come and get forgiven by God.
Lia Vrocharis: Beautiful church
Ari Peponis: Lovely church..priest very nice man..and people who help in their
Annie Okuthe: Lovely place
Stelios. Kos.: Nice atmosphere
Betty Samolis: I was married at this ⛪
MUSIC1 AG: Lovely place of worship, more especially the divine liturgy. Good and caring priests.
Betty Kassapakis: Local place of worship have been attending since a child. Have fond memories
Marietta Carroll: A very beautiful place of worship
Katerina Stef: Beautiful church good priests!
jondapom: Attended Sunday mass.
Xiao Zhuo Wen: Having been to Greece and other places last year, I have developed some interest in the long national culture of Greece
Theodore Galanis: Typical Greek Orthodox church.

7. St. Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Church - Lilyfield

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35 reviews
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St. Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Church
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Address: 21 Henry St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9560 8330

Business type: Greek Orthodox church

St. Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Church: what do users think?
Sofia Pakos: Very nice church
Gods Will: Beautiful church, Father Leslie is blessed.Glory to the Orthodox Apostolic Church.Glory to God
Peter Theodorou: Girst time to this church was left with a very positive feeling the church is beautiful and the priest was excellent in his sermon his interpretation of the kimisis was excellent will definitely go again
Katrina tsaftaropoulos: We had a christening there. The priest was very nice and accommodating. Beautiful interiors. On street parking.
elias khater: Beautiful Greek Orthodox church.. very well maintained... easy on the parking ... Priest was easy to under stand both in English and Greek
mike last: beautiful church
Richard Volzke: Good funeral service. Great singer.
hellzy pellzy: absolutely beautiful church and very friendly and welcoming
jondapom: Good Christening service in two languages.
Stefan S: Beautiful church, great school for kids who want to learn about their heritage and the Greek language.
Koni Tsihlis: It's a lovely orthodox church
emmanuel f: If it wasn't for the parking this place would easily be the best Greek church to visit. Father Lesley is well respected by the community and easy to work with. The church is beautifully decorated with ornate decor and spectacular paintings adorning the.wall and ceiling.
bill Sais: Beautiful old and exceptional Greek Orthodox church in Leichardt.
Con Tsanidis: My most favourable place of reflection and spiritual recharge along with great sermons by the parish priest Father Leslie
Russell Pope: Father Lesley is one of the most humble and spiritually inspire priest in the country
Nicholas Chriss: What a fantastic priest that was only matched by the service. 10 out of 10.
William Hart: The first time i've attended a Greek Church for any ceremony. The priest /father delivered part of his talk in Greek and English the Church is situated a short walk to Norton Streets Leichhardts main restaurant strip.
YeoGP: It's Holy and it's my parish

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