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1. The Unicorn Kids Talent Agency - Gordon

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The Unicorn Kids Talent Agency
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Address: Suite 1A, Level 2/802 Pacific Hwy, Gordon NSW 2072, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 402 771 896

Business type: Corporate office

The Unicorn Kids Talent Agency: what do users think?
Siham DEBAH: I recommend this place and the dark Belgium chocolate milk👍
Ras Russell: Not responding and no updates for clients regarding of applications irresponsible
Maria Stack: Such a beautiful and friendly team. They are very professional and don't charge any upfront fees like most other agencies. My little baby girl has recieved a few jobs and i have just signed up my boys
Dr Tinashe Dune: The owners are fabulous to work with and are always respectful and considerate. They are encouraging and we are so happy to be models for this agency that values and celebrates diversity and people from all backgrounds.
Ivone Hendarta: I couldn't have asked for a better kids modelling agency to join! Fabian and Susana are very helpful, professional and prompt in answering any queries I have had.My daughter has had a few jobs through Unicorn Kids and she loves it. She keeps on getting more confident with every job she gets. Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity and experience of a lifetime.I would highly recommend Unicorn Kids to anyone looking at signing their child up to an Agency.
Bonita Chan: We joined in July last year (in the midst of Covid!) when my usual family extra-curricular activities had slowed down... I thought... Why not?! 😉 We had nothing to lose since they do not charge any commissions or fees until you succeed in getting a job! To my amazement my girls and I won our very first job in our first audition! What timing...! 🤩 Amazing experience and we loved it! My girls have continued being asked to audition (quite regularly) and we do have to get used to self-taping and submitting by deadlines but it is fun and worthwhile and Fabian and his staff have been wonderful... Thank you so much! ☺️ It is a fickle (tbh) industry and work is not guaranteed but if you are realistic about showbiz and want someone who cares about your child then I highly recommend this agency for your child if you are wondering who to go with!! Very kind and easy to deal with! We are super happy! 😊
Lydia Gonzalez: Amazing agency, so friendly, helpful and responsive. We get lots of castings and jobs through them, and our 4 year old is absolutely loving it. Thanks so much Fabian and team ❤️
Patricia Hidalgo - Booc: Our 3 children have been represented by The Unicorn Talent agency for just under 2 years now and the experience we have had dealing with Fabian and Susana has been second to none. Completely professional, empathic, honest and caring. It is a hard industry, however from the first photoshoot up until now I cannot fault them but only commended them for their hard work and loving nature. I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone looking for an agency with your children’s best interest at heart. The Booc family (Sydney).
Amanda Col: The couple who run this are not only genuine people but understanding. They work very hard to secure jobs for their talents. We have had the best experiences not only on set but more importantly with the agencies communication and professionalism.
V W: Great agency! Lovely people! Always work hard to look after kids. We're absolutely happy with the service and thankful for every opportunities they brought.
Savannah Lobbe: Lovely couple running the agency! Professional and have done so much for my daughter already! Thanks guys

2. Bettina Management - Chippendale

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Bettina Management
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Address: Cnr Pine &, Daniels St, Chippendale NSW 2006, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 1300 888 611

Business type: Modeling agency

Bettina Management: what do users think?
Hope Clark: By the many comments on multiple sites and word of mouth I was thankful enough to not get ripped off by this company but it’s obvious many others weren’t so lucky!!Definitely do not pay a cent to such a company, it’s a LIE that you don’t have to pay to make your way into the industry, there any many agencies in the industry that will sign a model up without a fee only to take a % of all jobs so stating you must pay to make your way into the industry is a straight up LIE!!DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!
Marcela Vanega: Fast and diligent to sign you in, but once you pay they don’t take your phone calls for updates or reply to the emails. Very disappointed and dissatisfied.
Sara Z: Great experience. My baby enjoyed the time during the photoshoot.
5 min ART And CRAFT: Professional, warm, and welcoming.They have a seamlessly easy system to sign on and great payment plan options.I liked the fact that staff are female.
Mon Jones: Nadine our photographer made our whole experience so fun and exciting especially for our little one who’s only 22months old. Nadine was so welcoming and friendly and made us feel at home in the studio! We also found the pricing of photography session and photo packages quite affordable! Would highly recommend!!😃
shaneal whiteley: We are yet to begin our management with Bettina however the process has been so easy, everyone has been so helpful and friendly! We had our photoshoot at the beginning of may and the photographer was friendly and really captured our guys personality!We can’t wait to begin with Bettina!
YONEL DE BEER: My daughters had so much fun during their photo shoot on Saturday. Angelo was amazing and the photos was absolutely beautiful. I would really recommend Angelo.
Bronach Bradford: Great experience with my son's first photo to start him off.We are very excited to see the outcomes from it
Amanda Laverack: Great and dynamic photo shoot for our little girl. We also got an amazing family photo which we love so much!Friendly and talented photographer and Katherine was so sweet! It is a baby proof studio too, which made our wriggly love easier to manage.
lauren mitchell: So far a great service
Sandra ciereszko: Great experience and friendly staff.
Mary Grace Sansano: My daughter enjoyed the photoshoot a lot. The photographer was experienced and they worked well together as it was easy to follow his instructions. In the end, we captured some beautiful photos!
Maryam Azimi: Still getting $21 monthly withdraw its now been 1 year. When will the monies cease to come out of my account. There are agencies who don’t rip families off no fees or account keeping fees maintenance on profiles. I know of many agencies which we have gone too after 6 months of leaving Bettina with no fees and actually getting work Trying to get through to someone on the phone no call back ? As voicemail is full. I’ve sent email would appreciate a response call back and speak to a person in regards to the monthly payment still coming out of my account.
P A: It has been a year now and have only been contacted once, early on, for something she couldn’t do at the time, have not been contacted since and have updated her profile . Dont bother! The only good thing was the photoshoot but i paid $1000 for it thinking it would help with gigs , you can find cheaper options.. thanks but no thanks not joining again … to any of these scams
赵璨: The crews at Bettina management are really professional. I read the reviews that there might be chances that you sign up with them for years but don’t hear a word back. I signed my kids up knowing the risk, but fortunately, after 6 months we got a job offer at Aldi for the April special buy catalogue. And my son (4-8 year group) got the part. They are very professional and for those who thing this is a scam business, it really is not. Not only they are not scams they are professional agencies. I’m very happy with Bettina and would recommend them to anyone who’s interested in signing their kids up.
Alice Oldoni: Great experience, staff is lovely, professional and very patient. Angelo played along with our little one to make her more at ease, he was fantastic!
Jennyfer Quintero: I have signed up my daughter and I have been try to call every day, to ask for some log in details, i have left emails , the voicemail its full so I can’t leave anything in there And I haven’t get any sort of response from anyone. This is a joke ? I pay them and after that 0 service.
Tara You gmMillgate: The staff were super friendly, very helpful. Talked in simple, easy to understand language. Made great suggestions and were very welcoming.
Ellen Tapiki: Have not heard a single thing from them since signing my son up. I've been trying to call their business number for some time now, and no one answers how bizarre 🤔 I've put in a lot a money but have not received a welcome pack. I can only guess what has happened. I've been scammed.
Sandrine Yedalian: Everyone is so lovely n helpful
Samantha Kalmar: The photographer and agency rep at Bettina were amazing at our son’s first photoshoot (16mo). He felt comfortable and had an awesome time, setting him up for future photoshoot success. The photos were stunning!

3. Bambini Talent Group - Norwest

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Bambini Talent Group
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Address: 26 Brookhollow Ave, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 1300 336 036

Business type: Talent agency

Bambini Talent Group: what do users think?
Enhance Mumma: The one star is for the lack of communication , having to chase everything up . Wasn’t even contacted to renew contract . You can never get through to their phone lines . I also sent through photos for her to update online , I checked a couple of months later and she hadn’t even done it . I wish I’d gone through a different agency
Thomas Keenan: Critical:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,ValueTotal Scam....take your 500 AUD and then nothing happens despite multiple follow ups. Avoid these people like the plague. I am a lawyer and can say that there nothing defamatory about this review. The defense is truth.
P B: I’m fine with the lack of work, that’s expected and beyond the control of the agent. The 1 star is for the lack of communication. Text messages to advise potential jobs, you confirm availability, and then Bambini disappears with no update. Wash, rinse, repeat. Done to give a sense of pursuit of work, it feels. Where’s the transparency and proactive messaging if unsuccessful? Pretty unprofessional to just drop off the radar only to repeat the same cycle a month later. Very slick front-end process when there’s the transfer of payment involved, but all experiences quite disappointing afterwards. Definitely wouldn’t recommend based on experience.
Bianca Kemp: Never once heard from them after paying up money. No contact at all
Nicole Velovich: We have been with Bambini for 6 months now after a friend recommended them to us. We have been fortunate to have constant work and I have found working with Amanda great. She keeps us informed and is great to work with. Thank you Bambini
Dotan Tamir: Another year with Bambini TG and we have joined our second baby to it.Our son had endless opportunities over his last 2 years, Lexy has always put him forward to jobs and you just have to trust your agent when it comes to it. We have learned so much, and definitely, know that the clients are in total charge of everything !! Your agent is here to book your job by putting you forward to ajob you would fit, and she would always that’s how she gets paid so why wouldn’t she use all her chances? Our little girl has joined as soon as Lexy believed she was ready for it size wise, she has also got casting and jobs booked! I knew that it could have been totally different from my son and I was ok with that.It can take months, for other years before they will book a job, but trusting your agent and her work is the base of this industry. She is your child passport, she represents your child if she believed in you throughout your children’s photos in the first place that’s because she knows her work, her clients. And she believes they can one day have a shinning time and book a job! When it comes to communication, she is here to book you a job, she doesn’t get pay monthly to entertain our ego, we are Mother’s we love our kids no matter what, despite being on a billboard or not. Trust them, that’s the only thing you have to do when you are joining this journey, and remember they pay their rents based on the jobs the kids will book, so they will work even if you don’t hear from them, they try every chance they can on your behalf.Take it as it comes. It should be fun not filled with jealousy.
Kylie Lam: Great Talent Agent. Very Professional. Would definately recommend as they are a hard working team that represents children fairly and have a great range of clients to work with.
Michelle Arthur: My daughter has been signed with Bambini for the past 3-4 years and we've been more than happy with every aspect of the servicce we've received. Our manager in NSW has bent over backwards for us since day 1. She is quick to update portfolios, responsive to emails (regardless of how crazy her day is) and has been nothing but professional in our experience. We are kept informed of any castings or bookings in a timely manner and provided with as much information as possible. Although there hasn't been as much work this year as there has been in the past, I understand that this is just the nature of the business and through no fault of Bambini - I know that they're doing their best to represent all their talent at all times (the decision ultimately lies with the brand/client, not the agent). I would have no hesitation recommending Bambini to others.
Lyra A: I am fortunate enough that my husband also has an agent being in the entertainment industry himself and was able to educate me on the role of an agent. And that is, based on their expertise, to submit your child if they suit the client brief. But ultimately, it is the client (being the stores and companies) that choose and book a child. We have been lucky enough that our child has been booked by some amazing stores. Equally if our child hadn't, we acknowledge that it is just the nature of the industry and I think all parents should understand this before signing their child with an agent. All of that said, I just want to give a big shout out to Lexy and the team at Bambini for giving us the opportunity to create special memories with our son and meet some wonderful people within the industry. I am certain that managing the demands of clients and parents on a daily basis is no small feat so thank you for working hard for your talent!
Crew Byron: Wouldn’t recommend this talent group. We have our daughter signed up for 9 months now not one casting or phone call. We have noticed the same children get selected for work not giving new comers a chance. So far during this 9 months our daughter has been approached by random people on the streets asking for her to be their brand rep.I’m extremely disappointed and would highly recommend anyone looking for an agency to do some research.
Krystal Wilson: Thank you Bambini for the wonderful opportunities you have provided to my daughters.I sumbitted both my daughters to this agency. One daughter exceeded in the modelling industry and one did not. I don't believe this to be any fault of the agency as I understand at the end of the day the client will choose who is the right fit for their product. All Bambini can do is put the children forward who fit the brief of what the client is asking for. And I know they have done their job and done this for us. Unfortunately one child of mine just could not win the jobs she was actively put forward for. This does not discourage me from seeing that both my children are beautiful and awesome in any way. It just means for one child this industry is not her calling at this time, as admittedly she is actually quite shy. Thank you for all that you do. Amanda has been a fantastic agent to work with and has genuinely supported both my children. If the work was to stop tomorrow, as you just don't know in the entertainment/modelling industry with ever changing trends in looks etc, then we can still walk away with a whole bunch of fond memories and experiences from our time with this very reputable company. What an honour!
Private A: We signed up for 12months & had one casting throughout the whole period & that was within 1month if signing, ( only bcoz someone fell through)i wont be renewing my membership & they havent even called to say it was ending.I received no contact what so ever from the business. This led me to contacting them. When i did make contact, there usually was a delay in response. I had to ask what was happening. Not at one point did they offer to meet with me , have a chat about opportunities or how to better my daughters opportunities or even just to meet their client.They get work & castings....they are a legit modelling agencey .I guess at the end of the day its not the agenceys entire fault if my daughter didnt fit any briefs
Rachael Taudien: We began our journey with Bambini in Dec 2013. We have had many incredible experiences and our 3 children have worked on some amazing campaigns over the years. We are grateful for the hard work, professionalism insight, experience and support Amanda and Lexy have given to us over the years.We are proud to be with such a reputable professional highly regarded agency. Our future is bright with Bambini.
Megan Atkin: We have been with Bambini for just over 12 months and have booked 2 amazing jobs. We have also had many castings opportunities. I think it's important to be patient and take it in your stride. We look forward to what the future may hold. Thank-you Lexy
ml: We have been with Bambini for a few years now.They are a trusted reputable agency in the industry. They are very professional and work with the best brands here and overseas.They do a great job representing all their kids and have the childrens best interest which is very reassuring.We are grateful for their hard work . Its been a great experience . They are a wonderful team and we would highly recommend them.
Bianca Dickinson: Bambini have been wonderful to work with. My children have only been with Bambini a short amount of time but in that time they have all had castings and a few paid jobs. The communication had been good and the staff are friendly and easy to get along with. Thanks for the opportunities you have given my children!
Amy Nadalin: Couldn't have asked for a better agency for my 3 kids. Very professional, wonderful communication we feel very lucky to be part of Bambini. I couldn't reccomend highly enough.
Elle H: Reading through some reviews and can't help not to write our side of the story from all the negative.We signed up with Bambini five years ago after visiting a few different agencies. We chose Bambini over others due to their reputation and their profile. Since we have signed up our daughter has been working continuesly on many shoots such as Collette Dinnigan, Camila, Peter Alxander, BigW, Tututdumonde and so on.It's a tough industry but the girls at Bambini do their best to forward all their kids on their books to potential clients. The final dcision is made by the client. We have been to so many castings that we did not land the job. Yet we have worked on some amazing campaigns.As a parent it can be really hard sitting back and thinking why isn't my child getting jobs and we have gone months where we don't hear anything and then all of a sudden we have a couple of jobs lined up.The girls at Bambini are amazing and truly care but please keep in mind that at the end of the day it is the clients decision.They are not a scam and will do their best in every possible way. They are also selective on whom they have on their books. If your child is with Bambini be rest assured that they are good hands.We honestly could not be happier with the decision we made 5 years ago and will never look back.
Belinda Prendergast: My daughter has been with Bambini for just under a year and have been to numerous castings and booked some amazing jobs. We couldn't be more happy with the agency and are extremely grateful to Lexy for all the guidance she offers us, with my many questions I have had!Highly recommend Bambini Talent Group.Keep up the amazing work.
Louise: My daughter has been with Bambini for just over a year and have been lucky enough to have a couple of fantastic jobs. I have always found them to be very professional and always return my emails/telephone calls. Lexy is the best 😀
tegor six: Fantastic agency, absolutely top in the field, they know how to pick the kids for the jobs.

4. Bubblegum Casting - Dee Why

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51 reviews
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Bubblegum Casting
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Address: 1.08/30 Fisher Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 1800 491 828

Business type: Modeling agency

5. Starfish Kids Talent Agency - Warriewood

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17 reviews
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Starfish Kids Talent Agency
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Address: Suite 1203/4 Daydream St, Warriewood NSW 2102, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 8401 0052

Business type: Talent agency

Starfish Kids Talent Agency: what do users think?
Blaze Angel: I was with Starfish Kids for years and years! Always got work, some years slower than others but that’s just the industry. The ladies are lovely and welcoming and always do an amazing job!My photos every year were perfect and I met so many beautiful people through being part of the agency.At 21 years old now, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the team at Starfish Kids!!!
Helene Drimer: My girls and husband are all represented by Starfish Management. Hannah and Michelle have a brilliant reputation in the industry and many years of experience. Every job we go to the producers comment on how professional and easy they are to work with. They pitch my family for every opportunity that they are suitable for. The girls have auditioned for Australian and US feature films, TV series and TVCs and they are consistently booking gigs. The whole Starfish Management team are kind, caring, supportive and responsive. It is important for parents to be realistic in this industry. It is EXTREMELY competitive. SFKs put all the kids on their books forward for every opportunity that they are suitable for. It is in their best interests to book all the kids on their books. We work hard for our successes (and the more experience you have, the more you book). We have a professional acting coach Jo Briant, who we pay to film all our self tapes. Our success has been exponential since we starting working with her. We cannot recommend Starfish Talent Management enough.
bailey mabbott: I have been with this agency for 5 years, I have had some great opportunities with them over the years. The girls in the office are always super friendly and approachable. Cannot rate Starfish enough!
Nes Quik: I didn’t want to believe the negative reviews but unfortunately they’re spot on. Zero auditions for my child in 12 months. It would have been nice for my child to have at least have one experience auditioning or at least a call from them.
Mina Habib Ghobrial: We looked for a good place to start our baby's modelling career and we decided to go with Starfish.They start with a photo session to familiarise the baby/kid with what's going to happen later then send you these photos and you create a profile for your kid at the same time they start to promote your kid to their clients who then pick the kid who is most suitable for the photoshoot.We already landed 3 offers in one year and my baby was in the catalogues and websites of Best & Less and Big W.We joined at first as something to do in Covid time and to get our baby to meet other people and get out of the house then we loved it as much as she did.Their algorithm works however I would love if there was a bit of more interaction with us when we visit the office.Money isn't the goal here if you are thinking that you will make a fortune, it barley covers the hair products, cloths, travel expenses (70 KMs drive each way) but look for the bigger picture if you think of the memories and the amazing photos you will keep 😁
Heartcore Space: Terrible service! Not even one audition for the whole year. Biggest waste of $400 i have ever spent! Extremely unhappy. Do not waste your time or money!
M I Ramos: Have my three boys with Starfish since they were babies and we have stayed because of the professionalism of the team. Very happy with Sheri service.
Marah And Milo: Positive:ProfessionalismAmazing I absolutely loved it a great experience and amazing people
Chris Plastow: A Complete waste of money, we paid $500 for registration and pictures and 1 year on we’ve had 3 text messages with potential work.
Emilia “Lia” B: One of my friends used to be represented by them, and they always choose the same person or for work! Which is really sad because there are so many kids who are really beautiful and fit the brief and requirements of the client, but they don't even get to go to the casting.
Jane Strode: They are very nice and welcoming my child had a great time there. I %100 recommend it.
Julie Kimberley: Sydney premier kids agency has the lovliest staff and all of them have the patience of angels
Caleb Hanrahan: Just pure AMAZING!! I went their for an interview a few weeks ago and as soon as I walked in everyone greeted me. They were extremely polite and thoughtful. I love this agency very much and I have only been apart of them for a few days. I definitely recommend this agency as it's JUST AMAZING!!!!!
Lauren Jacobs: So it’s hit and miss with this industry I think you go in with an open mind ! Quickly you are pulled into false sense of what this industry is ! It’s full of equally talented gorgeous children and you wonder how on earth can they choose who would be best suited to a particular role . So that’s just it ! It’s impossible to pick ! these agencies have their favourites whom they put forward for everything and the rest, are well....not ! They must miss out on some spectacular talent . I regret putting my daughter through this ! Think very carefully before you do . That’s my advice !
Frankie Chan: My son been joined Starfish kids more than a year. He really enjoy all his jobs and gain different experience in each casting and built up his confidence much in this year. Owners Michelle and Hannah are really nice and patient plus all staffs are really professional. We would like to say thank you for Starfish Kids Talent Agency. YOU ARE THE STAR⭐️
amy wellins: Waste of money and time. Had photos done twice the lady who took the photos was nice. But 2 other ladies in the office had their back to me the whole time couldn’t even turn around to say hi. Quite rude and in the 12 months there was only contacted twice to ask if I was interested but never invited to anything. I would save your money and go else where signed with another agency and had work within 2 weeks.
David Guevara / Smart World Company: fantastic attention, explained really well all the services, great service

6. Royalle Modelling - Sydney

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39 reviews
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Royalle Modelling
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Address: 201 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8599 7273

Business type: Modeling agency

Royalle Modelling: what do users think?
AKHIL KOTTARATH: I never experience such a beautiful modelling agency
Helen Aleonote: I love doing what I love
zak watene: Obviously majority of the people commenting 5 stars on here are either management or people who have made it in the course.You guys are absolutely appaling at the way you handle the rest of the guys that join the 1 day course that don't make it in. Its been over 3 months since the completion of this course and i and others still haven't received our edited photos that george took or the certificate that we were promised at the completion of the course, might i add we paid alot of money for it so we expect to have received the product we paid for! Very bad look on the company! It's apparent, you only seem to take care of the people that make it in and everyone else you forget about but yet happily take their money!Definitely a company i would not recommend any up and coming or established model to be working for!
Majid Rezaei: HiMy name is Majid Rezaei from Iran and Persian Man.Nice to meet you
Anthony K: An agency who truly cares about their team and has been able to create both a fun and professional environment. A great combination that is hard to find in the industry.
Shay Brown: VIP-VISION, INTEGRITY, PASSION. George and the Royalle team has instilled these with me and I clearly see that they are the best and create the best in whoever's comes aboard the family.
jayde Cookson: Royalle is such a great family to be apart of, the work is professional and enjoyable! with great photographers, quality, and experience!! love them!
Geena Dunne: Royalle Modelling are the best in the business, professional, helpful and a company with strong CSR. Their talent are a joy to work with and produce an unbelievable end product. Royalle showed incredible generosity, offering to work with The Cova Project on our most recent charity campaign and they came through with solutions whenever needed. I highly recommend working with Royalle and those who choose to can feel comfortable that they are working with a company that understands the importance of giving back. Thank you Royalle!
Tony Palliser: I have shot quite a few of their models with clients of mine over the past few years and they really do have stunning models that are reliable and extremely compentant at what they do. Which in my case was eCommerce work. Never thought I would say this about a modeling agency - but seriously these guys are highly recommended
Melanie Deyla: Being an interstate model myself, the Royalle team were the most organised people I have worked with. Kylie and Kristin were on top of everything, making sure photoshoot details, flights etc had been taken care of well ahead of time. George the agency director was so accommodating being on set, and behind the scenes. I am so grateful for the work opportunities I have done through this agency. Very professional, friendly and welcoming! Can’t wait to work with then again in the near future.
Tayla Baxter: I’m currently with Royalle Modelling and I absolutely love it. George is so helpful & so professional. He puts so much effort & time into everything and cares so much about us. Thank you George ( Royalle Modelling you’re amazing. Thank you🙏
Sharna Isabella: I cannot express how incredible it was working with Royalle. George is the most accomodating director I have ever worked with. I really respect how hands on he is and how well the models under his agency behave on set. Their work ethic speaks volumes for each individual as well as the company. I can't thank George and his team enough for his hard work to making things work. His can-do attitude is something i'll never forget and I will continue to boast about Royalle to everyone I can. Great team. Great company. Great work!
brandon raeli (B): I’ve been part of the Royalle family for just under a year and I’m so grateful to George and the Team for mentoring me and giving me opportunities. Iv grown In this industry, but more importantly as a person. I highly recommend Royalle Modelling. Awesome people, good times and amazing memories. Best in the Business by far. Excited for what’s install !
Ebony Brown: Working with Royalle has been the best opportunity I have ever been given! The day after I got accepted I got my first casting and have applied for soooo many other jobs, I can tell I’m going to do amazing with them as they give everyone such amazing work and they are quick at organising and replying! Couldn’t recommend enough 😍
Melkior: Working with Royalle Modelling has been a Pleasant experience from the start. Their Professional team gave quick responses to any enquires I had, not to mention on the day the talent was beyond what I expected. Thank you again
Gliss: The Royalle family is like no other. Only positive experiences. As a model you’re respected, cared about, treated equally and most of all given the support needed to take your career in modelling so far. Highly recommend ❤️
Riley Ellan: Royalle Modelling is the best. They have a professional and punctual team who are happy to assist and answer any questions at all times. They understand personal circumstances and adapt to suit your location and needs. I love every opportunity Royalle has given me and I cannot wait to further continue my modelling career with them as my agency
Ailish Behan: I work with the Royalle family and I love it! All the models are so lovely, nice and of high profession! George, is amazing! He has really helped my career take off, and given me so many amazing opportunities! Best agency, and don’t ever want to leave! Love my Royalle family 💖
Heather G: Professional, innovative and reliable agency with a beautiful selection and variety of models. Would highly recommend for any model needs.
Rasma Pincers: Absolutely LOVE my Royalle family! My manager is extremely professional when it comes to business, and always takes care of all the Royalle team. Couldn't ask for a better agency to be with!
Kylie Beaufoy: We have worked with George to hire models for a number of jobs. His understanding of the brief and his ability to bring in the perfect talent for the job is the best we have come across. George is reasonable and generous with his time, he also is able to offer insights on how to work with the talent to get the best outcome.

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