Best Bollywood Cinemas In Sydney Near Me

1. Event Cinemas Parramatta - Parramatta

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Event Cinemas Parramatta
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Address: 159-175 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9407 2777

Business type: Movie theater

Event Cinemas Parramatta: what do users think?
Mary Toppanos: Bad experience. First class food order given to the wrong people. They said they couldn't make us another meal and accused us of putting the wrong seat number which we didn't
Sharifa Bhuiya: Seats are not comfortable but service was good and so was the movie
Serene Tlw: Customer service from staff is okay so I'll give 2 stars but the location is absolute filth. The location is most convenient for me but this is probably the last time I come to Parramatta Event cinemas. Every time I have come, it has been dirty with popcorn all over the floor on the way to the cinema theatre and bad signage. I don't completely blame the staff because I understand the crowd is horrible as well. After watching spiderverse, I saw popcorn, drinks and rubbish all over the floor from customers who have no sense of what neatness is and felt sorry for workers. There were also 3 marks on the screen from some kind of dirt that made the movie quite annoying to watch. Definitely the worst location I have been to.
keith griffen: Sure it's a big theatre with lots of space and a variety of movies.Tha place is now starting to show its age. It was renovated about 17 years ago in 2006.Seats are not that comfortable and are distorted. Toilets are smelly and run down.Dirt, grime and a general feeling of being Neglected permeate the area.Customer service is poor and often non existent. Go there on a weekday and you won't see any staff to even check your ticket.Unruly juveniles and adults alike often hop cinemas to watch free of charge which is not clamped down upon.Ticket prices and prices of refreshments are exhorbitant.$17.50 for a popcorn and Coke combo on top of a $23 entry fee.Better buy online.
Dilip Acharya: Great experience.
S John: Not very clean and has a funky smell.
Jason Assaf: Great movie
STEVEN ALEXANDER: Disappointing experience, cinema 2 had a large smear in the centre of the screen and was a distraction, very dirty presentation of all areas especially carpeted areas and the female toilets were completely out of toilet tissue, there was change or improvement on our next visit either, big and grubby.
Thanh T: Not Bad. I went gold class and they forgot my drink order. Missed part of the movie so I can remind them
Sukitha Gunasekera: Great atmosphere & friendly staff. Quick cleans after movies.
Sanjoy M: Have watch multiple movies here. Good screens and sounds. Seats are good but could be better. Taking away one star as a scope of improvement of the seats.
Noreen De gracia: In the middle of the movie fire alarm went on and no staff made us aware of whats going on! Customers were left hanging if we have to evacuate or stay! After 30 mins we were advised to go on assembly place then we were told the movie cannot continue anymore so we were given tickets for next time! Bit dissappointed as staff seems not trained on what to do during fire drills! ☹️
Tim Johnson: I love the cinema there
Dimah Ibrahim: Nice place and options for kids, I like the atmosphere of being inside the Westfield, parking is the only issue.
Lynette Jamieson: Never have a problem at these cinemas, a good experience, the only issue I would say is is that food and beverage is a little expensive
Sworup Shrestha: Loved the place.
Loui: Poor signage and directions between levels and hallways
S S: Clean and comfortable
Allen Neil Pajarellano: Watched Fast X on vmax today.Seats were stinky and surroundings look old and fabrics still? Plus not reclining for 28 dollars doesnt seem worth it.If you got access to reading cinemas its still the best bang for the buck.
N D (Kanzi): I hadn't been to Parramatta Events Gold class for a while now, actually since pre covid. Well what a disappointment, they place has run down seats upholstery was all torn and horrible. Bit the worst was the service, my friend ordered the chicken strips with fries on the side, Fries came and they forgot all about the chicken stripes till we reminded them. Even then it took the 30 minutes to bring them out which by then the fries had gone cold. I ordered popcorn and it never came to us. When the movie was over I went to the counter and told them such. Thru offered a refund which apparently will can take up to 5 business days to come through to my account. Pathetic, will never go again
Omar Saboune: It’s a nice location but they need to consider cleaning and maintaining the cinema because it’s smelly and dirty chairs and carpets it honestly felt like it was abandoned

2. HOYTS Blacktown - Blacktown

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HOYTS Blacktown
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Address: 4/17 Patrick St, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9003 3810

Business type: Movie theater

HOYTS Blacktown: what do users think?
Gina Mangin: Great cinemas.
Emmanuel Wowoah: Great customer service, they sometimes let you take food in the cinema as long you're not too obvious.
Jason Mcleod: Thanks for the great service Jayden helped me change tickets as one of group was running late.. everyone was awesome as well
Donia Hafez: Terrible experience i booked 3 tickets for me and my 2 daughters for the little mermaid the movie sound was very low my home tv is louder than it and they kept it low untill i had to leave the movie and go find someone to complain to as we cand hear the conversation in the movie is so low volume and when i complained it took them ages to fix itThe movie is so long so iwe needed to go to toilet and we found it was out of orderDon't go to blacktown hoyts it's not worth a cent of your money i regret it after paying almost 80 dollars for tickets , drinks and popcorn and end up with such a disgusting experience
Bob doey Dylan: Terrible booking and customer service. Can't even get through to the phone line and wasted $50 because I couldn't swap my tickets.
Richard Tame: Hoyts have maintained their differentiation from the competition. The cinema experience is something I am enjoying again and am willing to pay a premium for. The candy bar on the other hand is not competitive with anywhere else available in Westpoint.
Bianca Jones: HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!Paid for Dbox and the chairs don’t even work.Don’t waste your money !
Timmy Tom: Parking is very confusing, they should provide a proper indication on which level the Hoyts Parking is when we book tickets.
Andrew Tree: We were expecting a concert experience of Roger Waters, but were extremely disappointed with the sound quality 😔.The sound was so low the person next to me could hear me scratching my head. Said it was louder then the music.
Olivia Axiak: I guess your review also depends on the film, but the seats were real comfy
Slava Drozd: My son and I are watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) on 23 May 2023 - 6pm session cinema 3 and sound is just awful - it’s like back speakers aren’t working and it is pretty quiet for the movie. Giving 3 stars in the hope someone is paying attention to the reviews and it’s going to be looked at. Otherwise love coming here.
Adam Thomas: Awesome screens, comfy seats, considerate staff... all round good spot.
Jayakrishnan R: Great viewing experience. Amazing sound, comfy and spacious seats with recliner.
Vito Rao: The projector cut out at the key moment in the movie, they rewinded it but still unprofessional mistake. Also gave me incorrect seats, but still an okay theatre.
Coral Duncombe: Great customer service but I complained about the toilets a few years back but nothing has changed sad to see.My daughter and I only come here when we couldn't see the movie we wanted at Mount druitt or if the times are not right.
Andy Poumale: #FLAWLESS CUSTOMER SERVICE ISABELLE!! Sat 6th May 10.30amWe had issues with our Extreme tickets and you trouble shooted 2-3 different ways to rectify the issue. Even thou it didn't work, you called for back up support, your Mgr Rita. Rita use her powers that be and issue resolved.Thank you both for your cool, calm and applauding service.You may think this is a small thing but trust me you connected with me, resolved my issue and added priceless value to my son that we are going to watch guardians of the galaxy. His smile said it all when he knew we had tickets.
Hatim Janjali: It was unclean and smelly
t jothi: The seating arrangement is good. Nice Sound system
Lakshmi M: Xtreame screen a delight to watch your favourite movie!
Gail Jean: Enjoyed our experience there. Sound too loud though.

3. Hoyts - Bankstown

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Address: 63 The Mall, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9003 3800

Business type: Movie theater

Hoyts: what do users think?
John Henry: Place was a mess in the lobby/candy bar and in the cinema
Muhammad Isa: "I love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 this place as places."
Paul Zaj: 2nd time going to this cinema last time we saw The Nun they sell tickets to kids that are under 15 and they talk and gossip throughout the entire movie.This time we went to see the Boogieman exactly the same experience if your looking to enjoy a horror movie don’t go to this cinema this time we had constant talking kids moving from seat to seat and making loud noises during scare scenes which ruined any impact.I don’t think I will ever visit this cinema again after that.
la pintoreria decoracion: During school Holliday’s is a huge rubbish bin! After that good!
Medha Mittal: Halls are good and the screen is fine. They really can improve hygiene and clean the cinemas.
Thomas Krause: Quite disappointed on my recent visit. Wish they would update the design to be in line with other Hoyts across Sydney but I guess they don’t think people are honest. Had to wait at least 10 minutes in line with only three people in front. Walked into the cinema and my chair and my friends recliner were both broken. Then we moved to the row in front and both were broken again! Then also my friend had to go to the toilet and both times they went there was no toilet paper! Just a bit sad what’s happened over the last few years.
Lu: Great soundReclining chairs
Pankaj Jakhar: - Screen size was kept small like what they use for playing ads.- Surround sound music stayed turned off throughout the movie- I could have better watched the movie on my TV- Recliners were not working
Kayz A: terrible cinema, it was filthy, staff was fine. But the screen where you go to actually watch the movie, the whole point of the cinema is completely ####ed, dirty, marks on it, an actual physical hole in the corner of the screen… and the corners of the screen are at 480p… go events. Save your money
Camellia Salameh: Waited 10 minutes outside cinema for 7:40pm Fast X session to start/ open doors whilst cinema is being cleaned. Finally opened up, entered and our seats J11& 12 are still filled with popcorn,oiled and ground very dirty. 2 team members still cleaning but obviously not enough resource staff to do job as is case with customer service at ticket purchase desk with 1 team member and line queued to glass door!
RACHIT GARG: EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCEI recently visited Hoyts Bankstown to watch the movie "Kerala Story," and I must say it was an absolutely miserable experience from start to finish. I am appalled by the lack of professionalism and utter disregard for customer satisfaction that was displayed by the theater staff.To begin with, the movie was played from the second half first! It's astonishing that such a basic mistake could occur in a supposedly reputable theater. When we brought this issue to the attention of the staff, their response was utterly disheartening. Instead of acknowledging their mistake and apologizing, they simply played the first half of the movie afterward, as if it would rectify the situation. There was no attempt made to address the inconvenience caused or compensate for the error.Furthermore, when we requested to speak to a manager regarding this matter, we were informed that the manager was not present at the moment. Instead of taking our complaint seriously, the staff casually assured us that they would "share the feedback" with the manager. They didn't even bother to note down our details or offer any form of compensation for the appalling experience we had just endured.This level of disregard for customer satisfaction is completely unacceptable. As paying customers, we expect a certain level of professionalism and respect from the staff, but it was clear that this was lacking at Hoyts Bankstown. It is disheartening to see such a renowned theater chain failing to meet even the most basic standards of customer service.I sincerely hope that Hoyts Bankstown takes immediate action to address this issue and ensure that such incompetence and negligence are not repeated in the future. As a customer, I expect a theater experience that is worth my time and money, and sadly, Hoyts Bankstown failed to deliver on this front.I strongly advise others to reconsider their decision to visit Hoyts Bankstown until they demonstrate a commitment to rectifying their shortcomings and prioritizing customer satisfaction. There are plenty of other theaters in the area that deserve our patronage and offer a more enjoyable movie-going experience.I hope my feedback serves as a wake-up call for Hoyts Bankstown to reevaluate their practices and take the necessary steps to improve their service quality.
Farida Duran: We were in cinema 6 - it was spacious and clean with large reclining chairs. Sound and picture were crisp and clear.Depending on who is the manager on the day, the service and cleanliness vary from good to terrible.I'll be updating my review after my daughters birthday party there - fingers-crossed there's no bathroom smells on the day as the party space is very close by...
Raj Lohala: We have a damaged seat in Cinema three
Troi Oi: Staff stay at counter gossiping instead of serving customersFemale workers dying for the attention of guys coming in so are slow to take and process ordersPlace is a joke, not asking for it to be 5 star service, but the current staff are here for high school recess and lunch type gossip sessions.Live in the area, would much rather travel to Weatherill park Hoyts though and will be from now on.
H Petra: Nice welcoming local cinema with exceptional staff, clean facilities and great sized cinemas
Rebecca Simpson: Its good when it's not too busyComfy seats
Abdullah Sibai: Some of the staff here seem pretty slow.
Roshanan Suresh: There is barely and air conditioning and the screen is very small. The floor in the theatre is absolutely disgusting. There is popcorn everywhere and the staff does no maintenance to the different theatres in Hoyts Bankstown
Unique Syd: Dirty, recliner didnt work,sticky all over the rest arms chair,popcorn everywhere, no patronts, people so noisy inside with kids,sharing chairs, not enjoyable time,surely not worth the money,never coma back again..
MD Sebul Bapari: Washroom was not cleaned and the total management was ridiculous. No one checking the ticket that’s why some outsiders easily enter the premises. And no one said anything to them. Outsiders are disturbing.
Sue Popata: It was great and the chairs are comfy as

4. Event Cinemas Burwood - Burwood

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Event Cinemas Burwood
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Address: 100 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 8878 1240

Business type: Movie theater

Event Cinemas Burwood: what do users think?
EDDIE H M SON: Fast come Korean movie
Nathan George: Closed on a public holiday. I’m not giving the cinema the 1 ⭐️ but Google Is advertising it open when the website says it’s not
Yilan C: Very bad customer service, phone number is not accessible. Refunds policy doesn’t allow you to make the slightest of changes.
Barry B: It always smells like mould and pee combined
Vincent: Quick service, clean and comfortable seats.Food and beverage is what you'd expect at other Event Cinemas.Friendly staff.
Brad: Great place 2 watch movies easy to park luv the V MAX cinema
Mike Yun: Ok not bad
Zekken Blank: The place is dirty
Taz Beaumont: Great ambience
Juan Camilo Marquez Rodriguez: you pay for the comfortable chairs and they are more uncomfortable than the cheap ones, the comfort is horrible and it is more expensive
Bishal Gautam: Not so good. When movies are more than 1 month, they don't even bother to clean seats for next show - had got my seat with popcorn. Some saver cinema rooms' seat are so uncomfortable, generally ground floor one. Sadly, it's the nearest one and need to adjust uncomfortable for 2 Hrs.
Priyanka Sitoula: ❤️
Roopa “Roopakc” KC: What a terrific price of a bottle of Mount franklin water which was $5.7🤬🤬each not from fridge, I bought two bottles of water they totally ripped off charging $11.4 for two. Who charges that much $3-$4 considerable but that much???? $5.7 ¿¿ Horrific experience. I can’t believe they can do such nonsense in here. #TerrificCandyBar experience
Kay Yellowpants: Possibly one of the most chattiest cinemas you’ll ever go to . smells like armpits . I can’t wait till this movie is over so I can go bathe in bleach . Yuck!
Trent C (TeecesPieces): Burwood Event Cinemas is a tired, old, and somewhat sad cinema. You can tell most aspects of this cinema have been long forgotten and not upgraded. Old dirty seats not cleaned throughout the day, limited staff working, old fashioned decor and if it weren’t in a Westfield no one would likely visit. Choose Broadway or the city of you can.
Paul W: Love it .
Daniel Gomes: Cashier attendants at the kiosk would not acknowledge us, reluctant to serve us. We had to go to another queue to be served.Damp, soiled cinema seats were broken, back rest was locked in a forward position, making it very uncomfortable.View of screen was obstructed by balustrade.Many of the other attendees did not sit in their allocated seats, meaning that our experience was continuosly interrupted by people continually arguing and moving seats.Caps at the edge of the steps were lifted, creating a trip Hazzard.Don't get me started on the smell.Unlikely to return again unless they undergo a major management overhaul and renovation.You go to the cinema expecting to relax and unwind. We left more stressed than before.
shaba kim: maybe need some cleaning and fixing worn and tear otherwise good
Adrian Williams: Lavatories in a weird location
ALICETANG -: 还不错, 不拥挤,不会太冷
E Tan: Great cinema.Clean. V Max was excellent.

5. Event Cinemas Top Ryde - Ryde

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1074 reviews
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Event Cinemas Top Ryde
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Address: Level 4, Shop 109/135 Blaxland Rd, Ryde NSW 2112, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 8878 1215

Business type: Movie theater

Event Cinemas Top Ryde: what do users think?
Fahad Khan: Their Vmax screens or above are the best. Don't go for normal screen.
박와이제이: 밤에는 직원들이 적은지 영화끝나도 불을 안켜주네요 계단서 구를뻔 ㅡㅡㅋ
Dee: Relatively cleaner than other Event cinemas I've been to, more relaxed and quiet too. Staff are always friendly here. My go to place to enjoy the movie quietly on evenings !
Paul Fynes-Clinton: Clean cinema, but the screen had a mark down the middle
Chang Liu: Not pleasant experiences. Ticket originally brought for 25th of the little mermaid as a gift, swapped to movie Fast X on the same day. But due to emergency we changed again for 30th May to watch Fast X. Today when we went in and scan the barcode ticket came up The little mermaid, we have been ask to come at 5.30pm, but there were no such time session for the Movie Fast X, and we been told if we wants to watch Faxt X we have to wait till 6:30pm and extra Charge is required!!!!! It’s an unfair treatment by the cinema. We had a busy day at work and rush to be here on time through the heavy traffic peak hour. No apologies but pay extra! Not recommended for this place!
Ashley Lee: Very convenient parking (if you can find it!) and cheaper than Macquarie centre. If you’re on the top floor cinemas you need to go back down for the restrooms so make sure to go beforehand or don’t drink during movie.
Dartion Nag: Clean cinemas, great sound and screen.Seats were comfortable.
Vania C: The staff was friendly, the cinema was clean and it was easy to buy tickets.
Theresa Dunne: Easy access & parking, only 5 mins from home. Comfortable seating.
Jacina Armstrong: Went their as a day out and it was rsntastuc great service and made to feel welcome great food
Oscar Libbert: Great we went to watch the new Shazam god movie and it was one of the best experience I have ever had.The food was very over priced but overall it was great.
Paul Brown: Great day with the kids watching the Mario Bros movie.
Sev: The venue is not very clean, and the chairs aren't totally comfortable. Otherwise the venue is fair.
Susan Lingard: Clean and easy to access, nice staff.
Lina Geng: Comfortable, easy parking, friendly staff!
lachin poorrajab: Clean high quality modern cinema
Edward Genobili: Nice place.
John Adams: A hidden gem. Never busy
Maria K: Really good cinema, but very cold inside
Kash F: i like the cosy feel. Its not crowded, choked, noisy like every other cinema
Marina Riquelme: It's great and with a glass of wine 🍷 it's even better love these cinema's

6. IMAX Theatre Sydney (Reopening 2021) - Sydney

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638 reviews
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IMAX Theatre Sydney (Reopening 2021)
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Address: 31 Wheat Rd, Darling Harbour NSW 2000, Australia

Business type: IMAX theater

7. Event Cinemas Liverpool - Liverpool

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1607 reviews
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Event Cinemas Liverpool
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Address: Elizabeth Dr, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9601 4611

Business type: Movie theater

Event Cinemas Liverpool: what do users think?
Mariana Sandoval: The cinema complex is long overdue an uplift. The seats are broken and/or loose and in the ladies toilets there are some stalls that have no locks.Apart from the above, it's still ok to watch a movie.UPDATE: 12 months on, nothing has changed, it's actually worse. The staff are supposed to clean the seats generally between sessions. How they missed chewing gum is beyond me. My jacket is ruined and so is the upholstery in my car.
william dao: Come here for cheap events cinema tickets. Toilets could be a bit more updated as well as seats in the cinema.
Claudia Noriega: Good old cinema
Mystic Forest: Need new chairs
hope cyne: Chairs could be more comfortable
Adam Beatty: Cinemas clean, staff friendly, extremely disappointed as there is no parking concessions for movie patrons, the extra parking fee goes up quite steeply at Liverpool, considering the length of the majority of movies and the majority of people generally eat before or after the movie. Movies and Snack are dear enough without having to then pay for exorbitant parking fees on top. This discourages people’s from staying and then eating in the Shopping Centre. Will not use these cinemas again unti the issue is resolved.
UncoverSpy OvO: I went to event cinema to watch evil dead rise and the worker named Sarah came up to me and my friends and verbally harassed us with hurtful words, can’t say because it was too offensive. We decided not to watch the movie because our night was ruined and refunded our tickets. WORSE CINEMA EVER!
Kris Menon: Awesome place clean environment
Jeffrey Brewer: Its been years since I have been here. Its looking a bit tired and requires a refurbishment with new seats etc. Cheers Jeff
Kachi Ume: Mmm..not bad at all.
Janine Mleczko Bhandari: Great clean cinema. Snacks are a bit pricey
Thileksana Sivananthan: I recently visited Event Cinemas Liverpool to see a movie with friends, and it was a great experience. The cinema is conveniently located in the shopping center and has a wide range of movies to choose from. The seats were comfortable and the sound and picture quality were excellent. The staff were friendly and helpful, and we had no problems with the ticketing process.
Abdullah Sibai: Pretty average cinema. I'd rather go anywhere else to be honest.
Nasir Khan: Event Cinemas in other suburbs have pretty high standards for cleanliness, their Liverpool branch is well below par. Carpets are smelly, washrooms are filthy, missing toilet roll section, you could see door locks are nailed on top of another lock etc. They don’t waive mall parking fee either.
kanwar sandhu: Such a bad cinema, chairs are dirty and tear apart. It smells really disgusting. Never ever suggested anyone to go there.
little cupcakes S: Very dirty
Huy Thang: Good experience with Mario movie.
tokyo: As far as the area goes, the cinema experience went about as far as I expected it would. The cinema wasn't the clean, felt dirty and dusty. The theatre itself had multiple broken chairs, unpleasant smells and popcorn/drinks everywhere on the floor and seats.I haven't experienced the Vmax but I'm sure it's at least somewhat better than the stansard theatres which are sadly declining in health as the years go by.I do hope that Event Cinemas gets a face lift at Liverpool but probably not any time soon.
Andrew Troncoso: The last time around watching John wick 4 at in a vmax cinema. It was a good experience in terms of video and audio, but one thing that was a little bit annoying was the air conditioning seem to be on an efficient setting and making that quite hot in the cinema
Noah Dean: Pretty sure they haven't changed the carpet since way back when it was Greater Union... explains the smell!Seats are so uncomfortable. If it was cheaper than Reading cinemas, I could understand, but it's not. Wouldn't recommend.
Suresh Halaiah: Sick of parking

8. Event Cinemas Castle Hill - Castle Hill

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1843 reviews
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Event Cinemas Castle Hill
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Address: Castle Towers Shopping Centre Old Northern Road and, Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 8850 9700

Business type: Movie theater

Event Cinemas Castle Hill: what do users think?
Haide Sia Sulfaro: Great vinema
City Hunter: Depending which mall you go, prices vary, also the screen quality & seats quality varies from locale to locale.
Tharmalingam Thivaharan: The cinema was clean and had a good movie experience.
Marc Kay: A cinema complex.
Olive N: Bring back caramel popcorn pls
Michelle Collins: About to watch Guardians of the galaxy and there are stains on the screen and the cinema has not been cleaned sufficiently as there is popcorn and lollies still wedged between the seats.Not very happy with the hygiene of this cinema. To be specific in cinema 6 of castle hills event cinema
Rena Loucas: Wow what a great experience this cinema is nestled perfectly amongst a smorgasbord of shop and restaurants.Such a vibrant atmosphere.Extremely welcoming and just a pleasurable place to visit.The Staff are absolutely the friendliest crew, from workers to managers.If I could give this place more than 5 stars I would.Such a beautiful setting.I highly recommend this Event cinemas at Castle Hill.It's a must, you will not be disappointed.
Catherine Vella: Great staff, good food. Enjoyed my day out
Dmitry M: Like it there. Just need a bit more cleaning sometime. Combo deal become a bit pricey though.As for update, masks are no longer required here.
Eden studios Jebin: Good
luke sun: Awesome experience. Watched fast and furious x in VMax and loved it. Got a large tub of popcorn and waterm expensive food and drinks but loved the movie! Event cinemas should be rated higher!
YN Kim: Old and run down seats, dirty screen which they never clean for over a year... not recommended
Rubeena lal: Disgusting 🤢The cinemas smell, are dirty and the toilets are filthy.You can see managers walking around..Maybe one of them needs to look in the cinema and in their toilets!
Chadya Berjawi-Bassal: Booked the movie beds at the cinemas today for myself and daughter. They were absolutely disgusting. There were stains all over the bed popcorn everywhere and they smell like urine! They've never been cleaned so disappointed.
Nick C: Brought my popcorn out 10 minutes before the movie ended. You interrupted a key point in the movie.... Why even bother at that point.
BYO Metal Straws: Dirty cinemas, rundown seats.
Vaughan Moon: Clean your screens
Chirantan Pandya: One the best place to watch movies.
Leon Li: The seats are rundown and uncomfortable, need an upgrade. Hoyts is much better.
Juan-Claude Coustas: Castle Towers Event Cinemas have become really unenjoyable. Considering Mario Brothers is a new release, the cinema wasn’t cleaned from the previous screening, rancid smell throughout and the most uncomfortable chairs that were literally falling apart. I’ll take my family elsewhere.
B: The Most uncomfortable seats stiff and small seats

9. HOYTS Mandarin - Chatswood

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574 reviews
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HOYTS Mandarin
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Address: Mandarin Centre, Cnr Albert Ave &, Victor St, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9003 3830

Business type: Movie theater

HOYTS Mandarin: what do users think?
Kumar Magar: Validate your Parking Ticket in different levels. I found it good for Asian Food Lovers, on top there is very busy food court.
Tarrah Lukic: Zero stars if it were possible. Extremely poor customer service with very little respect for paying patrons.Don't bother trying to speak to a manager if you have an issue either - resolution is not high on their agenda.
jadeok daggy: absolutely disgusted with how they treated my friends and i, unprofessional workers and disgusting workers who made a horrible joke about my friends skin colour which is disgusting and terrible. The manager john should not be working here and i recommend not going to this cinema
Laurent Milham: Wow. horrible customer service, got called racial slurs by the manager and completely rude
gloria udovcic: disgusting behaviour from managers, rude and unprofessional. DO NOT come to this cinema.
Alice Fu: Friendly stuff!
Eunice Ho: Comfortable seats and great movies. The only problem was the woman who ate Pringle chips constantly, very disturbing.
Adam Cook: Very bad customer service from Elizabeth. She knows nothing and hardly knows how to operate the register. She wasted my time for at least 15 mins and the movie already started because of her imcompetence. Hoyts need to employ smarter staff than this because it's really embarrassing if your own staff dont even know how to operate the work register.
Joe Chan: Convenience location
Phil Chun: $7.50 for a bottle of water. Cinema absolutely freezing.
Nikgerr3000 Jp: The manager threatened to kick my 3 year old son for eating to loud, and wouldn’t give me a refund. Very horrible man will never go there again.
Andrew D: You shouldn't play ads for 30 minutes before a movie. Thats deceiving timeline.
No way myself: I was very surprised the first time I visited this Cinema in Chastwood with the super comfortable seats and all the space between chairs! And the price is so much more reasonable than in other areas of Sydney (specially if you book online and register to their website). I loved the super relaxed atmosphere and it is conveniently located close to Chastwood Train Station.
A D: Beware of parking with 2.5+ hour movies. We had trouble getting out of the car park tonight. HOYTS used to have 4 hour parking if validated there but doesn't seem to be the case any more.
川 Logan 川: The xtreme screen and the seat were awesome
Samuel Wang: The seats here are amazing. Location is good easily accessible from the Chatswood train station
Wen Yang: Awesome chairs! Can’t believe it’s just standard. Love it
Painter Near Me Pty Ltd: Nice place to have lunch.
Jeremy: Since they renovated the place, it is now my preferred cinema in the area. Smaller and less crowded but the same lovely cinema experience.
The Tribe: 🤩🤩
Dory John: Run down.

10. Reading Cinemas - Rouse Hill

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1026 reviews
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Reading Cinemas
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Address: 10-14 Market Ln, Rouse Hill NSW 2155, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9830 2800

Business type: Movie theater

Reading Cinemas: what do users think?
Cheryl Brown: We went to the Rouse Hill Cinema last night. We went to Gold Class, as a bit of a treat. What a mistake. We were in Cinema 1, My seat was D8 and I was appalled at the state it was in. The armrest between the seats was all scratched with the leather missing, it felt dirty and very unhygienic to the touch. My footrest was also all torn, with the leather missing in the centre and the edges all curled up. As we were leaving I noticed that most of the seats are in the same woeful condition. If you are paying top dollar to see a movie then you would expect a top dollar seat, which unfortunately we didn't get.
Allison Brennan-Jesson: Watching the little mermaid 🧜‍♀️ comfy seats for a long movie
Timothy Glasheen: Movie was good , seats comfortable. Only issue I had was staff didn't know how to make a flat white coffee.As I was drinking it I realised it had chocolate on-top like a cappacino. Was in movie so I couldn't really complain or ask for a replacement.
Ali Mowlaei: Great environment.
Jesh: Great staffAwesome seats10/10 recommend
Peter Agamalis: Been of course many times and frequent the Gold class section. All is well though they may need to fix the few broken chairs...and the counter service in the middle day is lacking staff despite pressing the buzzer 8 times for service, but not complaining, we just went to the main section and got served in normal fashion.
Santosh Reddy: Carpet is smelly. Theatres are small. And didn't feel like the greatest experience for sound.
Dian Shen: Alright place
Ka Na: Was disappointed at the sound quality at the Titan Luxe cinema when we went to see recent spider-verse movie. Could literally hear chewing, wrapper sounds in the audience. That’s how poor quality audio it was..
Syed m Yaqoub: Staff at the cinemas are always friendly and for ticket price it's good
Jim Stosic: Has changed since the last time we were there 2 years ago.
N. V.: Great quality popcorn here.
Margaret Sheil: Had a movie night with my bestie. Had place great service. Cinema nice and clean and rest rooms so well cleaned. Will come here again.
Ranvansh: Amazing go here with my friends daily
Keith Jenkin: Close to the Rouse Hill Metro station, it is easy to find, automated ticketing machine making tickets easy to procure,Staffed snack bar, nice comfy theatre seats with plenty of leg room.The Book Club 2, we nearly cacked ourselves laughing.
Robbie Semu: Always love this place!!
Adam Braden: Massive lines to get tickets but cinema was clean modern and seating was great.
Travis Cunningham: Always a great service when I go, food is always cooked perfectly and the team have always delivery with a smile
Amitesh Naidu: Ticketing and food service needs to be more efficient especially ones bought online. Otherwise nice clean cinema
Sandra Blair: Lovely experience in Gold Class

11. Event Cinemas - Hornsby

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568 reviews
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Event Cinemas
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Address: 236 Pacific Hwy, Hornsby NSW 2077, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9407 2777

Business type: Movie theater

12. Event Cinemas Hurstville - Hurstville

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938 reviews
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Event Cinemas Hurstville
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Address: Rooftop Westfield Shopping Centre Cnr Park Road &, Cross St, Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 8558 9200

Business type: Movie theater

13. Govindas - Darlinghurst

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665 reviews
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Address: 112 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +61 425 333 086

Business type: Vegetarian restaurant

14. Singing Sydney - Sydney

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26 reviews
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Singing Sydney
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Address: 299 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: +61 422 963 373

Business type: Music school

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