Best Discotheques 16 Years Sydney Near Me

1. ARQ Sydney - Darlinghurst

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ARQ Sydney
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Address: 16 Flinders St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 PM

Business type: Gay night club

ARQ Sydney: what do users think?
Fred Peterson: Arq is the best night club I've been in. Best music ever. Excellent customer service.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Divesh Prasad: You feel like a penguin trying to find your group of friends in an overcrowded place. Music not my taste.
Cathy Coco: ARQ SYDNEY is the best club in Sydney. It is the place to be. The music 🎵 makes you want to dance all night. The staff are amazing and so welcoming especially Robbie the most pleasant and welcoming person I have ever met, he makes me smile every time I am there. You won’t be disappointed. LOVE IT 👏👏
Ouwais Menzel: Arq is the most iconic nightclub in Sydney, greeted by professional and welcoming security crew at the front with the best customer service to fabulous bar crew what’s not to love about the best nightclub in Sydney.
Kris Chan: This place is nice! Lasers everywhere!! Good crowd, all the staff I met were very friendly, bar was quick.
David Redhill: Saw the security making out with a girl.. I get it .. but it's just inappropriate
Ko Ko: Don't bother, waited nearly two hours. Half of that was when i was at the front of the line, because they were only allowing ticketed people in. The ticket line was small but because people kept adding to it, it was never ending. Manager was also rude about it. $55 entry for longer waits for drinks because of only 2 bar staff and it was so overcrowded that you couldnt move
Chittesh: You need to reduce the bass. It’s very off. Coming from a sound engineer. It’s too disproportionate. Unpleasant. AND might I add.
Sahil Singh: Average nightclub, they didn’t have very good music though which was a shame.
E Lee: Used be the best and now it’s worst in town. The grand opening was horrifying.No sound system upgrade. Rude staffs (still). Unnecessarily long queue.
ANDRIES BENEKE: Security guards useless and rude. Worst in Sydney. Serious authority issues.
Rezi Mazi: Unnecessarily slow-moving queue at the door. Queue everywhere! Harsh bouncers also, such a turn-off
mgn jwl: The seco Robbie is the coolest kindest guy ever. Thank you
Sarah Goldberg: ARQ all shiny and refreshed but still has the same energy and atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back.
J M: The best gay nightclub in Sydney in my opinion. Always used to have a great time out with mates smashing back pineapple malibus on a Friday night. Great times and hope to see it back some time soon!
Raj: Great place to party
cristián varas: The drags Queen are so lazy that for 6 months they do the same show. I haven’t seen something around the world. Please change that. People is sick to see every weekend the same show.
Nathan Stewart: This venue really needs to invest some money in a referb, the ceiling is collapsing in places, floor is disgusting and decor is dated. What was once THE place to be has been neglected. It is clear management are not reinvesting money back into this venue. Sad, so much potential. :(
Cliff Enticott: Hey guys, if you want to exclude patrons because they are one member of a group of mostly biological women, you might want to rethink how you handle entry ✌
Bruno Vieira: Good place
soroush aram: Very bad experience with the security guy which was very rude.

2. Retro - Sydney

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Address: 81 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9262 5491

Business type: Night club

3. Marquee Sydney, The Star - Pyrmont

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324 reviews
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Marquee Sydney, The Star
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Address: Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Schedule: Open until 11:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9657 7737

Business type: Night club

4. Home The Venue - Sydney

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Home The Venue
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Address: 101/1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9266 0600

Business type: Live music venue

Home The Venue: what do users think?
LongVodka: To be fair, I’ve only been here…more than a handful for times but never had a bad issue/time….I only rated four out of five (4/5) stars as it’s been far too crowded but as I’m lead to believe that’s the promotors prouder issuing far too many tickets for the venue to hold.However, I’ve always found the place to be clean (yes, even the bathrooms), security have been pleasant and mindful whilst doing their job in keeping all patrons safe. Drink prices WILL be a tad be more expensive BUT the venue IS located in darling harbour AND is a main source of revenue (especially when there’s an event) so what’s the big deal?! Don’t like the prices? Then don’t order the drinks…it’s the EXACT same in ANY venue (ie - cinema).The staff…never had an issue, in fact so helpful when pointing out the location of the bar, coatroom, toilets BUT they went above and beyond when I lost my ID at the Boulet Brothers event. I emailed and messaged the venue, both responded in a timely manner and on the same day.I was happily reunited with said missing property when I stopped by the venue. Both security and bar staff were friendly and attentive whilst listening and one staff member even checked the area that described AND the lost property box/area/hand in which either a patron or staff member found and handed in my ID.I was probably waiting at the bar, five minutes (maybe even less) to which I was in no rush and certainly didn’t not expect my ID to have been found or even handed in.Keep up the great work folks and I am humbly grateful that a staff member took the time, in order to assist me.
leslie Mark: Fun place to be
Jessica Feyder: Music was awesome but top level room filled with the thickest smoke. If you had asthma you would die within 2 hours.
monique: very good atmosphere my favourite club by far!! can never get sick of it
Corie-Joy Ewins: No where else to be on a Saturday night!The staff, the atmosphere, the music, everything is 10/10Only place I recommend to anyone !
Jess Hayes: Always fun and a great place to dance. Love how the music is 2000s and 2010s with some current hits. Love going here when I go clubbing in the city
Shiney Peez: Banging music, lights and dancers! There til close and lived every minute!
Jeremy Boualorn: i love it is sooo good bring all my friends here and THE DRINKS ARE CHEAP!!!
Jakeb Rayner: Best club to go to in Sydney!!!!!!!
Katie Richmond: Worst experience ever. The Legends drag night was massively oversold. People were actually fainting. Massive health and safety issue. And the toilets were soooooo grossly unsanitary
Ernie Shepherd: Is an ok venue . Definitely needs some maintenance inside. The balcony for the shows is poorly designed.
Louise Johnson: Paid over $100 to see live music at this venue and couldn't see a thing. They oversell tickets to make the most money possible and don't care that fire exits are blocked which puts everyone in danger. The top section was crammed with ppl which meant you could barely walk and coulnt see the stage. Half the audiance had no view of the stage at all and left. Not worth attending any events here.
john Johnson: Paid $200 for VIP ticket to Legendary Legends drag show and could not see anything, very disappointing. Not even any video screen to view from VIP area. Home is not a venue to host VIP viewing parties! I want a REFUND along with 500 other dissatisfied customers.
Kristi Knight: The venue was so overcrowded. I've never been packed in so tight at a venue. I paid extra for a balcony view but unless you were front row on the balcony, you couldn't see anything. You couldn't get to the bar at all.I was very disappointed.
Daniel Jebulan: Rude security guard telling me on the Weeknd night that I was in the wrong queue when lining up to enter. There were people in front of me but he accused me of pushing in. He stated that I was actually in the exit queue but there was no signage so how was I supposed to know.Additionally, the whole pathway to enter was packed full of people so if that was indeed an exit queue, that would be a massive WHS concern because if there was an emergency no one would have been able to leave in such a tight space.Please train your security guards as well as put up clear signage in queues in order to prevent confusion as well ensure the safety of your patrons.If I could give 0 stars, I would.
Jacquelyn Harrington: Paid 20 dollars per ticket for an event in the rooftop Cockle Bay Wharf entrance which took an hour to even get into due to overzealous security procedures. Security guard made up false stories and said we pushed in the line when there were clearly two lines separated by a queue rope and people were in the line in front and behind us. They then proceeded to go through my phone without permission and check for vaccination status and my debit card because apparently one form of ID is not sufficient? Absolutely ruined my night with the vulgar language and left after 20 minutes. Will not be returning!
Christine Yeh: Good venue for a live show event
Lilly: It's like you are listening to 96.9 or 104.1. Its white radio music repeated and remixed. If you are into that it's cool but if you aren't then I do not recommend.
Zurika Bleeker: Really exciting venue, great music, and impressive performances, it's a vibe. I liked that there were two dj setups with different styles.
Reya Alex: Not enough space inside the venue, party was very congested , will not recommend this for party
Madeline Mathews: Vibe was great, security decent

5. The Carter Sydney - Sydney

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724 reviews
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The Carter Sydney
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Address: GROUND/16 O'Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 5:00 PM

Telephone: +61 2 9231 1640

Business type: Bar

The Carter Sydney: what do users think?
Karina Karina: I walked in 10 mins ago to find a family member and still had to pay $25.20 after not finding him I walked out and the refused to refund me.And then the female manager stated she had no idea.Regardless of the fact I walked in to search not party or dance and such can be found on the camera as so,and the manager refused to give his name stating his name was Henry and then later Bob, smirked and walked away. While security thought the situation was one to play about calling the manager different random names.Anyways others seem to like the venue.
Ianthe Hewitt: Amazing music, amazing vibes. will be back
Georgia: Played amazing songs!! DJ was sick and would def come back again
Jacqueline Kard: Amazing service would definitely come back again
Annie: Always a vibe here!
Dave Eri: It was all about the music which was great!
Jessica Chan: Great place to have fun with your friends
Julie Cai: Wouldn’t go to any other place. Don’t bother, just come here
Sophia Lim: Best club for RNB music! Great vibes
Sandy Duong: Awesome service, best club I have ever been to! Highly recommend for a night out!
Jasmin Mitchell: Love the Carter! Best music and vibe
Donna Edwards: Music sounds good from outside
Brooke Falchi: Great music!
Tara Milojevic: This place is amazing. Good music, good drinks. decent price
Johnny Ho: Great venue with a great bar. Awesome atmosphere
Juan Gaggion: Disgusting how the guards in the entrance discriminate against people. 2023 and still this happening? Worst experience ever
Vidushan Vijayakumar: Booked a work function there last Friday and am very disappointed. Their online reservation system does not work. While trying to book, I made phone calls on several days to try and confirm my reservation with the owner, Chady, and did not receive email confirmation despite multiple requests from me.I eventually received emails from their reservation manager, Amy, who promised to send me the menu so that I can pre-order food - but did not receive this despite multiple attempts at follow up from myself. I then find out in the day of arrival that they no longer do most of the advertised online menu (This has still not been updated, I checked prior to making this review).The only saving grace was the manager, Jared, and his bar staff who were extremely apologetic of my experience, and offered to try and get my group into another restaurant after all the futile hassle I had gone to. I do not recommend this venue for anyone looking for food or trying to arrange group functions
Jeralyn Ignacio: Very nice music. Loved it. 10/10 would definitely go again.
Issac Martin: Amazing new burger range. $14 fried chicken Sando was one of the best (and best value) Ive had in years! +$3 side of fries and GL getting a better combo in the CBD for less than a twenty
Akiko Koide: Packed full of people's.. DJ doesn't know how to mix music.. no comments 😕
Olivia Chatham (livvymakeup_): absolutely obsessed with this place!!

6. Chinese Laundry - Sydney

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270 reviews
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Chinese Laundry
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Address: 111 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Temporarily closed

Telephone: +61 2 8295 9999

Business type: Night club

7. The Cliff Dive - Darlinghurst

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376 reviews
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The Cliff Dive
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Address: Basement, 16/18 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 PM

Business type: Bar

The Cliff Dive: what do users think?
theo lala: This place has changed - you don't go in without a girl and get kicked out after being pushed by one - there's clearly a desire for a filter that didn't exist before.
Morgan Barka: They going out because à security guy discriminate me. A girl push me and he going out me because I am a man. He say I going out the girl but she stay inside it’s not normal. Hi arrived here for 2 month I never saw it all my all whole life.Service: 5/2|Atmosphere: 5/1 …More
you’d wish jellyfish !: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Joshua LostCoconut: Good place for drinks & to dance atService: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Alex Nourani: Lovely atmosphere, a place for youth, and vibrant music.
sam ansah: Been going for more than 4 years and it has never failed to disappoint from the overly aggressive security staff to the rude management
Jennifer M: RnB 90s & 00s was the best!! Definitely coming back here!!!
Taylah Cook Baker: How is “Sydney’s #1 rnb & hip hop club” going to be Polynesian themed, post videos and do #afrobeats and be owned by white people. SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️
Nick Hancock: The Djs April 24th 1.42AM couldn’t mix a bourbon and coke. Absolutely atrocious. Get your life’s together. Turns out DJs at 1.56 are worse. Who knew?
Amber Gordon: Have been going to cliff dive for years my favourite place to e. However new management is ridiculous & racists. Have never felt more discriminatory. Had not even had a single drink however let in my two more visible white drunk friends in before me.
Rupal Gurung: Good vibes, good music, good people, great bartenders. Been coming here for 5 weekends straight & never got disappointed. On the other note, am i eligible for a free drink? Haha
Joshua Kenny: It is very important
Anna Jordanov: Great club but the dj with the half dyed hair. Top black and bottom blonde. She needs to go her set was awful everyone was complaining and she was rude too and she spat on me.
Dharma Martinez: I’ve been in about two times already and had a great experience. This time one of the bouncers was being mean to me and my friend, felt totally racially profiled and targeted for being a foreigner. It is not a coincidence all brown people from the line are getting kicked out and told to come back another day. My white friends never had an issue going in, so disappointed. I’m never going back, it’s such a bummer this place is known by foreigners in Sydney for playing our music but many of us are not let in.
Ayana: The bouncer immediately noticed that I was in a toxic relationship and took care of me. She was the sweetest sweetheart, and just for that the club deserves a 10/10. Thank you for protecting me.
Charles Aisi: Great and friendly stuff
Subash Naidu: Bad music, bad drinks, not worth it for a bar with $20 entry fee.
Prajwal Poudel: Great club. Good misic.I would recommend a good air cooling system to help the party gooers to stay on feet rather than getting f ed by the crazy sydney summer.Great vibes. Wouldn’t recommend the signature drink but everything apart from that is great place and great venue for the weekend.
Johnny Ho: Came here to start our journey with the love of my life!
Jespriya Chand: Staff are nice however line is soooo long

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