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1. Candelaria - Sydney - Sydney

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Candelaria - Sydney
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Address: Wheat Road Balcony Level 1, Cockle Bay Wharf Darling Harbour Sídney, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Business type: Disco club

Candelaria - Sydney: what do users think?
James Grant: Great little Latin club. Fantastic music, great service. Security is firm but fair (have cash and id ready to go). Atmosphere is intimate but not stifling. Would recommend.
shamira prasad: I went Saturday night. Security did not let me enter the club without any reason. The person who was in security was Asian. He spoke to me very rudely. Security is very racism.
Yeonjin kim: 시드니 최고의 춤신춤왕들춤을 좋아하면 추천드리는 곳입니다!좁지만 그래서 재밌는 곳!
Dilan Franza: Great place for latin music
Sree Hospitality &Travel blog: Great vibe . If you looking for Latin music for weekend, here is the right place but you have pay cash as entrance fee.
Douglas Santos: From the quick response and assistance with pre-design process to the friendly installation team working on our shop windows frosting with logo as well as the LED illuminated 3D signage installed at the front counter Platinum Signs service delivery has been impeccable and of high standards.
Hanny R.: Rude service. Way overpriced. The person at the door took $30 for my partner’s entry and smiling just said they didn’t have the cash because it was too early. I was so excited about visiting this place but totally unworthy with the lack of professionalism, customer service and so much greediness that they couldn’t fake it. Shame on you guys letting Colombians down with this sort of behaviour so unprofessional. You wouldn’t ever find this in an Aussie place. Good luck with that. Don’t visit it. Waste of time. Also, “the Naughty corner” photo you find in these reviews is from Verandah, the place at the front.
Yennydir Alejandra Castillo Cadena: All good , good music but the prices are a lot of expensive than before ! I understand that for many reasons everything it’s expensive but not fair to much for the enter and to much for the drinks , I bought a couple drinks and to much water and nothing alcohol ! But it’s ok good environment !
Juan LB: Very nice club, people and music but the tall bodyguard (the one in his 40s) got really aggressive. Please don’t treat people like that..
Daniela Parra: Any updates on when are you opening?
Wijke Ellis: Never have to ask me twice to spend my night dancing to reggaeton. Everyone has an incredible vibe to them , so many happy faces and great vibes..
leidy palacios: The place is really nice just maybe needs more chairs, but if you want Colombian party definitely go there!
Estefanía Mantas: The place is good. If you are looking for a place where they play latin music Candelaria is your choice.
Cleide Soares: Amei ótimo lugar,
AGUSTINA NIETO: Mi lugar en el mundo, la música buenisima, la gente toda la onda. Muy recomendable!
soluciones Informaticas Web: Super
danilo benitez: Fun place
Camilo Vargas: Good music
Silvia Moran: I anjoy it so much
Moustafa Iesha Yasser: Amazing Latino music, the only downside is the lack of ventilation. Need more fans or some air-conditioning. At times it can feel like a sauna
Mr Smith: Great Latin music, friendly vibe, courteous and attentive staff. Would highly recommend a visit with good company and sporting a pair of dancing shoes...fireball 🎶🔥

2. Home The Venue - Sydney

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Home The Venue
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Address: 101/1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9266 0600

Business type: Live music venue

Home The Venue: what do users think?
Julian Doyle: Security guards are bored and have nothing better to do than make mountains out of molehills. Have never seen them intercept dangerous behaviour I seem to only see them intimidate patrons and watch over us like chaperones at a year 6 disco.Guards are meant to keep us safe not ruin our experiences that we pay good money for.
LongVodka: To be fair, I’ve only been here…more than a handful for times but never had a bad issue/time….I only rated four out of five (4/5) stars as it’s been far too crowded but as I’m lead to believe that’s the promotors prouder issuing far too many tickets for the venue to hold.However, I’ve always found the place to be clean (yes, even the bathrooms), security have been pleasant and mindful whilst doing their job in keeping all patrons safe. Drink prices WILL be a tad be more expensive BUT the venue IS located in darling harbour AND is a main source of revenue (especially when there’s an event) so what’s the big deal?! Don’t like the prices? Then don’t order the drinks…it’s the EXACT same in ANY venue (ie - cinema).The staff…never had an issue, in fact so helpful when pointing out the location of the bar, coatroom, toilets BUT they went above and beyond when I lost my ID at the Boulet Brothers event. I emailed and messaged the venue, both responded in a timely manner and on the same day.I was happily reunited with said missing property when I stopped by the venue. Both security and bar staff were friendly and attentive whilst listening and one staff member even checked the area that described AND the lost property box/area/hand in which either a patron or staff member found and handed in my ID.I was probably waiting at the bar, five minutes (maybe even less) to which I was in no rush and certainly didn’t not expect my ID to have been found or even handed in.Keep up the great work folks and I am humbly grateful that a staff member took the time, in order to assist me.
leslie Mark: Fun place to be
Jessica Feyder: Music was awesome but top level room filled with the thickest smoke. If you had asthma you would die within 2 hours.
monique: very good atmosphere my favourite club by far!! can never get sick of it
Corie-Joy Ewins: No where else to be on a Saturday night!The staff, the atmosphere, the music, everything is 10/10Only place I recommend to anyone !
Jess Hayes: Always fun and a great place to dance. Love how the music is 2000s and 2010s with some current hits. Love going here when I go clubbing in the city
Shiney Peez: Banging music, lights and dancers! There til close and lived every minute!
Jeremy Boualorn: i love it is sooo good bring all my friends here and THE DRINKS ARE CHEAP!!!
Jakeb Rayner: Best club to go to in Sydney!!!!!!!
Katie Richmond: Worst experience ever. The Legends drag night was massively oversold. People were actually fainting. Massive health and safety issue. And the toilets were soooooo grossly unsanitary
Ernie Shepherd: Is an ok venue . Definitely needs some maintenance inside. The balcony for the shows is poorly designed.
Louise Johnson: Paid over $100 to see live music at this venue and couldn't see a thing. They oversell tickets to make the most money possible and don't care that fire exits are blocked which puts everyone in danger. The top section was crammed with ppl which meant you could barely walk and coulnt see the stage. Half the audiance had no view of the stage at all and left. Not worth attending any events here.
john Johnson: Paid $200 for VIP ticket to Legendary Legends drag show and could not see anything, very disappointing. Not even any video screen to view from VIP area. Home is not a venue to host VIP viewing parties! I want a REFUND along with 500 other dissatisfied customers.
Kristi Knight: The venue was so overcrowded. I've never been packed in so tight at a venue. I paid extra for a balcony view but unless you were front row on the balcony, you couldn't see anything. You couldn't get to the bar at all.I was very disappointed.
Daniel Jebulan: Rude security guard telling me on the Weeknd night that I was in the wrong queue when lining up to enter. There were people in front of me but he accused me of pushing in. He stated that I was actually in the exit queue but there was no signage so how was I supposed to know.Additionally, the whole pathway to enter was packed full of people so if that was indeed an exit queue, that would be a massive WHS concern because if there was an emergency no one would have been able to leave in such a tight space.Please train your security guards as well as put up clear signage in queues in order to prevent confusion as well ensure the safety of your patrons.If I could give 0 stars, I would.
Jacquelyn Harrington: Paid 20 dollars per ticket for an event in the rooftop Cockle Bay Wharf entrance which took an hour to even get into due to overzealous security procedures. Security guard made up false stories and said we pushed in the line when there were clearly two lines separated by a queue rope and people were in the line in front and behind us. They then proceeded to go through my phone without permission and check for vaccination status and my debit card because apparently one form of ID is not sufficient? Absolutely ruined my night with the vulgar language and left after 20 minutes. Will not be returning!
Christine Yeh: Good venue for a live show event
Lilly: It's like you are listening to 96.9 or 104.1. Its white radio music repeated and remixed. If you are into that it's cool but if you aren't then I do not recommend.
Zurika Bleeker: Really exciting venue, great music, and impressive performances, it's a vibe. I liked that there were two dj setups with different styles.
Reya Alex: Not enough space inside the venue, party was very congested , will not recommend this for party

3. Marquee Sydney, The Star - Pyrmont

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Marquee Sydney, The Star
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Address: Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9657 7737

Business type: Night club

Marquee Sydney, The Star: what do users think?
adit popli: The worst club in Sydney. We had the presale tickets but we stood behind a line of 500 people to get in for the Halloween event. 2 hours later, we weren’t even half way ahead and that’s when we decided to go back home. Very successfully split our Halloween! It makes sense that they are shutting down in a month and they don’t care about anything anymore!
Sahil Goel: Stood in line for more than 3.5 hours after having the presale tickets. If the club can't handle this much crowd, why sell these many tickets to start with?Worst experience for a club I have ever been to.
embla: The worst nightclub I've ever set foot in. The queueing experience was so horrifically convoluted and long that I felt I was entering a CIA outpost. The DJs were horrific, the atmosphere was dead, and for some reason, everyone was 50 years old. Thank God they're shutting down.
Day: Pre-purchased a ticket for Knockout after party last Sunday worth $100.Got kicked out from the line because of the shoes I was wearing (Tn's). The lady said management decided on the day that those shoes weren't allowed.Went back to my hotel and changed shoes and when I got back to the club, they said the club was at full capacity. Had to wait for an hour to get in and the main dj had 10 minutes left to play. What's annoying was I saw people inside wearing the same shoes as I had.Overall, this place has atrocious management. They oversold their tickets at the door. What's the point of pre-purchasing tickets if you can't even get in? I would give this place 0 star if I could. I'm glad this trash place is closing.
Tyler Cook: Went here for an after party for Knockout Outdoor festival, which was hosting a couple of big name headliners. Paying close to $100 for a ticket a few days prior. I was let in on the night, after being pulled aside and asked how much I've had to drink, which was only a couple of drinks beforehand, pretty well spaced out, might I add.Inside the venue was quite nice, so I can't complain about that, however it was rather stuffy, so I've gone outside to get some fresh air and attend to an injury in a not so crowded small space. Upon leaving, a security guard pulled me aside and said that I was being denied re-entry because I was showing signs of intoxication, which I argued that I'd only had 1 or 2 drinks while being inside the venue, which at the time of being kicked out, was about an hour.The security guards were quite rude, unable to give me a proper reason as to why I'd been denied re-entry to an event I paid close to $100 to attend, other than "showing signs of intoxication", which leads me to believe they got their security licence from the back of a cereal box.Overall, I can see now why this place is closing down, and the "security guards" really live up to the stereotype of "not tonight mate", give someone a shred of power and they'll abuse it.Good thing they had this to fall back on, since they obviously never made it into the police force.
Yianna Savvinos: If I could give this club a zero I would. Where do I begin. In order to enter this club, you have to cue of a total 4 times. If you want to be treated like like a prisoner, come to Marquee. After all the hassle, the club itself is an absolute disappointment. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME
H.K.: Awful experience on the night James Hype was performing. Inconsistent rules for entry and identification among patrons on the same night, speaking to the same employees. Arrived as a 7 person group and all but one were granted entry. The treatment of the one who was denied entry was so poor we all decided to leave before spending any time or money at the venue. Could have been handled in a much more respectful and professional manner.
Isabella Wilkin: DO NOT GO TO THIS VENUE!! No wonder this place is closing down as they cavan there ticket holders when they DO NOT state on moshtix you need a digital and physical form of id. They turned away so many people that purchased tickets for the James Hype event and will not refund. But they will allow people of 25 and over to use a digital id. Makes no sense, and clearly over booked the event and scammed people of there tickets.
Mia: What a shitshow . If I have an option to give zero I would have . Rude as staff hated the whole experience overall . They literally doing a favour to us all by closing down the place
Nicolas Stone: Maybe this is a normal nightclub in Australia, but compared to Europe it was very worse.
G V: The club is closing later in 2022, just got email from The Star Sydney.Check it out while it lasts.
Oliver Ireland: If I could write 0 I would. We went to shaq last night and were falsely given the direction that he would be playing at 10. After waiting until 1:30 for him to play a 20 minute set which we spend $100 to see. My second problem was the way security treated patrons like second class citizens.I got pushed over completely out of my control and I got ripped off the floor and told to get out of the way for VIP guess by a power hungry security guard. No concern for Partons safety. The place is a complete hostile environment with overpriced drinks and complete disregard for people who were not VIPs who spend $100 to be there. I can safely say it is the most poorly organised place with vip areas taking up half the standing room leaving no room for ticket holders. I will never comeback to this place and I suggest others to do the same.
BB8399: Absolutely horrible. Bought tickets for $90 and were turned away at the door for not having 2 physical forms of ID.
Trent Pryor: Worlds worst night club, 80 a ticket, Shaq was playing dubstep you would expect a mosh, called it of 20 minutes into the show and said Shaq isn’t coming back on cause people where pushing each other, over an hour to get in 5 security checks, strict security, treated like an inmate, overpriced drinks would recommend 0 out of 10 if I could give it the score, I have have been to some dives in my live but this is the bottom of the Mariana Trench NEVER COME HERE
Madison Winters: Don’t even waste your time
Ben Henry: Worst club in Sydney, would give 0 stars if I could. Promoted the life out of Shaquille O’Neal DJing at the club and he played for less than 30 minutes, meanwhile the place was definitely over capacity and operating in what would be considered very unsafe territory from a fire health & safety perspective - would have been a disaster in the event of an emergency because nobody could even move. $90 to get in to see someone play for 25 minutes? What a joke.
Matt Dinham: We had a VIP table which guarantees express entry yet we still had to wait in the long line. Aswell as this we paid $2500 for 3 bottles what an absolute rip off and terrible service. Our friends who were over 18 who had every necessary form of ID were not allowed in for absolutely no reason. Overall 0/10 experience would not recommend. This club should be ashamed of themselves
Jalee Chen: Seccies were on a power trip, won’t be coming back
joyce vanderstukken: Very bad experience. The people were so rude and we had to pay 100€ to get in. If you expect European standards never go there.
victor cares: Welcome to the club where the VIP area it’s bigger than the whole place, so be ready to be pushed and push everyone, first time there and not coming back for nothing in the world, and be ready to pay hight prices for drinks
John Le: One of Sydney’s iconic club venues. Enjoyed the latest outing - strict security equates to a very entertaining & safe evening.Part of the Star City casino - great option to rock on & have a punt on the tables.

4. ARQ Sydney - Darlinghurst

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ARQ Sydney
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Address: 16 Flinders St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 PM

Business type: Event venue

ARQ Sydney: what do users think?
Fred Peterson: Arq is the best night club I've been in. Best music ever. Excellent customer service.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Divesh Prasad: You feel like a penguin trying to find your group of friends in an overcrowded place. Music not my taste.
Cathy Coco: ARQ SYDNEY is the best club in Sydney. It is the place to be. The music 🎵 makes you want to dance all night. The staff are amazing and so welcoming especially Robbie the most pleasant and welcoming person I have ever met, he makes me smile every time I am there. You won’t be disappointed. LOVE IT 👏👏
Ouwais Menzel: Arq is the most iconic nightclub in Sydney, greeted by professional and welcoming security crew at the front with the best customer service to fabulous bar crew what’s not to love about the best nightclub in Sydney.
Kris Chan: This place is nice! Lasers everywhere!! Good crowd, all the staff I met were very friendly, bar was quick.
David Redhill: Saw the security making out with a girl.. I get it .. but it's just inappropriate
Ko Ko: Don't bother, waited nearly two hours. Half of that was when i was at the front of the line, because they were only allowing ticketed people in. The ticket line was small but because people kept adding to it, it was never ending. Manager was also rude about it. $55 entry for longer waits for drinks because of only 2 bar staff and it was so overcrowded that you couldnt move
Chittesh: You need to reduce the bass. It’s very off. Coming from a sound engineer. It’s too disproportionate. Unpleasant. AND might I add.
Sahil Singh: Average nightclub, they didn’t have very good music though which was a shame.
E Lee: Used be the best and now it’s worst in town. The grand opening was horrifying.No sound system upgrade. Rude staffs (still). Unnecessarily long queue.
ANDRIES BENEKE: Security guards useless and rude. Worst in Sydney. Serious authority issues.
Rezi Mazi: Unnecessarily slow-moving queue at the door. Queue everywhere! Harsh bouncers also, such a turn-off
mgn jwl: The seco Robbie is the coolest kindest guy ever. Thank you
Sarah Goldberg: ARQ all shiny and refreshed but still has the same energy and atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back.
J M: The best gay nightclub in Sydney in my opinion. Always used to have a great time out with mates smashing back pineapple malibus on a Friday night. Great times and hope to see it back some time soon!
Raj: Great place to party
cristián varas: The drags Queen are so lazy that for 6 months they do the same show. I haven’t seen something around the world. Please change that. People is sick to see every weekend the same show.
Nathan Stewart: This venue really needs to invest some money in a referb, the ceiling is collapsing in places, floor is disgusting and decor is dated. What was once THE place to be has been neglected. It is clear management are not reinvesting money back into this venue. Sad, so much potential. :(
Cliff Enticott: Hey guys, if you want to exclude patrons because they are one member of a group of mostly biological women, you might want to rethink how you handle entry ✌
Bruno Vieira: Good place
soroush aram: Very bad experience with the security guy which was very rude.

5. Club 77 - Darlinghurst

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Club 77
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Address: 77 William St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Business type: Night club

Club 77: what do users think?
S B: What is wrong with Sydney's night club culture? Went there last night after going for food with friends at keg and brew and the bouncer singled me out, and said I'd had too much to drink, even though I was on antibiotics and wasn't drinking that night. Ridiculous. Think they need to employ some better security staff.
Ivan Greguric: Service: 5/1|Atmosphere: 5/1More
sophie louise: Good music. However my friend shut his eyes and rested his head on my friends shoulder because… he’s human… and seccy kicked him out because he’s “too sleepy”. Really unprofessional and petty.Food: 5/1|Service: 5/2|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Dmitriy Kosnikov: Great placeFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Sal M: If you are with a group of blokes you will be refused entry. Also if you are ethic they refuse you entry…security are a bunch of tossers
willow p: I was sneezing around the corner - and the manager legit asked me to leave the area, and said I was rude person cause I told him I didn’t attend his venue and am sneezing around the corner on a side road.I have never thought a venue could ask a person who didn’t attend their venue to leave the vicinity they have no prescient over.But according to the short little aggressive ginger fella If I’m an awful person… this club thinks they have the right asks people to leave an area near the club when they didn’t attend. I have now been approached by two security guards aggressively since writing this, when sat alone waiting for an Uber. If this club wants to hire aggressive people for those who are quietly waiting for an Uber then I’ll make sure to shout as I leave that this club hires aggressive men who think they can ask a member of the public to leave an area they have no jurisdiction over
Human Lone: Beware ⚠️.Bald security guard and a young security guy basically denied entry to all brown and some asian people by saying it is an inclusive event others were going in without any question.People of colour are not allowed.We have travelled all the way from penrith to this low life club in heavy rain.Management should apologize and compensate for this bad behaviour.After observing for few minutes and talking to other venues nearby we got to know that the security guards and management is basically racist.Don't bother to stay inline if you are brown definitely not worth it.It is a small club with big attitude.Take your money to other establishment. There loss not ours.Poor customer service shame on you club77 change your name to club racist 24/7.
Galiv San: Dear Management,I would like to express my disappointment with the experience I had at 77. My wife and I had signed up on the guest list and were looking forward to a great night of house techno music. However, we were refused entry due to racial bias by the bald doorman at the entrance.We have been regular customers of 77 and have never faced any issues before. It was disheartening to be discriminated against and refused entry despite being sober and well-behaved. We noticed that all the brown people in the queue were denied entry as well, which is unacceptable.As a customer, I believe it is important to raise concerns regarding such incidents. It is especially disappointing coming from a reputed place like 77. I hope management takes necessary measures to ensure such incidents do not happen again in the future.
Ava Eleni: Did not let us in because of my apparently “intoxicated” partner who had 2 drinks at dinner. Bald security guard let in a bunch of drunk Scandinavian women but not me and my husband, and the others behind us who were not intoxicated. As a regular I am appalled. Embarrassing mafia style management,
James Melbourne: love this place usually, but as of recent haven’t even been able to get in when dead sober, disappointing, usually love this place.
Charlie Faddoul: Owner is racist, was kicked out and banned for life on the 24/04/2023 for no reason. Clearly the owner need to be investigated. By far the WORST night club in Sydney.
Morgs: The drinks are typically priced but the bartenders always underpour. There's also less variety here than other places.The venue itself is quite cramped and bathrooms are maintained. Only one tap worked and only one stall had toilet paper.The bouncers always find excuses to kick you out. A friend of mine was told he was on drugs because his pupils were dilated. Everyone's pupils were dilated there because it's that dark.The music was alright but that's not saying much when most clubs play the same thing
Jessica Elizabeth: Wouldn’t let the one sober person in the party back in after having a smoke.Bathroom was dirty, one of the doors wouldn’t lock and the toilet paper wasn’t even out in the holder was just on the floor sharing between two of the stalls.
Sam S: Lost its way
Sarah Bari: Awful owner/ manager.
Aparna Sundararajan: Loved the set played by DJ Deepa!
Ignacio Abbad: Not a place to go. The bouncer is extremely rude with zero social skills.My two friends and I were coming from a peaceful dinner next door at The Strand and we wanted to have a drink. It was 10pm. He directly insulted our appearance saying that we look intoxicated. It was very rude and totally ignorant. He is a specialist in loosing clients.Not recommend the place that receives clients with that useless attitude.
Abdul Karim: If you're looking for a unique night out that's filled with music, energy, and a whole lot of character, Club 77 is the place to be. It's a hidden gem in Darlinghurst that's not to be missed, and once you've experienced its one-of-a-kind atmosphere, its best night club you'll want to keep coming back for more. Long live rock 'n' roll, and long live Club 77!
Abdul Aziz Abbasi: One of the best night club
Usman Smeda: Best night club
Waqas Khan: Beautiful and really good experience

6. MVP Nightclub - Sydney

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60 reviews
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MVP Nightclub
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Address: The ArtHouse Hotel, 275 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Telephone: +61 447 784 797

Business type: Event venue

MVP Nightclub: what do users think?
Joel Ward: A good spot if you are in the area. Low key but great to meet and catch up with people. Obviously not a sports bar and that's okFood: 5/3|Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/3 …More
Tania Chelina: A little tired and needs investment. Overall not bad experience and value for money.
Anubhav Rayamajhi: Great bar for cheeky after work pint. Nice decor.Food: 5/4|Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/4 …More
Diana Redgwell: The nibbles we had was awesome and very tasty for our workplace outing 😁Food: 5/4|Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/3 …More
Belinda Chow: I love the ambiance and decore throughout the Art House Hotel, the live music is great too. We went on a Friday night after work for drinks and dinner. We all enjoyed the range of cocktails. However unfortunately ordering is via scanning barcode etc, I really hate this, my order was taken twice and I ended up with 2 of the same drink, not happy about that. We then went upstairs to Artasian for dinner, wait staff were non existent, meals came without serving spoons (we were sharing). We are all from the hospitality industry and had chefs amongst us. The Masaman curry was way too sweet and so were the other curries we ordered, the san choy bow, lettuce was cut poorly completely unable to wrap anything with this and the chicken was very bland and tasteless with no sauce, no mushrooms it was extremely disappointing. On the brighter side the pork belly was soft and delicious, the dumplings were ok. I would go back to the Rabbit bar but wouldn't dine at Artisian again, maybe they should have kept the Italian restaurant there instead.
Saurabh U: Amazing food, good vibe, awesome service.
Rajesh Pillai: Lovely place to hangout and have a chilled beer. Live music is another feather in their cap. If you wish to have some privacy, that’s also possible. Love to come back again.
Heather Taylor: Great vibe. Visited twice during our short stay in Sydney. Loved happy hour, too!!
Vibhav Nawathe: Excellent vibe, great food and service. Missing on the dessert menu, hoping to have dessert when we visit the next
J M: Such a beautiful venue, service is basic and quick with QR codes but you have to walk through the smoking section to get to the bathroom. Wouldn't recommend, won't go again.
Maria Elena Said: Muy lindo decorado.
Susan Tran: $18 lunch special in such a pretty setting with tentative complaints from me and we will be back with more work colleagues. Great work lunch venue...spacious and not too loud so talking aka building relationships works here
Mark Kong: Nice cozy bar for after work drinks
David Ivanovski: Ordered the chicken schnitzel - worst schnitzel I’ve had in years. Came out partly cold, piece was tiny, approx 2 opal cards. Salad was dressed in an awfully tasting dressing, it was inedible. Chefs need to taste their own food. Chips had an odd taste, maybe it was old oil and were straight out of a frozen bag of chips. Gravy was so watery, could’ve passed it by as water with brown food colouring.Beers and drinks were decent though.
Scott Young: great spot, I wish I had more time to check out the artwork upstairs, maybe next visit
Richard Rodrigues: Stopped here for lunch. Great vibe. Great service
Amanda Franks: Food was beautiful and service was fantastic. Gorgeous location and atmosphere. We loved it!
Ben Longhurst: Come and have your senses assaulted by the stench of stale beer, the acoustics of a garbage can and disgusting sticky floors
Benjamin Ko: Standard pub meals at standard pub prices. The crew were friendly and the selection on tap was good.
Scott Edwards: Good food and good range of drinks. Usually not too busy for lunch and has table ordering/service which is very convenient. Service is usually pretty good, but could definitely be improved to make it a great spot
Expe: Nice place to hang out with friends! I can give a 10 stars to the staff who took our photos. She is kind and friendly! 😎

7. Red Room Sydney - Sydney

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22 reviews
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Red Room Sydney
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Address: King St Wharf, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Business type: Night club

Red Room Sydney: what do users think?
Ivy Buddee: Nice little rnb club.
D Howarth: Awful, unless you have a certain look, skinny.
ラムネはい: 安全
Eliz Yazar: Great Music, Great Vibe
SHAYNAL PATEL: Absolutely terrible service from a male bartender. If I could give it a minus I would. I purchased 2 beers from this establishment and was refused service here on a Saturday evening around 12:30am and was given a glass of water by a young Caucasian barman barely in his late teens or early twenties. It took 30min to be served at the bar and it was really quiet for a Saturday evening. people were served before me after I stood there at the bar for over 30 min with my cousin . I asked to speak with the manager to express my complaint but I was asked to leave after 20 min. The service by the manager or owner was shocking negative and he was arrogant in his demeanour. Our group of 5 had received excellent service from the only barwoman that worked there earlier in the evening. I've never been asked to leave from any venue in my life. I have been brought up with values and know what is right and wrong I have 24 years in years experience in retail and hospitality management and have owned 5 businesses in hospitality and retail .
Analie Soca: Great vibe and crowd
Tama Elliott: Trash
Chinedu Umeh: Great night out, plays hip-hop and RnB on a Saturday night

8. Arthur Murray Dance Studios - Sydney

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14 reviews
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Arthur Murray Dance Studios
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Address: Entrance Wynyard Lane, 317 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9299 5000

Business type: Dance hall

Arthur Murray Dance Studios: what do users think?
Ariana Abroe: I have been a student at Arthur murray sydney for 3 years. Originally I came in to learn a few moves to feel more comfortable and confident on the dance floor, but ended up finding a new hobby and passion for dancing!The studio has a warm and friendly atmosphere and the staff have a wealth of experience are always so much fun to be around.It has helped me develop a better posture and I was even able to participate in a dance competition which was so much fun! I have also made a bunch of new friends there and definitely found my “tribe”If you’re thinking about giving ballroom and Latin dancing a try, definitely give Arthur Murray sydney a go. You won’t be disappointed!
Jing Chen: Absolutely disappointed of the service I received. Reason why I give 1 star: 1, inconsistent quality of teaching. After Danced there for 4 years, witnessed many good teachers left the studio, realised that my last teacher who stayed there was just a recently trained amateur. He had been teaching me wrong things/steps and was unable to identity some significant posture issues than can be easily corrected. I found out it from an occasional class with the manager.2, No client-centric attitude. Before I left the studio, I had a quarrel with my teacher for unable to perform some of the stretches he instructed me to do cuz I was physically stressed by work at that time. Then instead of adjusting the movements to cater my condition, the teacher had a go one me, started accusing me of being disrespectful and ungrateful for his work. Then, he started boasting how easily he would do those movements and questioning if I was using my work as excuses to not perform those stretches. I was shocked by his “all over himself” egoist attitude and had a mental breakdown. Apparently no one at the studio that time knew or trained to knew how to handle this situation. So, when I finally struggled to get up the couch, I left the studio hearing a “sorry” accompanied with “but Im not feeling respected”.3, Poor management. After the incident I emailed the studio asking for a break from my classes and a word with the manager, trying to solve this matter, but I received an email of class booking with the manager, along with the manager’s promise to discuss the matter after class. However, i was benched for 10mins after my class because the manager immediately started the next class. Without a notice of waiting time, I realised that the studio didn’t understand the severity of this matter and didn’t really care about my well-being or losing me as a client. They have also ignored my request to contact via email, and kept calling me via my phone, it imposed lots of distress on me knowing that those calls might came from the teacher. And I was right, because they did send the teacher to call me, trying to fix the problem while it was totally inappropriate to do that. In the whole process, I didn’t receive any managerial attention that I requested (and they promised) except for the class I paid for. So I left the studio with 4-5 classes unused for the sake of my health.4. Cash-cow scenario. Just to echo with a comment below, the reason why I didn’t take classes with the manager even though he was a better dancer/teacher, was because I can feel how his attitude/facial expression changes whenever I refused to sign up a show case(spend more money). Additionally, how he tries to minimise the body contact while the body contact was unavoidable in ballroom dancing.5, if you wandering why there are still some good reviews here, think about whether you’re rich, capable and fluent in English that enables you to constantly hold your boundary and push back?One last word, I do not wish the studio to contact me in any way cuz I’m not going to delete my review, or change my opinion, because my feelings are legit.
Ann Tempest: Fabulous studio great instructorsWe have a great time at our socials lots of fun dancing and socializing with friends I have met through the studioWould highly recommend Arthur Murray Sydney 💃💃💃
Tersh Bunsee: Fantastic teachers, professional, creative & personable. Very friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend private lessons & group classes for all levels.
Ping Yan: I have been there for a month and going to start a new program later. I have private classes with Shane and he is so energetic, professional and helpful. Highly recommended.
Natalie Parengkuan: We chose to go with Arthur Murray to learn our wedding dance routine and it was one of the best decisions we made in the lead up to the day. Liberty choreographed such a fun and unique dance for us, and Matt and Shane both helped up polish our performance too. Coming here every week in the lead up became a regular little date night for us. I would definitely recommend this team for any couples wanting a great wedding dance.
Anna L: Matt, Alfredo, Shane and the team taught us our wedding dance routine over 5 classes, in the week and a half leading up to our wedding date. They were so dedicated to making sure we were ‘dance-ready’, Matt even stayed with us a tad longer to help us see through our routine until we felt comfortable. We’re so grateful for their guidance, moral support, and particularly their patience and enthusiasm. Thanks again!! We will continue to do our little dance routine wherever we can!!
Thomas Haemmerle: My wife and I have been learning to dance with Arthur Murray Sydney for a year now and we're so happy we found them! The level of professionalism and experience of the teachers is exceptional and the whole team creates a supportive atmosphere filled with joyful energy which we makes us happy every time we walk through the door. A fantastic experience all around, plus learning to dance is the best thing any couple can do together!
Eunice Li: It is an amazing experience dancing in here! Teachers are skillful, experienced, nice and patient. And I am so lucky to have Simon as my teacher who patiently teaches and leads me from knowing nothing about ballroom or latin dance to be able to do differnt kinds of social dance! To go to dance in private or group class after work is one of the happiest thing for me now!
Hala Zreiqat: I started dancing for the first time in my life when I decided to join Arthur Murray CBD in January 2016. Stepping into the doors of this studio has certainly been a life changing experience to me and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am in the studio almost every night (time permits), either taking private classes, group classes or merely watching the excellent teachers and students dancing. All of the instructors are highly skilled and talented and most importantly passionate about dancing. I feel very privileged to start my dancing journey with the highly talented Dean whose patience and perseverance cemented my passion and love for dancing. Learning to dance can be very challenging, the instructors at Arthur Murray CBD focus on teaching students to use correct dance technique. The studio’s policy encourages you to have exchange private classes with different teachers, while at the beginning the thought of changing teachers did not appeal to me, later I realised how important this is. I now dance with Simon, Martin and Amanda, all outstanding instructors and I love every minute of my classes with each and every one of them. The experience has certainly enriched me with new aspect of dance styles, and most importantly gave me the flexibility to dance with a different dance partners. What really impressed me with this studio is that last minute cancellation of classes never incur any cancellation fees. Every time I call to cancel my private classes, Chris and Kate are always happy to reschedule at a time that suits me. They care about their students, if you call in sick your instructor always calls to ensure you are OK, a very nice gesture. I love this place with its beautiful people and friendly instructors. I hope to be able to stay with Arthur Murray CBD for many years to come, certainly the place to be if you are keen to learn dancing. Thanks to Arthur Murray’s friendly gorgeous staff, I am now in love with dancing.
Eleanor Gough: I was simply looking to learn swing dancing; so that I could finally get up on the dance floor.Within a couple of lessons at Arthur Murray Sydney I knew I'd found a Lifelong Passion!! Where I was introduced to the whirlwind of Ballroom & Latin Dancing.Almost 4 years later I can without a doubt say that Arthur Murray Sydney is a Wonderful dance studio.All one on one lessons are tailored specifically to your, the students, needs & wants.The dance instructors are ever so patient, caring, motivating, dedicated & passionate.Through the free group classes and social dance parties I have made many beautiful friends. The studio is definitely my home away from home.
Anita Quinn: Arthur Murray is a very inclusive and welcoming dance family for people of all dance levels and backgrounds. I’ve been dancing here for almost two years and it is a pleasure to see fellow students become friends and find confidence in themselves through dancing.
Yan Chen: I love this place where teaches me loving life! Everyone is assigned to a skillful teacher with customised plan. 2 years time in the studio and learning with my best teacher Simon is truly one of best things in my life. Looking forward to more adventures with the studio, teachers and dance friends.
Gregory Curry: Great teachers, fun events. A great place to learn to dance!
Nicky G: Walking into AM studio was the best thing I've ever done for myself, it's been a truely magical experience thanks to all the lovely staff there
Thuy-Vi Truong: Please do not go there. It's very expensive and the teachers are not interested in actually teaching you to become a better dancer. All you are to them are cash cows. Our teacher wouldn't even call us by name but instead kept calling us "Mr" and "Mrs" which was so impersonal. We went there with the goal to learn a dance for our wedding, but instead of that they just wanted to put us on monthlong programs and lock us into a contract where we would only learn the basics instead of a choreography.They put a lot of pressure on us to sign and nearly had a panic attack when we said we wanted some time to think about it.We very much regret going there in the first place. Trust the reviews on here and save yourself some money. There are better dance studios out there.
Brad Wainer: Biggest rip off. Do not go here.

9. Crossover Dance Studios - Sydney

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48 reviews
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Crossover Dance Studios
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Address: 1/22-26 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:30 PM

Telephone: +61 433 375 555

Business type: Dance school

Crossover Dance Studios: what do users think?
Witney Jiménez: Have been going to this school for about four years now. Great for K-pop and hip hop. Now they also offer kids classes. Totally recommended.
Michellee Gracee: Update: April 2023.For all those giving bad reviews and pretty much bagging out the receptionist. I think you need to be a bit more kind with your words. Some of them are new or still learning on the job. There are so many students, classes and teachers. They get calls, messages and admin. They are a small business running with alot going on.Just relax and be cool - it's a dance studio.My review for crossover.100% the best place to go for hip hop. Real hip hop!!! Many different styles and classes. I highly recommend
L T: I've been to a few Crossover classes and most recently Keanu's Sunday popping class. He's exceptional! Great dancer, but more importantly he knew how to teach. I like how he ran thru the basics since we are an absolute beginner class. Myself for one never danced popping before and was quite clueless when I entered the classroom. Keanu's also very friendly and I encourage people to ask questions on the spot in class so everyone can learn, especially if you're in beginners. Some areas of improvement I can suggest: please revamp your booking system, it's hideous and not user friendly at all. Second point is that there are too many people in the classroom, I could barely stretch. A bit more space would be appreciated.
PB Falcon: Classes have been good. And the teachers I've had so far have been friendly and nice to learn from. The only issue I have is the attitude and lack of professionalism of the receptionist. The lady at the front desk (I think her name is Mina) was not able to answer any of my questions and was too busy talking to her friend (another girl at the front desk who was also rather rude) to answer my questions when my friend wanted to join class. She couldn't even make eye contact or muster a greeting and treated us like we were taking up her time. I saw her treat several customers (students, but paying people) in a similar way--more than once. Felt like I was in highschool. No one wants to be a Karen or enjoys writing these reviews, but sometimes rudeness goes both ways. And it is unnecessary to be rude. Even though it's a front desk job, some professionalism doesn't hurt. You don't have to be friendly but some basic manners, respect and attentiveness shouldn't be difficult. Unless she's incapable of doing that? This behavior is not only unprofessional but also reflects poorly on the dance studio as a whole. It is important that management understand that customer service is an essential aspect of running a successful enterprise. I hope that the management takes steps to address this issue and ensures that such behavior does not occur again in the future. Other than that, I have enjoyed the classes and didn't want to voice this issue for a while because the teachers I've had have been wonderful.
Max Pollard: THE BEST DANCE STUDIO IN SYD. This studio has the best teachers, classes and community. If you are even thinking of taking and dance class come here
Redcomet: Great fun,amazing teachers and people
Ben McFly: I have been involved in dance throughout my life and been to various dance studios but always felt like I was missing something. When I started coming to Crossover Dance Studio around 2 years ago, I finally found what I was looking for.There are so many unique styles that are taught here by really talented and supportive teachers. The community of people that attend this studio are also really friendly and encouraging. I have made a lot of good friends here who have helped me to grow as a performer.The studio also hosts a number of awesome dance events throughout the year when possible, which makes the experience even more fulfilling.I am so grateful to Jaye, my dance teachers and this community for the experiences I have had so far and hope to continue to learn at this studio for years to come.
D L: Jordan was great, love his energy and vibe and the choreography was so much fun! BUT the receptionist haf utterly spoiled the entire experience for me by walking IN FRONT of me BACK AND FORTH while I was taking video and she was not just distracting but also inconsiderate!!!! I am very upset by this experience!
Tomasz Mikolajewski: Excellent popping classes!
Juniper Tan youtube: Thank you to the teachers especially Robin, Lok, Keanu, and Isy2years ago: Mixed experience. There seems to be a self-perpetuating cycle of showcases where the tickets are mainly sold to other dancers so those in the showcases aren't really getting exposure. Sometimes it seems that the owner plays poor by asking for donations while after showcases it is said that he goes on overseas trips for himself. Please decide for yourself what you think of that.There are amazing teachers and students and jammers who I've learnt so much from! Although when I was going through anxiety and it didn't seem like I was keeping up with the teaching another teacher outside looking in said something along the lines of "I'm glad I don't have to teach het". But the teacher who was teaching me actually talked to me about my issues outside of class!!I've actually recommended xo to some friends who want to dance 🤗 and I love how they teach k-pop!
Sarinee Mayong: I am interested in dancing and know the place from my friend.I really new about dancing, and not feel confident . But just found in here have the absolutely beginner hiphop class. I went there for asking more information but the receptionist didn't provide any helpful information . I actually look up online before I go to the studio. What I got from the receptionist ,it just something like 'yeah you can do everything online' .But my experience with my friend who bring me to use the room there and can see the environment was so nice.Will try to find the information by myself and get back again if I can.
Melody Tang: It was a good experience with Penny on Thursday’s contemporary. Good vibes. The experience would be better if there’s more air flow inside the room and a cleaner dance floor.
Aaron M: Awesome team, great environment, each week gets better and better! Highlight of my week 🙂👍
Aaron McIver: Great place to learn very welcoming, friendly and very skilled. Highly recommend to anybody! Give it a go!
Downworlder Lilith: This place is amazing when trying to get into dance or back into it. Coming back into a dance atmosphere after so long can be difficult and this place made it easy. Pleasant atmosphere if you want to go alone or with a few friends. Only problem can be trying to get in touch with your choreographer/teacher if you don't have their direct number or a contact platform of some sort if you wish to take it up as much as possible and could miss a class and might need to catch up. All in all amazing place & has kept me coming back trying different dance styles/classes.
Vanessa N: Came here for my private dance classes for my wedding and these guys did not disappoint. From start to finish Jaye, Imogen and Shannen were so welcoming and accomodating to what both myself and my husband wanted to do. They made us feel so comfortable too. As we did a slow dance remixed into a faster hip hop/rnb song we did a mixture of slow dance classes then hip hop/urban classes. They were so patient with us and Jaye even remixed our songs! If you need wedding dance classes, I'd definitely recommend Crossover 😊Thank you Jaye, Imogen & Shannen!!
DJ Dumplings: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThanks for supporting DJs like me and creatives too. Because XO has a very wholesome community, you'll end up making great friends, memories and challenge yourself to be better version of you.
zhen zeng: Nice studio. However the receptionist didn't even know when an instructor start teaching a new dance. It is not great to jump into a random class where everyone was in their fourth week for a particular dance.
Clive E: Awesome staffGreat studio , nice vibe.
Grace: Lyrical classes on point
Fiona White: Great music, comfortable atmosphere and fun hip hop class. Will definitely check it out again.

10. Connection Studios Sydney - Surry Hills

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25 reviews
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Connection Studios Sydney
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Address: Level 1/103 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +61 416 052 742

Business type: Dance hall

11. Retro - Sydney

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130 reviews
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Address: 81 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9262 5491

Business type: Night club

12. ivy precinct - Sydney

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3146 reviews
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ivy precinct
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Address: 330 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Open until 2:30 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9240 3000

Business type: Event venue

13. CareToDance Balmain - Social Dance Classes & Lessons - Rozelle

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151 reviews
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Address: Level 1/134 Victoria Rd, Rozelle NSW 2039, Australia

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 8065 5838

Business type: Dance hall

14. Dance Central - Surry Hills

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26 reviews
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Address: 638 Elizabeth St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9319 2268

Business type: Dance hall

15. Rock Lily - Pyrmont

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374 reviews
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Rock Lily
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Address: The Star Sydney, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9777 9000

Business type: Bar

16. Tokyo Sing Song - Newtown

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34 reviews
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Tokyo Sing Song
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Address: 145 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9519 1222

Business type: Event venue

17. William Maslin Dance Studios - Social and Wedding Dance Lessons, Zumba & Latin Dance Classes Sydney - Sydney

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32 reviews
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William Maslin Dance Studios - Social and Wedding Dance Lessons, Zumba & Latin Dance Classes Sydney
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Address: 8 Spring St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9241 3959

Business type: Dance school

18. Twin Pecks All Male Revue Sydney - Sydney

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60 reviews
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Twin Pecks All Male Revue Sydney
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Address: 2A Bligh St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Telephone: +61 466 973 257

Business type: Cabaret club

19. Tropical Soul Dance Studio - Stanmore

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72 reviews
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Tropical Soul Dance Studio
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Address: 205-207 Parramatta Rd, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia

Schedule: Closing soon: 9:30 PM

Telephone: +61 422 875 555

Business type: Dance hall

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