Best English Lessons For Companies Sydney Near Me

1. English Language Company (ELC) - Sydney

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English Language Company (ELC)
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Address: 495 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9267 5688

Business type: English language school

2. Kaplan International Languages - Sydney - Sydney

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Kaplan International Languages - Sydney
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Address: 98-104 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 8268 4900

Business type: English language school

Kaplan International Languages - Sydney: what do users think?
amit azulay: Is this place deserted
Pete Sabiene: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
Manuel da Rocha: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
ABDULLAH: Worst homestay experience. Since the first week I have complained about the host attitude and they still ignore my request to change the family. The family host were not friendly at all.
Yasmine Ben: Je recommande absolument Kaplan, car l'ambiance est très chaleureuse. De plus les enseignants sont très sympathiques et professionnels, montrent qu’ils sont passionnés par leur métier et sont à l’écoute des élèves.Les autres étudiants sont vraiment sociable et je suis même restée en contacte avec certain d’entre eux.
Raquel Silveira: I had the best experience at Kaplan. Benji is way far the best English teacher I’ve ever met. Classes with him have been so worthwhile! He has an amazing way of teaching. Also, his lessons were engaging, useful, and he was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging us to be better. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning English as he is a high skilled professional.In addition I would like to say thank you toBelinda and Isabel for all the support they have provided and their enthusiasm ! Belinda is lively and I will never forget her laugh and smile. Just loved having meet her as it was always a good way to arrive at Kaplan school.
Mana Kouda: とてもよかったです。留学生として1週間のオンラインプログラムを受けました。渡航経験なし、英語力も普通でしたので、最初の一歩として応募しました。先生方も生徒さん達も優しく、親切で、自分の思っていることが上手く伝えられない時も何とかなりました。自分の課題を発見できたし、異文化の方々とのコミュニケーションの楽しさを実感して、最終日にはもっと授業を受けていたいと思いました。
田中: 全ての会話が英語で進むことに不安を感じ、実際に完全に理解できた会話は多くなかったと思います。しかし、自分の少ない語彙力でもいろんな国籍の人とコミュニケーションを取ることができてワクワクしました。また、オンラインでの授業だったので留学よりは気軽に参加できました。
Rina Itou (りーさん): アジアや南米などの様々な国から学生がオンライン留学に参加していたので、色々な国の英語の訛りを知ることが出来ました。今や英語は国際的な言語なので、訛りを知ることは重要と考えています。また、先生方が、学習に関する相談に親身にのってくれたので、これからの学習においても教えを忘れずに励みたいと思います。留学を検討する方に、アドバイスがあります。文法の間違いなどを恐れずに発言しないと、話についていけないので、日本での授業より積極的に、恐れずに発言すると良いと思います。私も最初は間違いを恐れて上手く話せませんでしたが、先生に「間違いは周りの人が直してくれるから大丈夫」と教わり、頑張って発言したところ、会話が弾みました。そうすると、とても楽しいですよ。Last but not least, thank you so much for all KAPLAN's staffs and all my classmates!
Sandra Chiappe: I had a great experience, i definitely recommend to study at Kaplan International Languages.
S Miyuki: テキストの内容が面白く、読む・聞く・話す・書く の4技能がバランスよく身につく内容です。オンライン留学で受講しましたが、実際の授業と変わらずいい授業をうけることができました。
Leonardo Mello: Positive:Quality
Kijin Park: I studied here for almost 10 months and my English has definitely improved. All the teachers are friendly and the quality of the class is excellent. If I have a chance to learn more English later, I want to learn it here : )
João Pontaltti: Positive:Professionalism,Quality
c. altunova: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThey have by far the best English teacher, Benji. I had a great time. Thanks for all your contributions!
Hono ka: 私はシドニー校のオンライン授業を2か月受けました。先生はとてもやさしくわかりやすく面白く英語を教えてくださいました。授業やクラブを通して英語の基礎を鍛え、目標とするテストのスコアをとることができました。また、様々な国の人と英語で話すことで、それぞれの文化を学んだり、英語で話すことに対して抵抗がなくなっていったりしました。本当におすすめです。

3. Sydney Language Solutions - Sydney

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243 reviews
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Sydney Language Solutions
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Address: 302/363-365 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9283 9892

Business type: Training centre

Sydney Language Solutions: what do users think?
Liam Stritt: Very happy student! Vivi and Julia have been tremendous teachers and I’ve been very grateful to have them as part of my language learning experience.
Jordan Math: I recently did their Beginner's Japanese 1 course here, where I had Toshiko as my teacher. The course requires no prior knowledge of Japanese, and is mostly written in romaji aside from a few excerpts in hiragana. The teacher is really nice, engages the class and frequently answered any question I had about the content and even more advanced questions. She even went over kanji, hiragana and katakana examples of words and sentences, due to the prior knowledge that some of the students had in the class. She does however go on a few tangents that can really detract from the lesson, but aside from that she's good.My main issue is the management here. Initially when I wanted to do the course earlier in the year. I asked an online operator to put me in the intensive course, since at the time I was concerned I wouldn't be able to do it in the long run. The operator "Jenny" put me in the mainstream Japanese course, which I didn't want to do. When prompted why the operator put me in there, the operator was really rude to me, when she misread my message. Another instance of bad management was when I was a getting a refund for the course I didn't want to do. Their refund policy states that it takes 10-14 working days for them to refund. I didn't get my refund until the very last day, in which I had to complain to them. The refund process was done almost immediately after I sent my complaint to them. Another bad instance was when I wanted to ask an operator if hiragana, katakana or kanji was taught. When asking an operator on the phone which type of Japanese they teach in this course, they were unable to answer the question . So I had to join a trial class just for the teacher to answer the question. While I was also there, there were technical issues that occurred where the teacher couldn't show any videos on the tv or print out any handouts at the office. Also in the textbook they give out, there are a few spelling mistakes with the romaji on some of the pages that haven't been changed since 2010.I may consider coming back here in the future, but while these issues still stand I don't see myself coming back anytime soon.
Eve Nguyen: Dr. Na Pham is extremely helpful in her instruction in my CCL Vietnamese class at Sydney Language Solutions. She is willing to go the extra miles to ensure her students are confident and fluent in CCL translation, which helps me pass CCL in my first attempt after 4 months studying. I also highly regard her enthusiasm and eagerness in engaging with her students - offering us mock test practices and multiple classes if needed. We exchange informative conversations during class time as well that makes it real fun too - highly recommend!
Vuongmy Trinh: I signed up for the weekend PTE course but got upgraded to 1-on1 due to the weekend course not having enough student. Ms. Hien, the teacher, was very friendly and helpful. I got 90/90 so I'm happy with the result!
Gian Lao: i would rate 0 stars if possiblehorribly organised and managed. changed my classes day of without proper noticei waited with 2 other students for the teacher to show up 30mins later than expectedfigured out mid lesson they changed the details without confirming with students the change.i asked just yesterday AGAIN when will classes begin and told it would be day of says it will be 6.30they dont even provide the teachers working resources as my tutor struggled to even write on their whiteboard w inkless markersDONT HAVE FAITH they will provide a good teaching experiencei want a FULL REFUND from these time and money wasters
Jade Luu: Enthusiastic and helpful teacher. Suitable for those who want a flexible class schedule. Should choose the unlimited package since it may take more time than you expected to pass the ccl test.
Jomel Portag: I had no idea what to study or how to prepare myself for the NAATI exam, because not a lot of the people I knew have taken it. I was glad to have made that decision to enroll in a class with Sir Rafael, at first I was nervous and anxious but after a while he was able to guide me through each lesson which helped me calm down. Sir Rafael's approach gave me the confidence and focus to keep moving forward, even if I was making mistakes. With his passion for teaching I was able to get a score of 77.5/90, a mark I would not have made without his guidance. Thank you Sir Rafael and Thank you Sydney Language Solutions.
Vân Thuý Đồng: Ms Na Pham is the most delicated tutor I have ever been with, guiding me from the very basic things to advanced translating skills. I cant believe I pass the CCL test in the first attempt. Thank you Sydney language solution team.
maja coles: Terrible correspondence. I was really eager to join a language course but after 4 weeks of chasing up emails and calling, I still have not been able to get the basic information on the course I was asking for.
Ann: Ms Hien has been a huge help on my 79+ PTE journey. Her guidance and support has assisted me to achieve my target. She offered many good tips along with constructive feedbacks to do better. Thank you again, Ms Hien!
Angelo: Highly recommended school. Teachers are awesome and ready to help each students on their difficulties. I took the test and successfully achieved my score, thanks to the precious advices. Definitely the school has been a good investment!!!
Karen Ah Choon: I strongly recommend Sydney Language Solutions. My husband tried the PTE test 3 times by himself but to no avail. With the help of the tutor Miss Phuong Hien from Sydney Language Solutions, he has been able to get the desired score points. He succeeded in his exams with all her tips and recommendations. She is a professional and a fabulous teacher. In addition, Y Le, from the Admin has done her upmost to help me organize everything. She is very keen and versatile.
Olivia Vu: I passed CCL at first attempt all thank to the dedication of Dr. Na Pham. She's extremely thorough in her teaching methods and pays upmost attention to her students' strengths and weaknesses in order to help them improve. Sh
Sara: From a teacher perspective I would not recommend this school. The internal communication is very poor and some personnel get very passive aggressive at times!When I handed in my resignation (timely matter), because I had to move out of the country, the Na Pham started accusing me for things that I did not do and got extremely hostile! I already had a hard time leaving Australia, so it was very unpleasant to have her acting out aggressively on me at the same time.Besides the craziness, my students were absolutely amazing and I loved teaching them. We build strong relationships as they grew and achieve their personal goals - very rewarding. Of course, I have references and emails to proof my statement, if ever needed :)
Margareta Alicia Hadisaputra: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueMs viviverawati is an excellent teacher. Her classes are very helpful and easy to understand. i managed to get the desired score and passed indonesian naati ccl in my first try.
Eddie Lim: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueAgreed on other reviews. Na Pham, the Director of Sydney Language Solutions = unprofessional & rude.
Ahmed Mutarreb: Good school for studying languages.I have done my CCL NAATI preparation with them, and i passed, it was worth.
Kheista Leonie: I found Sydney Language Solutions when I was looking for a CCL course, and I truly recommend them. Went from not knowing anything about the exam to passing it with satisfying result on first attempt. Big thanks to SLS team and especially Ms. Vivi Verawati who guided us throughout the course with her knowledge and experiences.
Felix Husen: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,ValueReally good lesson, professional instructors and great service. Thank you for helping me to pass my naati ccl exam. I learned a lot during the course which really helped me prepared and passed my exam.
Nguyễn Chi: I have learnt a lot during my time preparing for the CCL test. Thank you Dr Na Pham for her constructive feedback, and for being a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and supportive teacher.
Victor Hong: This business is amazing. I took a CCL Vietnamese course (Part 1 and 2) with Dr. Na Pham. I have to say Dr. Na Pham is one of the best teachers I have had in my life. How did I know this? It was because she was willing to sacrifice her time with her family (her son) on Saturday night to teach students so that they could pass. If this did not show her dedication to her students and their CCL success, I do not know what will. I recommend buying the "Enrol until you pass" package for the CCL Vietnamese Course. Also, don't be like me in the early stages of the course where I just messed around and studied here and there. I passed after I started to take the test seriously, and studied rigorously every-week with Services Australia and recordings, and I believe you will too.

4. International House Sydney City - Sydney

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71 reviews
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International House Sydney City
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Address: Level 1/203 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9279 0733

Business type: English language school

International House Sydney City: what do users think?
A: 1ヶ月通いましたが、良い学校でした!🙆‍♀️
Ashley Ko: Racist school. Really terrible experience of studying there. Plenty of schools are out there so do not choose this one! A lot of us regretted studying there and asked for the refund.
Yolanda Lopez: Muy eficiente la atención
Burcu Sayar: I signed up to go to school in Galway and made my full payment. but the school bankrupt and they declared it too late. the school promised to refund it and 6/7 months later it still hasn't made refunded. Can we trust INTERNATIONAL HOUSE WORLD ?If you're going to sign up, think again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Afonso Kimura: It has been a great experience studying at IH, with well-prepared teachers and adequate structure. Thus, I am managing to improve my level of English and at the same time I am able to make friends with people from other cultures.
Daniel Amat: It's being very good!!! I'm having a class with a super dedicated and super didactic teacher... I learn much more easily...Está sendo muito bom!!! Estou tendo aula com uma professora super dedicada e com uma super didática... eu aprendo com muito mais facilidade
Diogo Silveira: They are constantly changing teachers.
Laila Cristina: bad service, I'm missing a week of class because they don't give me access to do the orientation, I have the risk of canceling my COE and the person in charge is on vacation, nobody answers the phone and they don't call me to ask if I'm going to participate in the course, I definitely don't recommend
Hüseyin Kapurtu: Very good school ✌️😎
eark ph: This School has a great quality. Since I came to Australia for studying English language I’ve met many good friends and professional teachers at IH school.
Kunnida 014: My teacher is so goodHe always takes care of students
Dimi: New virtual reality room
Henrique Matos: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueI studied at International House and it was so far the worse experience in all my academic life. For this institution the only thing that matters is our money. I really don’t recommend this school! Sydney has so many better options for you!
라이프온 [ON JENNY]: 십수년전 함께 웃으며 즐겁게 공부했던 클래스 메이트들.. 지금은 다들 어떻게 지내고 있는지 너무 궁금하지만 그때의 즐거운 기억들도 모두 다 추억속으로 묻어야겠지요..좋은 선생님들 좋은 언니 오빠들 다 너무 소중한 시간이었어요.. 너무 좋았던 곳이었습니다.Classmates who laughed and studied together for decades... I'm so curious how everyone is doing now, but I have to bury all the fun memories of that time into my memories.Good teachers, good sisters, and all of them were so precious. It was a great place.
Belinda Anderson: Positive:Communication
Henrique Reis: Very baaaaaaaad
Matan Elul: Excellent CELTA Course.Nina and Dave are great teachers. Highly recommend this place if you're looking to become an ESL teacher. The resources they give you are very helpful. I've been using them for the private lessons I teach and I can't imagine doing those without what I've learned there.
Santiago Parra Suarez: Really bad institution! They just care about how many people they can put in a room. Bad teachers. Overall I had a really bad experience.
Daisy Daisy klom: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueVery good

5. OHC English Sydney - Sydney

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110 reviews
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OHC English Sydney
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Address: level 1/91 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9299 1400

Business type: English language school

OHC English Sydney: what do users think?
Mishell Vera: This school is a joke. They don't even have their students in different classes according to their english level. I ended the course at an advanced level and because they didn't have the teacher or the space to start a new class, they issued the certificate as Intermediate.The teachers show little to no concern about their students, put videos on class or talk about other subjects , but not actual interest in teaching the language.They only have classes in the morning, wich makes it practically imposible to get hired anywhere to work, and when we as students wanted to start having classes at night , they didnt support us.
Maria Cecilia Deitos Giongo: It's not good. I think that isn't a good school. In the begin I have problems and anybody try to help me.Few students and the teachers are not good. One teacher is so rude. And the school isn't prepared for all students.Only for young people.Probably is few students and it's difficult to keep the school.
Kanwaljit Kaur: Very good experience
Coco Pumar Plus: Friendly teachers♥️♥️♥️
Camille Boyer: These seem to be fake reviews. This school is bad with bad quality teachers.
Sultan Alomiri: The best teacher is “ COCO ” in OHC if you are not in COCO class don’t come to this school really 👍🏻
Arisasiri Chomkrod: Great experience with this school and really nice people and teacher.
Pedro Wanner: The experience was amazing! Not only I could improve my English a lot but I also could make new friends from all over the world.
Som Bhai: I found sounds good on teaching methodology of this institution
周于翔: OHC Sydney is a great place to learn English. All the teachers and staffs are really kind and willing to help you. You can learn a lot from different nationalities students here. I have a great time to be here. Thanks OHC Sydney.
Andres Vargas: I had a amazing experience there, the teachers are wonderful. they always teach you something new. you can met people from other countries and all days you can do anything different.if I have the opportunity I will came back because I felt like at home.
김관훈: This is perfect place for your English study👍
上野善貴: This place is very good and not many Japanese
後藤理沙(Ri-chan): It was a lot of fun at a homey school. I think people who want to speak English are good because there are few Japanese people
arif burak elçi: There is no Minus 5 Point for this school so 1 star... Everything is too bad. Firstly I wanna start receptionist girl THAIS. She never helps to student just sitting chair and argue with you for everything. And Tom he is a manager. He always smile but everyone knows that that’s a tehee. he has one more face behind ,shammer. The other teachers also so bad they don’t know how to teach but not all except 1 or 2. They really should change staffs.
イシハラモエ: My teacher and my friend were very kind and enjoyable.
Amrit Lubana: Best institute i have ever been in my life no. 1 very cooperative staff thais, tom, adnil,jackie nd everyone there 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Gabriel Ribeiro: I would like to share the great experience I met the best staff member Thais, always helped me. And the best teacher Tom, I’m very grateful for this school , for my classmates (the best ) , for all teachers and everyone! Location is really good, 5 minutes from town hall station.
Madhu Amanankur: I saw a one thing on the door of office room ‘ Brave Teacher’s Room ‘. Really they diserve that because they understand to every student what they speak.. I m really happy to study here.
Misa Baba: Teachers are very funny. Also, the access from the station was good.
鈴木千尋: Hi, my name is Chihiro, I’m from Japan, I studied at OHC Sydney during 17 weeks, and the teacher and staff were very helpful and kind with me, I met my classmates, and friends here. It was a great experience.

6. Master English Australia IELTS PREPARATION CLASS - Haymarket

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46 reviews
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Master English Australia IELTS PREPARATION CLASS
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Address: suite 101/8 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 416 628 888

Business type: English language school

Master English Australia IELTS PREPARATION CLASS: what do users think?
Konstantin Klyuchko: Maher is an incredible teacher. He is very patient and friendly and for me he is the best in teaching how to get the best score in IELTS exam. I'm 100% recommend him if you wish to achieve a good score in a short period of time or you need some more practice.
Lorenzo Ottazzi: Best teacher ever
valeria pantoja gómez: Maher, thank you so much for all the training with you. I learnt a lot during our lessons and I honestly believe you are the best teacher I have ever had. I highly recommend Master English Australia to anyone who wants to prepare for the test. The IELTS trainer Maher is great because of his support and encouragement. I studied English and IELTS in Sydney with many different teachers, but Maher was the most caring one, and he provided personalised teaching, up-to-date study material, additional resources and practice exams. Give him a call and achieve your target score.
Bruno Manea: Last year I looked for a teacher who could help me with IELTS, I was happy when I met Maher, his study methods and charisma, logos helped me a lot to explore my focus and determination in English, very creative and unwilling teacher help students in the classroom and outside.I just have to thank him for helping me and he's always on my side.ObrigadoMaher 🙏
DANIEL OLIVEIRA: Maher is a very good teacher, attentive, patient, dedicated and witha very in-depth knowledge of ielts test.Thank you for teaching me and doing a great job.
Diogo BZ: In just a few very focused online classes with Maher, we tailored my English foundations which made me achieve not only the marks that I needed but also have an overall score higher than what I was expecting. Excellent teacher 👍🏼
Burcu Katicelik: Maher is the reason I was able to achieve my goals in IELTS. Without him, I would not have been able to get where I have gotten in my studies. His support and encouragement made me love studying and helped me grow an immense amount of confidence. Although it was not easy, he motivated me to get through this journey.
Henrique Silveira de Freitas Medeiros: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueThat was one of my best choice for life. I improved lot more than I expected and scored what needed in a short period of time:
jaqueline saga: I needed to get CLB9 (L8 R7 W7 S7) in the general IELTS and after having classes with Maher and taking his advices I was able to get a higher score than I expected!My score was L8.5 R9.0 W7.0 S8.0 Overall 8.0Thanks so much Maher for all your help!
Mario M: Very good teacher! With a few classes I could achieve my needed score on IELTS! Good materials, awesome communication skills and support all students giving confidence to face any kind of question too. Extremely happy! 👏🏾 6.5 overall score:7 - listening7 - reading6.5 - speaking6 - writing
Akari Kawai: I was struggling preparing for IELTS exam on my own, so I was so lucky to find this class and met Maher!He told me exactly what is my strength and weakness and what I should do to improve my English skill.He is the best teacher I’ve ever met!! (Also the best counselor!! haha)I really appreciate with your great support Maher!!
Alan Batista: Excellent methods to master IELTS. I highly recommend the classes. I scored 8 9 7 7 with Maher support (L R S W).
Paola Zevallos: Maher has been an incredible tutor. He genuinely cares about his students and he will always give the best advice possible for his students to achieve their goals. I got an overall score of 8 in my ielts test!
Mindaugas: Very experienced teacher. I took mock test which was really helpful. Test material and evaluation was excellent, especially writing and speaking. I strongly recommend.
Tulio Marcel: Target score 6.0 for PR achieved!Maher is a very good teacher, the classes are incredibly helpful.
Jarred Muthu: I took my writing and reading class with Maher. He is as very good teacher and extremely good person. Great moral support for all students.
Renato Junior: Amazing experience, Maher is the best!
Primo Cote: Within less than a week to get ready for the exam, Maher fully committed himself to help me achieve what I needed. 👌🏽 It wasn't only about the tips and techniques but also having someone to give me the confidence needed prior the exam. Oce again, thanks heaps! Overall score 7 💥
Manauara Noda: I highly recommend Maher as an IELTS tutor.I was struggling to achieve the score I needed, so I joined Maher’s writing classes and took a few of his mock tests. It helped me to learn how to manage my time properly during the test, which made a huge difference during the real test.This week I got my results back and I have finally achieved 7 in writing, 7.5 in speaking and 8.5 in listening and reading.

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