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1. Bonsai South Nursery - Caringbah

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Bonsai South Nursery
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Address: 114-116 The Boulevarde, Caringbah NSW 2229, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9531 4589

Business type: Plant nursery

Bonsai South Nursery: what do users think?
Maxime Rayer: Save your money and time. Avoid at all costs. Overheard, the male owner speak disgustingly to a young girl simply asking about her sick bonsai. Consider not spending your hard earned money here!
Julia Mami: I was trying to support a small local business instead of going to bunnings and instead I get screamed at for coming back after my plant was sick. He was yelling at me and then took a photo of my number plate. I walked away in tears and absolutely no support. I was happy for him to replace the plant that was given to me sick and instead I get treated with complete disrespect.
Oasis Langtree: Excellent range of bonsais at affordable prices. Will be coming back. Love the artistry behind the bonsai designs here too. Very neat and clean and well shaped.
Stephen Sparke: Fabulous range of plants at different stages of maturity . A pleasure to browse
Deyala Alawieh: The store was really nice, great service and beautiful bonsai trees.
Ross Adam: Very professional staff, always helpful...
Johnny Thai: Nice friendly owner - Leo is very knowledgeable. Purchased a number of bonsai's and had all the accessories we needed to purchase. Had a few 100 year old Figs, lovely black pines and junipers which were amazing to look at.
Leon Neil: Rubbishy service, I will never go to this nursery any more . 👎👎👎👎👎
Chris Syrakis: Excellent range of trees, very well priced
Emily N: Mr Kwong went above and beyond in helping me via email and phone regarding a product I was interested in purchasing as a gift. He was very kind, patient and professional - I highly recommend his book ‘Pine Bonsai In The Temperate Climate’ as a reference for bonsai enthusiasts.
Matthew Gerathy: Always great looking at Leong's beautiful figs and pines. Lots of really big stock there the day I visited. One of the best bonsai nurseries in Sydney.
Shoey: By far the best in Sydney. Lots of ever green pine trees.
Adam Villata: Great bonsai nursery. Very knowledgeable about all types of trees and styles. Worth the visit.
Ada Li: The place is great for bonsai lover but the stuff is rude ( old man )
Bill “TTLExpired” Mosses: Amazing collection and service. Recommended.
Finn McGuire: One of the greatest bonsai nurseries ever! This place is like heaven for bonsai collectors, enthusiasts and bonsai creators. Very educated staff who know what they are talking about. Bought a wonderful juniper bonsai about a week ago and is going strong.
Raegan Petzel: Beautiful and amazing nursery.
Nicole Jones: Just like a scene from a movie. Amazing!
Sarah Saunders: Very disappointed. Bought a bonsai for a Christmas present and had it only 3 weeks before it died. I Took it back there to seek some help but the attitude I received from the man behind the counter was basically too bad so sad. I followed all the information that was mentioned in the papers they gave us. Soil was kept wet and was out outside in the sun as per the tag. After 3 weeks it was dead. Cost me a small fortune too. I understand it’s a living thing and sometimes these things can happen however the response I received from this place was cold and dismissive. Guess they already had my money so they couldn’t care less.Such a shame and only made worse by their terrible attitude towards me.
Alberto Sebastianutti: Great store
Jorge Sauceda: I was surprised by the quality and variety of the trees at this Bonsai nursery. The owner is gentle and willing to answer all your questions.

2. Ray Nesci Bonsai Nursery - Dural

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Ray Nesci Bonsai Nursery
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Address: 26 Sagars Rd, Dural NSW 2158, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9654 1893

Business type: Bonsai plant supplier

Ray Nesci Bonsai Nursery: what do users think?
Michael X: Very friendly service. Great prices and advice.
Oasis Langtree: Good selection of bonsais and well-cared for. Came on a day when they were doing demonstrations and were showing off their best bonsais. It was perfect and we’re hooked. Will be coming again and hoping to do classes soon :)
Rowe Monte: Ray is awesome! Very knowledgeable and you can see his love for plants. Good selection and good price.
Russ Jones: I've visited all the reputable Bonsai Nurserys in the wider Hills/Hawkesbury/Nthrn Beaches areas during my time and Ray's is without doubt my go to. (I do miss Bonsai Koreschoff though....was more of an exhibition than retail nursery!) At Ray's you will find....- comprehensive range of tools, pots, literature and equipment- great range and variety (2nd to none) of trees in every stage of development- every tree has a price marked on it (unless worn etc), so doesn't matter what car you rock up in; same price for everyone (unlike at least one other nursery)....yes, it's a thing.- whatever advice Ray or Clinton need to give you, you will get it at the time of your visit (unlike one other nurseryman who instructs his staff/teachers not to say too much so customers keep paying for further visits)....yes, it's a thing...that was first hand from one of the teachers.- very reasonable/fair pricing across all size trees and in reality some absolute bargains in terms of mature/large/advanced stock and even more so if you compare to other yourself the time and effort I say :)- you are treated in a friendly and warm manner (whether you're spending $10 or $1000) unlike some nurserymen who think you're not worth their time unless there's $$$$ in it for them (that's how it is these days)- open MOST days of the year- sometimes it is hard tracking someone down (Family run business) but there's plenty to sight see while you're waiting!- soft drinks/water/juice poppers(?) for sale so you don't dehydrateWell worth a visit, and no, not on the payroll, just appreciate the place!!
JR de Leon: Love this place. My ‘go to’ Bonsai nursery when I am in the area. Lots of variety in stock and always great to chat to Clinton. The staff are always helpful. Recommended.
Pino Egiziano: Wonderful family run business with best knowledge and supply of bonsai in sydney
Pezsuz ****: If you are into Bonsai...this is the place to go....big variety of plants....and everything you need to get started
Alan Huynh: Amazing nursery for all your bonsai needs. It’s a bit of a travel but we’ll worth checking it out if you’re into bonsais. Prices are really affordable and there are plenty of bonsais in different growth cycles. Plenty of parking on the premise and it’s quite a sight to see. This is a family owned business and they are very knowledgeable about the different types of bonsais and how to care for them as well as provide advice and tools or accessories to maintain them.
Khorshid Namdar: Ray's Bonsai nursery is very family oriented. He gives good feedback on how to look after plants & is very helpful in providing good service to everyone 👍
Eric Yim: Massive thanks to Ray and his sister.They are passionate and authentic, and were a great help in helping me find the perfect gift. I will definitely be a returning customer!
Manuel Diewald: The staff there are very friendly and knowledgeable. The Bonsai trees are a great source of inspiration and they have a wide range of species to work with.
Tricia Spencet: Very helpful so Bonsai's.can Now to repot in cooler temp.
Aimée Nguyễn: There are varieties of plants here.Ask the owner or seller there for what you're looking for. They're very friendly and helpful.
karla maritza Gonzalez: Amazing place!
Daniel Johnson: been going to ray for 10 years truly knows his work and a gentleman as are his staff also hes fam who are all a pleasure and nothing is to hard for this man
Peter Zacharias: Best bonsai nusery in Australia.
Preet Singh: Ray is AMAZING.He is kind, knowledgeable, funny and very enthusiastic (especially at his age, if he doesn’t mind me saying this!).He holds free classes to educate the youth, multiple times a year, is very helpful if you are new to Bonsai, and a great guy to have a conversation with.Based on what other people say about him, my experience is very similar to all the other people I have spoken too :)Go Ray!
Lee Robinson: Open all year round, pretty good selection of established and new plants/trees. Good prices, expert knowledge and super friendly, always willing to spend time with you to answer any questions.
Carl Rose: Great range and friendly service.
Truong Phan: A very decent business family and the master of bonsai. Every time we visit his venue and we will get a good stock at a very affordable price.
Lester Mora: Big selection for Bonsai if you are looking for a big variety. It will be similar to the ones they sell at Flower Power. Ray is really helpful. He gave us a quick run through on where things are around the nursery. If you are a novice Bonsai artist it will be best to come here so you have a choice on what to get. Ranges from $4.50 all the way to the thousands depending on your budget. Will come back again. Thank you Ray!

3. Padre Pio Bonsai - Annangrove

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Padre Pio Bonsai
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Address: 158 Annangrove Rd, Sydney NSW 2156, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9654 0892

Business type: Bonsai plant supplier

Padre Pio Bonsai: what do users think?
annalise reynolds-pace: So helpful and provided such great service! Would definitely recommend.
Zafar Rizvi: Highly rated Nick, lovely guy and so passionate. Definitely worth a visit in person he has a great range of prices for some very old plants. 30+ yearsHe also does yearly repotting/pruning.
Zeyu Xiao: Cool exhibition and great seedling/tree collection. A must for bonsai and plant lovers!
Daniel H: Awesome,very knowledgeable owner who was happy to help with advice..will definitely be back.
Li May Ngu: Beautiful bonsai..
JR de Leon: Turned up and noticed the sign ‘ring the bell and wait for someone to open the door, we are open’. Rang the bell waited ten minutes. Nothing. Rang the bell. Waited another 5 mins. Gave up and went to Bonsai Environment instead. Didn’t have to wait to be let in.
AM S: Awesome plants, awesome personal service. Highly recommended.
steve end: the guy was pretty nice
Jess Basilio: Love this place.. Nick provides top quality Bonsai trees and has amazing knowledge and passion about them. Even showed me how to prune and wire a tree. Awesome place, awesome service. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is into bonsai tree.
Chris Solo: Great place with plenty of trees. We spoke with Nick and the service was A++ . answered all of our question, very nice and happy staff.
Brett: My 13 year old son has an interest in Bonsai and found this place via Google. We were visiting Sydney and made a special trip to check out some Bonsai's as he had only seen a few at our local Bunnings.There were hundreds to choose from. Nick, the owner spent over an hour with us helping my son choose a few plants and showing him how to prune and shape them. It really was excellent service and he answered every question we had.
Jake Lucas: Great bonsai nursery, well set out with a wide variety of both bonsai and pre bonsai. Obviously lots of care for the presentation of his collection and very friendly staff. A medium range of pots available with some nice ones amongst them. Prices for the bonsai stock was towards the higher end price wise. Overall worth a look for sure.
Arafath Mannan: Quality products with helpful & friendly atmosphere. Haven't walked away buying less than 5 items each time. 45km each way drive🙈. If the prices were a bit less it would be extra fun 👍
Jason Ryan: Nic, the owner of the nursery, provided me with outstanding customer service and invested a great deal of time in assisting me. I found his nursery to have the greatest variety in the area and to be of the most reasonable price. Nic's passion for what he does and his dedication to customer service are well worth a visit.
John: Some really great stuff, however a large amount of it is incredibly overpriced compared to other Sydney nurseries. Some of the okay looking trees were just way to much it hurt to see the price.
Teja Jaensch: Fantastic!!
Monica Armesto: Wonderful experience. Great knowledge and care, and so many lovely plants to choose from

4. Bonsai Art Pty Ltd. - Belrose

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28 reviews
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Bonsai Art Pty Ltd.
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Address: 206-208 Forest Way, Belrose NSW 2085, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 423 763 506

Business type: Plant nursery

Bonsai Art Pty Ltd.: what do users think?
marc ragowski: Beautiful nursery and knowlegable staff.
Grace Woodbury: A bit of a chaotic place yet authentic and warm service if you are genuinely interested. Often the folks that work here are busy, actively gardening their plants, nursery. Just as it should be. real deal
MIKAE KOBAYASHI: Lovely staff💙100% professional ✨✨✨
Ben Sweetnam: Super helpful staff and they hold great classes for both beginners and the experienced.
Hanh Ly: Beautiful place, great service. Thankyou
Harriet Easterbrook: Went into the nursery to buy a bonsai tool for my partner's growing bonsai collection. The staff were super helpful and knowlegable and helped me select an excellent quality pair of bonsai scissors. Not only that but they offer super affordable bonsai workshops that I will definitely be recommending for him to attend. Excellent nursery!
Claire Au: Huge supporter of Bonsai art since they were based next to ANL Terry Hills. Cant stress enough that these guys know their business and will give honest and sound advice. Their bonsai classes are brilliant and informative and have taught me everything I know in relation to Bonsai. Customer service is impeccable and to the point. I can't recommend these guys enough.
JONO TAUBER: Been dealing with Bonsai art for over 10 years. The service is exceptional they have been nothing but helpful and truthful and have always gone above and beyond. Megumi Brian and Alex are experts in there field. I cannot stress this enough this is the only bonsai place to visit for amazing service and advice plus a far superior product comparing to many other bonsai places.
Mitch Slavin: I have visited a few times and found it to be a great place for anything Bonsai related.The workshops are really informative and if you are like me and don't have the time to join a club.I recently did the Black Pine workshop and the knowledge I walked away with was absolutely priceless.Megumi and the friendly staff are five star.
dianne paton: Beautiful place offering many classes in Japanese art, bonsai etc but mainly a gorgeous selection of asian/ Japanese style plants & oriental lanterns etc.
Peter Morley: Fantastic place
Patrick Murphy: Excellent. Lots of bonsai; some very old
Levi Kollias: Rude unhelpful and over priced, lots of better bonsai nurseries in sydney
James Antrim: Traditional relaxed atmosphere. comprehensive selection of species and ages from starters to older specimens and display trees.
Rene Padilla: The classes are amazing.
Luis Rene: Great place to find very unique bonsai plants, and even better to learn the Art of it. Once you try it, you disconnect from everything, find your own Zen Zone and connect with nature. Definitely worth giving it a try!
ClassBento Team: Fabulous people! Loved all the Bonsai Trees and can't wait to do a class.
malcolm bennett: Owner very unfriendly and extremely unhelpful, when I asked for assistance
John Pohl: Always a pleasure to visit the Bonsai Art I purchased a beautiful bromeliad and the two team members Brian and Alex went above and beyond assisting in bonsai pot selection (see photo I posted)...and Meg the master bonsai artist sat and discussed some of my ideas for other works in process. Bonsai Art is where you’ll find peace, serenity and happiness while enjoying nature’s plant wonders....
Joanne: The worst customer service I have ever received!!! I went in there not knowing much about bonsai and wanted some advice on the different types and how to care for them. I had to walk around for about 10 minutes to find someone to help me and when I did the man was so rude and it seemed like such a hassle for him to answer my questions so I walked away to find someone else. I found another man who had the absolute worst attitude, saying "I shouldn't have to explain any of this to you". I honestly felt so disrespected and that my business meant nothing to them. If I could give this place 0 stars I would. Do not go here if you want to be treated like a human being.
Suzie Clark: Highly recommend they looked after my bonsai that was nearly dead and was sentimental to me. When I picked it up it had new shoots and looked so healthy. Cannot thank them enough. Also helped with after care. ☺

5. The School of Bonsai Inc - Carlingford

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The School of Bonsai Inc
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Address: Cnr North Rocks Rd &, Farnell Ave, Carlingford NSW 2118, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7PM Mon

Telephone: +61 449 802 530

Business type: Non-profit organization

The School of Bonsai Inc: what do users think?
Benson Wookey: I first attended the School of Bonsai way back in 2001 commencing in the Beginners Class which was a really solid intro to the Art of Bonsai, the school is a non- profit organisation staffed by volunteers who are well experienced in the skills of Bonsai. I am still a member of the school and enjoy the cameraderie at the school on a weekly basis. Visitors are welcome,

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