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1. Catmosphere Cat Cafe - Surry Hills

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Catmosphere Cat Cafe
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Address: 66 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Closing soon: 8:00 PM

Business type: Cafe

Catmosphere Cat Cafe: what do users think?
Amber MacDonald: Excellent place to visit and play with rescue catsKid-friendliness: Kids can go as wellFood: 5/4|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Karen M: If you charge $25 per visit, make sure your kitten room doesn’t smell so terrible! Who’s going to stay long enough to get to know the kitties and adopt?? Too overpriced for what it is.Food: 5/1|Service: 5/2|Atmosphere: 5/1 …More
Qin Zhang: DO NOT COME TO THIS CAFE!!!, they charge you $24 and only one soda water or Tea included, if you want to order coffee you will need to pay extra! and stay in a small and smelly cat room in 50 minutes. The thing is the cats looks so depressed and not happy at all, one of them is way more fat in a unhealthy way, the room stinks and mixed some other strange smells, it’s not like the normal cat cafe. This one star I gave to the cat!
jameel karaki: Smelly rooms that need to be cleaned.Food: 5/2|Service: 5/2|Atmosphere: 5/2 …More
Raymond: Awesome experience to be with cats, time went so fast in there. The cats were very social and fun to play around with. The staff were very friendly.
renu f: Great amount of time to spend with the kitties, they are so well cared for. Extremely cuteFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
SeaweedCat: I've been to Catmosphere about 6 times within the past 3 years. I've had high hopes every time and I really wish I could say I always have a wonderful time, but unfortunately my experiences have always been subpar for two main reasons:1. Poor communication and lack of updates.There is no phone number I can call and every time I have emailed this place through the form provided on their website I have never, ever gotten a response.Cat yoga is not available at the moment but the website was not updated to reflect this. Instead, it instructs you to book the entire room out. Again, since I couldn't contact anyone to confirm this, I didn't find out about this until I turned up on the day for my booking. There were no attempts to remedy this situation, and though we were still able to go to the room I had booked and spend time with the cats, it was an incredibly unsatisfying experience and could have been easily avoided if Catmosphere had taken the steps to simply write a reply to my email, update the website or provide some kind of compensation.2. Overwhelming smell.I've been to every single room this place has to offer and every time you step into any of the rooms, you are just hit in the face with the smell of cat litter. This place needs better ventilation or air purifiers. It is unfair and should not be an expectation for guests to have get used to the smell when they are also drinking beverages and expecting to stay for the full hour. I've been to many other animal and cat cafes both in and outside of Australia and this level of smell is not normal.There are other minor issues I have - the drinks don't seem to be made very well despite the fact that this is a cafe (sugar in my tea not dissolved properly and sank to the bottom, no tools provided to be able to stir it myself), there is no warning call when your time is almost up, the website and booking confirmation flip flops between saying I have 50 minutes vs 1 hour for my session, none of the cats in any room were interested in any form of human interaction, but I felt it was more important to highlight the two main issues I have above.Unfortunately, as they don't have a phone number and they don't respond to emails, I felt this was the only place where I could be heard. I don't feel like this would have been sufficiently addressed in person since a lot of these issues aren't a one-off incident and have been going on for years. As I've mentioned, I genuinely always had high hopes for this place whenever I visited, but I think I've been disappointed too many times now, and I sincerely hope management sees this and decides to make the changes to turn this place into the wonderful establishment it can be and deserves to be.I'm genuinely sad to say that I think this will be the final time I ever visit and until these two main issues are fixed, I would not recommend this place. There are other cat cafes in Sydney that provide a much better experience that I would recommend instead.
Karinna A. Winroth Escobar: I wanted to go for a coffee and cat cuddles, after an entire day of walking and visiting places on one of my last days in Australia, but I didn't know you had to make a reservation, the website gave you the option but didn't specify they don't take walk-ins. I needed a place to unwind for a bit and charge my phone, and they were a little insensitive and just told me to leave
Elle Periera: A nice space for rescues.
Katie Pegg: cute cats but cafe is a bit rundown. We booked kitty land for $25 each for 40 minutes. The kittens are cute but you aren’t allowed to pick them up which was a real shame.For me, this felt like less of a café and more of a room of cats for you to sit in. The room stank of cat wee, there’s no natural light, and it was small so we didn’t feel very comfortable.I think there are better cat cafés in Sydney..
Tully Webb: This isn’t actually a cafe, just a nice place to hangout with cats, very relaxed the cats don’t really like to get on your lap and stuff, but they were probably tired at the end of the day, but they did look looked after well which was good, they gave you a choice of soda or hot drink complimentary. Very cute cats though, I did the tiki treehouse at 4:30 it was a nice space aswell.
miilkyyrice: AMAZING PLACE. i cannot believe I didn't come here sooner! this is an amazing place and I'd recommend anyone with a love for cats or animals to come here. The staff were so awesome and friendly. The cats were super sweet and friendly to everyone there. 10/10!!! would do it again for sure.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Simplicity: I have been to a lot of Cat Cafes in multiple countries and I have to say this is the worst by far. I am actually concerned about the welfare of these cats.We booked the Cat Lounge because I love senior cats. We arrived and first impressions were good: we were greeted by a nice member of staff and I was given a locker for my stuff. Then we were taken upstairs and the smell hit me straight away. It smelt like no one had changed an incontinent persons bedsheets in years. As we walked into the cat lounge I felt like I was going to be sick.We had a very brief introduction which consisted of being shown the eldest cat and asked which drink we would like.The room was about 5-6m x 4m and contained around 12 cats. There were very few toys around to interact with the cats, the floor near the litter trays was covered in dust and litter despite the cafe having been closed before we arrived and there was only 6 litter boxes - some of which were automated. It seems like they were relying on those to clean the trays but I could see smeared dried diarrhoea around the entrance to the box as well the non automatic ones being full with multiple stools and urine pools. I ended up giving my drink to my partner because I couldn’t stomach it.The room was boiling hot despite there being some coolers in the room and the window being open. They would benefit from black out blinds to keep the cats cool. This is autumn, I hate to think how hot the poor kitties would have got in summer. Unfortunately the heat intensified the smell.The other thing which concerned me is there was no list of rules on the walls/tables for interacting with the cats and no staff member was present for any of the encounter bar bringing us a drink. There was 1 camera which could see about 70% of the room but I feel as though if someone had ulterior motives they would easily hurt a cat without the staff being able to act on it. Or if a cat attacked a visitor they would have no witness to defend it.The eldest cat has funky white eyelids which could easily have been caused by age but there was no reassurance from the staff that this was being treated.The cats seemed very sad and lonely and without many toys about I resorted to playing with the locker key and moving my hand under a blanket to engage with them which sparked their interest.I understand these are rescue kitties and they have been taken from worse environments but that doesn’t excuse the conditions they are currently kept in.I really don’t understand the consistent 5* reviews of this place - I can only hope those people leaving reviews don’t also own cats. I hope the owners take my suggestions on board and start making changes to help improve the daily and long term conditions for these cats.
Carly Sheil: This is my new favourite cat cafe out of the handful or so I've been to across Australia and Japan. The cinema experience we booked into was so fun: spend time with older kitties over the length of a full film, complimentary tea, get given treats to bribe them with, and get a comfy blanket for kitties to sit on.Very respectful system for the kitties, we weren't to pick them up, just lure them, and the kitties were more than happy to take us up on the treats for pats deal! Headphones too so that the movie doesn't spooky the kitties, and makes for an amazing treat for introverts, neurodivergent folk and the socially anxious - as all of the above, we appreciated the headphones as much as the kitties!
Clare Casey: The cats were kinda ugly.
bean man: Cats were ok didn’t do much but sleep I guess. They should focus on getting cooler cats maybe!?!?!?!? I have cats at home let me let you buy them and you will love them for ur cat cafe bc right now it so unbelievableWheelchair accessibility: My wheelchair is obviously adequate for these chumps
Emilia Daunoras: The rooms stunk like cat urine, the smell was horrfic. The cats clearly aren't taken care of correctly given the state of the rooms. One of the staff members there in particular was miserable and arrogant. Not to mention the drinks were yuck.Experience was an overall 2.
Matt Berenger: I brought my son to spend some time with the kittens, he loved it, he would have loved to give one a cuddle but he understood that it wasn't allowed.Staff are nice and friendly, they explained the rules well, and make us feel welcome
Artour McCarthy: Looked good but too expensive. I dont know how people go there.Cant touch cats, cant play with them.. wthAtmosphere: 5/5 …More
Scooty Pie: Love the cat cafe. Very cutely designed and enjoyed the kitty land!! Cats are super interactive. The only reason for 4 star - the litter smell is too strong and takes a while to get used to.
Exploration Anything/ If ItsThere Explore It: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More

2. Lazy Cat Cafe - Lidcombe

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Lazy Cat Cafe
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Address: 92-96 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe NSW 2141, Australia

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +61 424 777 117

Business type: Cafe

Lazy Cat Cafe: what do users think?
Linda Rodriguez: We have come here a few times and it always meets our expectationsFood is greatCoffee is greatService is friendly and fastPrices very reasonableWould recommend
Yeon Woo Cho: Terrible customer service, don’t waste your money here
Arun Arunasalam: Great place for brunch. Friendly staff. Good food. Can have a good catch up without feeling rushed.
Sidra Siraj: Try their flat white with oat milk. NiceFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Amalina Ariffin: I've never been but I think the name is kind of misleading. I genuinely thought it's a cat cafe so I'm very disappointed when I realised it's not.
Saz B: Great place for a hot beverage. Hot chocolate’s are delicious.Chocolate frappe was ok, but I dislike paper straws.I did have poached eggs on toast with avocado once but didn’t rate it as the toast was more like bread.
Susanna Ok: The hot food and drinks is usually really nice but the last few times when I’ve ordered caramel slice I notice a weird chemical taste. I think the pastry fridge needs a deep clean or to get checked as to why it’s causing food to taste strange.Edit: I feel unwell and I believe possible the caramel slice has been in the fridge a long time
Elizabeth Palu: Do not order their signature Lazy Cat Breakfast. Sourdough slices were harder than rocks, avocado mash was old and over fried bacon and chorizo. Total $26 not worth it.Food: 5/1|Service: 5/1|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Helen if: Love the ricotta pancakes at this place, 3 pancakes with mixed berrie, banana and maple syrup-yum. The coffee is average. Water is available from a cooler, this is a plus for me. My husband enjoyed his bacon and egg roll too.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/4 …More
정재원: 여기 애들하고 자주 가는데 오늘 음식이 많이 남아서 테이커웨이박스 사다놓고 잠시 애들하고 화장실 다녀온다고 테이블 치우지 말라고 직원한테 얘기하고 다녀왔는데 테이커웨이 박스랑 커피만 남겨두고 음식을 다 치워버렸네요 분명히 치우지말라고 말하고 간데다 테이블에 테이커웨이박스있는거 봤으면서 게다가 커피를 남겨놓은걸 보면 제가 돌아올거라는걸 알고 있었다는건데 왜 그런건지 이해가 안돼네요 테이커웨이박스는 돈받고 팔아놓고 음식을 치우다니 직원이 정말 생각이 없네요 치운 음식 환불받을까 하다가 짜증나서 그냥 나왔네요
Ben Seongwon: Best cafe with beautiful Korean waitresses that makes wanna say "Saranghae" to them ❤️I also like the ice coffee and the blue lemonade here and they both taste very great! Would love to order here again 😊
nicola lubczyk: I love this cafe so much. I look for two things in a cafe; iced matcha and eggs Benedict. Lazy cat checks my boxes and boasts a yummy brunch menu, wide refreshing drink range and a very pretty bingsoo. I have been coming here for almost three years and plan to as long as it is there.
김지아: 파스타 맛있고 리코타치즈 팬케익 완전 맛있네요~ 기대이상이었어요~ 커피도 내스타일
Wallachia: The oreo bingsu was nice but a very small portion compared to every other place I've been to for the same price.The black sesame late` was like drinking 5 tablespoons of sugar. Everyone at my table tasted it, and everyone agreed that it was just simply undrinkable.Unfortunate because it was an interesting idea for a drink.
Vince Yilmaz: $24 for a COLD coffee and COLD chips, burger was very average tasteFirst and last time I'll be going
Peter Duong: Food: 5/4|Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Yeonseo Jo: 여기 kingprawn pasta 25불? 정도 하는거 있는데 맛있어보이는데 개맛없음 졸ㄹㄹ라 개비림...못먹음 진짴ㅋㅋ 나머지 메뉴는 나쁘지않음
Tracey Greig: Ordered two coffees and a carrot and walnut cake.Coffees were lukewarm and the carrot cake was ridiculous at $8 a slice. Had obviously (once tasted) been sitting in a fridge for many many days, the “cream” was hard as a rock…..cake was very dry… other words they’re selling stale produce, possibly well past it’s use by date.Won’t be back….
Emma Kelly: Big serving and friendly staff.
Tissia: We waited for food about 45 min and when the food came, it was not that i was we had to wait about 20 min the end, the risotto wasnt good...i will never come back here.Food: 5/1|Service: 5/1|Atmosphere: 5/1 …More
Sabina Patison: Coffee was so... 👎Never come back.

3. Cafe Piccolo Erko - Erskineville

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155 reviews
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Cafe Piccolo Erko
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Address: 106 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9557 9448

Business type: Cafe

Cafe Piccolo Erko: what do users think?
Callum Francis: Love the bacon and egg roll or the sandwiches, great value and the service is excellent, always friendly staff and ownerWhatever you get from here add pesto to it, I don’t know if they make it in house but it tastes like it coz it’s some of the best pesto I’ve ever had!
Liz N: Great little cafe and owner is super friendly too
Paul Christian: Great food, super friendly service, best coffee in the inner west and tables on the sidewalk! The perfect cafe experience ☕️☕️✅
Nancy Niño Herrera: What a nice and friendly place to go for a really good coffee to sit and relax.I will be back.
Petra Z: We had such a great time at Cafe Piccolo Erko. Good coffee and amazing staff. We will be back soon for sure! Thank you guys!
Petra Tepla: I had breakfast at Piccolo Erko the other day and I have to say, You Guys made my day! Super friendly attentive staff, food was great and the coffee from Michaela was a delight!!! I loved the casual set up and a good chat on the top :)
Lucia Michalovičová: Great friendly staff, delicious meals and great coffee
Carlos Hills: Great food and coffee 😍😍Staff are awesome100% I'll be back again
Harley John: Rude and non hospitable owner and employee, if your from out of town go to the cafe across the road and receive some real hospitality and service
Michaela Mic: Love this place! Good people, good coffee and goodfood! 👏👏👏👏👏
Joseph Ayoub: Nice little cafe in Erskineville with breakfast and lunch served friendly staff and good atmosphere
Richard Meade: Lovely little local cafe. Staff are fantastic and the food is delicious.
Leah Newton: Only came here the once with my Mum, but had a great meal. Tony (the owner) & the rest of his staff made a great effort while we were there to stop & say hi to everyone and make sure their meal was okay - Something that you don'y get as much in the busier cafes across at Newtown. Will definitley come back.
Rajeev Jindal: Excellent.
Robert Gorham: Wasn’t a very welcoming experience, using eat club here and felt like we were committing a crime. Wouldn’t rate the food either won’t be returning.Ofcourse you will find it hard to believe but I can assure you we left feeling like we had done something wrong. We are entitled to our opinion and I am giving my complete honest opinion.
Anh Chau Vo: Lovely staff, specially the older man with beard, very polite and attentive. Food was nice and decent price.
John Dumay: Friendly atmosphere, great coffee and breakfast!
David Weiley: Great staff and delicious meals. Indoor and outdoor seating available. The coffee is good and the prices are moderate. Our meals were really good. I'll be back.
Andrew Haslip: Always a great brunch and the best vibes.
Harris Pang: Cute cafe located in the heart of Erko. This cafe would not look out of place if it's located in a small town but I'm so happy that it's so easy for me to get to.The coffee is fantastic and the service is top notch. I ordered the haloumi and egg roll which was a revelation. Good alternative to the typical bacon and egg roll (which they also do).
Kanako H: Spontaneously walked down to Erskineville from Glebe and had late lunch at this lovely cafe.I ordered the today’s special which is meat ball sandwich with chips, that was amazing! The owner(?)'s warm service and smile made the meal even more delicious and made us want to come back here again!Apparently they have a gnocchis cooking school for $60, I’m not fun of gnocchis but if there is something else I would like to join :)Thank you so much !!

4. The Chatswood Cat Palace - Roseville

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The Chatswood Cat Palace
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Address: 18/30-32 Barcoo St, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9417 3329

Business type: Pet groomer

The Chatswood Cat Palace: what do users think?
Peter Lam: Dr. Kim is always attentive, helpful and reassuring of us newish cat owners. Most importantly. Our cats love her!
Emma Villamarin: So happy with their service. Peter was so friendly and professional and there was no judgement about the state of my cat (my cat was a little rough looking). The groomer did an amazing job and they even managed to bath my cat! Thank you team we will be back!
Caroline Highland: Kim Kendall is an amazing vet. Her knowledge and ability and love for cats is unrivalled. I have been going to her for over 30 years and wouldn't go anywhere else.
Ben Grim: Kimba is so happy with his new hair cut. Staff were great and took good care of him. Magicians carried out a lion cut without sedation
Jacquey Wheatley: SAFE Rehoming
Emma: My cat Casper had the best grooming of his life here. Would highly recommend!
Glenys Richardson: Dr Kim helped our little Betty remain in the world and has been treating her ever since, an amazing lady and vet, Glenys
Natalie Shaw: They are amazing - top notch service and a beautiful happy cat!
Naomi Sampol: Lovely service thank you
R Lake: We have seen Dr Kim since we first brought home our sweet little rescue cat 11 years ago. She has always provided exceptional care while exuding warmth and knowledge. When our beautiful boy contracted a liver infection and subsequently tested positive for FIP, Dr Kim was tireless in her efforts to provide effective treatment. And when it came time to put our beautiful boy to sleep after a very brave fight against FIP, Dr Kim is the only one we trusted to take him on his final journey. Our hearts are broken, but we are so grateful to Dr Kim; cat vet extraordinare.
Christina Foxwell: Love the Cat Palace!!! Franklin our baby goes here for his grooming and vet support! Cat’s need and Cat vet! Thank you cat palace ! See you on Sat for Frankie’s treatment ❤️
Jaymie Rowland: Dr Kim, Peter and the whole cat palace team are incredible. We drive 45min to see them because we know it means a faster,accurate diagnosis and more tailored care.
Tim Diggens: Great staff
Caroline Wilson: Another great experience. First time visit for my 16 year old rag doll. Dr Kim picked up a few 'older cat' issues, and within 12 hours, Molly Daisy is a new cat. Will be back!
Jeremy Brennan: Critical:Value
Monique Brodde: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,ValueOwner Sedates your cats. Beware do not leave cats unsupervised.
Katie Hemmings: Wouldn't take my cat anywhere else to be groomed !Lovely staff and they all put up with my grumpy one so well !!
Genevieve Magee: Dr Kim has been helping us navigate our cat’s newfound diabetes and has been so supportive and knowledgeable at every step. Can’t recommend her enough.
Rebecca Lacey: Dr Kim is AMAZING. She remembers you, even after one visit, and takes amazing care of fur babies. I would recommend Dr Kim to all of my friends with cats.
Christos Dimopoulos: Pretty good.
David Ollis: Dr Kim is fantastic. Honest advice, Compassionate and Caring.

5. YUMIAO cat cafe - Waterloo

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37 reviews
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YUMIAO cat cafe
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Address: shop 2/18 O'Dea Ave, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 435 002 161

Business type: Bubble tea store

YUMIAO cat cafe: what do users think?
MAHMOUD EL SHAFIE: I honestly expected much more than what I've experienced. Coffee is not so great. Ambiance is not wow, cats, which is the main attraction turned out to be the most boring cats I've ever met in my entire life, probably they had to enough of people! The are all sleeping like bears in winter time or just ignoring you completely.Good measures in place to ensure safety and health of cats, very friendly staff but they really need some friendly playful cats in-there!
Owen Tsoi: Staffs are super friendly!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Lucy Clover Lincoln: Don't go on the weekend.This should be a place designed for introverts but it's not.I appreciate an environment where people respect the natural order of things but unfortunately that's not the case here.It was distressing with way too many people at a time who simply don't know how to read or be around cats.Most customers there were of the idea the cats should be entertaining them.Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.I'm told it's better during the week.The cats are obviously very sweet and chill but the customers are not.The staff are lovely.
Saara Thakker: Amazing!!! 100/10 experience and the most fun I’ve had in a while. The cats are super nice and friendly, the staff are helpful and the overall environment is great. We went on a Monday and it was a bit quieter which was awesome! The drinks were also spectacular and we got one free per ticket since we booked online. Definitely recommend to anyone and will definitely be back!
Iris yn: The cats are really sweet and cuddly. I’ve been here twice, once with a friend and once alone to do some work, and they came to sit in my lap during both visits. Each cat has its own unique personality, and are all very charming. The drink menu was also pretty okay. Definitely recommend getting the whole day pass and coming with a friend.
Lorelyn Joy Cerbito: We booked for a 4pm slot and we started on time. They gave us reminders on the house rules of the cat cafe which is pretty standard for cat cafes. The cats all have very distinct personalities but the one thing they all have in common is that they are all very healthy and they are well taken care off. I was away from home and was missing my cats so it soothed my heart when I visited the cafe. I would go back again and give butterscotch $5 for being a good boy.
Daniel Aquino: Had a great experience and had so much fun with the cats, would go again!!Food: 5/3|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Liv Blong: All the cats were so cute and friendly I fell in love with them immediately. The drinks were fairly good, and the staff were friendly. Although it is quite expensive to enter. Loved it highly recommended!Food: 5/3|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Jelly Milk Tea …More
Adrian Wilson: Loved this place!Incredible cat cafe with a variety of Furry personalities.The ground rules and environment is very friendly and careful towards that cats, ensuring they areant under stress and enjoy their time as much as the visitors to their playgroundWe arrived extra early for our appointment but was let in early, greeted by the sweet pup "Pavlov" and the lovely worker.Once inside we had a blast. My partner and I spoke with the worker who was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.The cafe is full of amazing cat climbing posts that run the full length of the walls and across the top. Beds and little vantage posts are galore and during our time we got to see some speedy zoomies across the cat ninja obstacle course!Cat Cafes are tricky and can be used more for business than the care for cats. Not Yumiao though, this cat cafe truly feels like a loving home for a group of gorgeous cats that are getting all their needs met and every ounce of care to thrive.Pepper was the first sweet kitty to approach and give us some cuddles, but sesame warmed up and demanded belly rubs from me and stole my heart.I can't recommend this cafe enough and it is well worth a trip to visit.
hadia a: Came all the way from Newcastle to visit, and was not disappointed. As we walked in we were greeted by Garlic, an adorable cat, and ordered our drinks. We went inside the cat lounge and all the cats were SO CUTE. A lot of them were sleeping, so we sat down until they started coming to us. One even hopped on to my lap! The cats were definitely properly looked after and are all rescues. They were all relaxed, but they all had their own set of boundaries. We got to play with a few cats, pet them, and had some hot chocolate. Definitely worth visiting, but it is a little pricey.
Tabitha Petrick: Such an amazing experience! Took my friend here for her birthday, and she absolutely loved it 😍 We were given a free drink upon arrival, great customer service, and the cats lived in a very nurturing and quality environment. There were board games to play, as well as cat toys for interaction and bonding. Best 45 minutes spent!
Elaine Perkins: Lovely people and cats!Kid-friendliness: Friendly staff
Ariane Jade: Extremely clean and inviting place, staff were lovely and cats were so entertaining and fun to meet. Thank you for the best day :) Can't recommend this place enough! 3
Jessy: Purr-fection
Chayut O: Nice cat cafe. Cats are super cute. They are rather sleepy in the afternoon .booking is painless and straightforward.Food: 5/3|Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/4 …More
Lilly Matthews: Cats are very cute! Great to see the business owner rescue a number of cats and they truely care about them. Great business with a great purpose
Joanne Randall: Had a great first experience at the YUMIAO Cat Cafe. Staff were friendly and well-informed. Yummy drinks, too!
Nat: Definitely one of the best cat cafes in Sydney! The staff were very very caring and knowledgeable. The staff member supervising the cats had so much insight and love for the kitties and they were hilarious too! 45 minutes is plenty of time to have a wander and sip your drink. They have very clear rules and guidelines as to what you can and cannot do with the cats. Upon entering, you have to sanitise and place shoe covers on and ensure that you have no food from outside.The cats are SO well loved, their area is well designed with lots of interactive features and personal space. Honestly I was blown away by the love and attention this place has for cats !!For drinks, there's a HUGE selection of bubble teas, fruit teas and standard drinks. The passionfruit tea was refreshing and yummy.P.S BRING CASH/COINS to "tip" your favourite cat so they recieve toys etc. There are card games and books too if you need to keep entertained!
Kathryn Chapel: We visited on Monday, the cats were all very friendly and the girl who was working that morning was so lovely! 10/10 service
James IU Condren: This is a cafe for cats no food is served there but you can get drinks when you see the catdWheelchair accessibility: It is accessible for disabled people

6. Cat’s Pyjamas cafe - Parramatta

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Cat’s Pyjamas cafe
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Address: 29 Macquarie St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

Business type: Cafe

Cat’s Pyjamas cafe: what do users think?
Sinisa: Hands down one of the best coffees I’ve had
Marijs Vrancken: Great coffee, they have oat milk! Such nice staff.
J Wilson: Service was good but coffee just tasted like milk
Jenna Tan: Nice place and staff, excellent coffee for a fair price. They’ve got loyalty cards too where you record your coffee bought, then you get your 10th cup of coffee for free.
Heart Delivery: Orderered breakfast. Waited for whole hour, but it came after I asked a staff memberagain. Then I noticed that it missed many items I ordered. Once again asked and waited when it will be served. After 1 hour snd 20 min got my breakfast. Still several items missed with dry cooked bacon and poorly cooked tomates. Kindly ask other restaurant businesses who might read this post to render good services for customers who pay them money. Thanks
Damian Finn: Great coffee
Ben Strang: Best coffee on Macquarie Street
Mina Tambrchi: Great coffee, wish their sandwiches had a vegan option (their veggie wrap barely has any vegetables in it haha)
Em Ine: Great staffAmazing coffeeWalk the extra block as the coffee is more then worth it and the customer service just makes it all the better
aaron gardener: Lovely staff and atmosphere. Food and coffee are great.
David M: Nice morning spot with good coffee and juices to start the day. The banana bread was super sweet and a ton of better on the side because why not. Scrambled eggs were correct but served on a useless and tasteless piece of white toast. Cappuccino was great!

7. Crema Cat Cafe Dee Why - Dee Why

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Address: 2/645-647 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8021 4184

Business type: Cafe

Crema Cat Cafe Dee Why: what do users think?
Kate Koo: 맛있는 소이 라떼 마시고 싶을때 들릅니다.롤 메뉴에 나오는 빵 질감이 무척 부드러워서 먹기 좋았고, 주문 음식이 빨리 나오는 편이고 까페 분위기 조용해서 혼자 식사하기에도 좋은 곳 같아요. 최근에 불고기 랩이랑 프렌치 토스트 먹었는데 맛있었어요.
Dragan Ninic: Good coffee and tasty foodFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Marc Taylor: Had a deluxe bacon and egg roll and it was outstanding! The pesto is a great addition to the classic bacon and egg roll. Would highly recommend people stopping by and giving Crema Cat a go! Will be back for sure.
Tesha: the bacon toastie is my favourite, great vibe, amazing service and they have a great breakfast menu!
Alex Ferris: These guys have the best coffee in Dee Why, easily. They're closed on sundays tho fyi
matthew gestier: Bacon Toastie can't be beaten. Delicious
P G: A cosy, chill cafe with great music, coffee and food. Meals are always delicious and service is always welcoming and friendly. Menu is Aussie-Korean-Japanese - so different and delicious for Dee Why.Jin and Celine are owners who love their cafe and their customers. Support this local cafe they are absolutely lovely people who make the best cafe and meals. ❤️🌱Been here for a few years and I'm so happy they have come through the second lock down!They're now licensed and I can't wait to try this place for dinner!
Kapil Khandelwal: Good Coffee and the guy serving food was really nice and has a good customer service
Minsoo CHO: awesome place,owner is very kind person. !
Hyunyoung KIM: What a great place. Especially B&E roll and basil chicken rice. I'd rate it best coffee I've had in Australia so far. Will definitely be back. Tasty food at amazing price !
BongHyun Choi: Clean, tidy, friendly and very proud of coffee. Very good !
Australian Wanderer: Nice new coffee shop and cafe in Dee why.
Trisha Helu: Food good and service
Kristen Lappan: Great spot for a tasty breakfast. I highly recommend the haloumi and eggs. I opted for scrambled eggs and no cherry tomato. It was perfectly seasoned and had a fresh tasting pesto on the side. It was amazing. The staff were efficient and went about my service with a smile.
piyali Chatterjee: Unwelcoming- waited for long and no one served, pretty bad experience
James Farragher: Bad coffee with burnt milk.
Jennifer Oliver: Just order from uber eats, beat my expectations by a long way, the halomi and eggs where amazing, and they happily change it around to suit my taste, and the bacon and egg role iv been told was incredible, normally take away is lacking but these gies/girls hit the nail on the head, amazing taste and well packaged.
Amanda Dang: Had the bacon and egg with a regular coffee deal for $8.50 this morning. The coffee (flat white) was really nicely made (Lavazza which I love!) and came with a small cookie. The B&E was on a brioche bun, with crispy bacon and the perfect runny egg. A really lovely start to my morning. Will definitely be back.
Michael Carey: Great coffee and light food
Robert Inwood: Best bacon and egg roll in deewhy.Love it, will be back!
Tai Hsueh: One of the Best coffee in the area. They do amazing breakfast bacon egg roll/burgers + coffee for $8! ❤️❤️❤️

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