Best Ice Skating Rinks In Sydney Near Me

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1. Macquarie Ice Rink - Macquarie Park

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Macquarie Ice Rink
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Address: Corner of Herring Road and, Waterloo Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9888 1100

Business type: Ice skating rink

Macquarie Ice Rink: what do users think?
L: Good experience and not too crowded. Shame this shopping centre has such AWFUL parking overall! Must have drove multi storey laps for 30 mins, ugh.
No way myself: One of my favorite places to visit during Sydney Winter (even though they are open all year)
Artemis Fowl: Amazing experience and great rink
Namay: Friendly staff and exciting activities coupled with low prices make it a great place to visit!
Yebin Lee: Nice place for kids to have fun
Shivanthan Balendra: Spacious skating rink conveniently located in Macquarie Center. Cost $25 per kid with skate hire. Skates are quite dated and badly needs a replacement. My kids complain of feet getting bruised wearing them. Better bring your own skate and save money on the entry fee. Overall a nice experience for kids and time pass.
naur: W staff they played twice while we were there
David Milligan: Ice skating again after 10plus years of not doing it was fun and if you fall over the staff are happy to help you up would recommend trying it for yourself
Guy Preston: Whilst I haven't skated here, the ice hockey events are a lot of fun and highly recommended. If you are unfamiliar, it's worth looking up a quick YouTube video on the rules first! Local teams are the ice dogs and the sydney bears. Full bar and merch stand inside the arena. Buses stop just outside the macquarie centre so easy to access from CBD
Matthew Aeschbacher: Great family fun
Dudo Dodo: We tried ice skating for the first time here. Interesting experience. Weekdays have cheap session which are best times to try, not much crowd and cheaper as well.
coco z: 总体还是可以的。唯一一点不好的就是冰上洞太多了,有时候水太多了。(对会滑的人影响不大可能)每次人都超级多的。还有就是厕所实在太恶心了 无法忍受那种。每次都要跑出去外面上厕所。卫生方面有待加强。
Richard Low: New rules for Friday night disco:No spinsNo jumpsNo backwards skatingNo fun
Chris St Clair: Super
Chicken Soup: Macquarie Ice Rink is a fantastic experience for all ages. When you arrive, you'll notice that purchasing tickets is straightforward. When you get your skates its not hard to get the wrong size and the skates are all in good condition. There are lockers available, but you can essentially leave your stuff anywhere and it should be fine. Overall, a wonderful experience that I definitely do again.
James Arthur: There are staff in the skating rink who looks after the skaters. They help a lot. Cheers to them. Love them all.
MemeBoi2: dl
Yuvaan Shah: Very fun
kevin cooke: My grandkids loved ice skating ⛸ there.
Zac Zhao: I'm booking a holiday course online, but when I fill in my details, there is no button to proceed down the page and I don't know how to book successfully
Nicole Sharkey: great place and lovely staff, Monica really helped me with my sons party, highly recommend

2. Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink - Canterbury

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Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink
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Address: 17A Phillips Ave, Canterbury NSW 2193, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:30 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9789 4044

Business type: Ice skating rink

Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink: what do users think?
goCore: Very nice facility, and soon to be even better!Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended Not sure …More
Jay Chen: Great place and great skating community. Congratulations for securing funding for urgent repairs. Can't wait to see the rink re-open.
Leo Samad: Fyi its closed cause the roof was having issues and it was unsafe to use, but i dont think it will be open for a while, since it needs over 4mil to repair the damages… rip ice rink
Ian Todd: I've been skating at the rink for years in the 70's to late 90's was a great place to be
Maha Ghali: Currently closed
Maxi Jay: Great rink, plenty of great times here, would be really unfortunate if it cannot reopen
Philip Wright: Great need more ice rinks
Shannon Bulmer: Could be more happier
Johan Palsson: Great ice skating rink, very busy on Saturday. Been there for a long time, bit of an institution. Great ice though.
Abood Alamoudi: I found it a good place to enjoy skating in Sydney. Prices are affordable and the rank is greatI also found that a lost of family with kids visiting this place which makes it more enjoyable and your kids can makes friends easily…I am positive to come back again soon and recommend it to my friends and colleagues
Yubin: Best ice rink in Sydney, love learning here.
cole bulluss: Great date with the misses would definitely recommend
Dolly Azevedo: First time there. I like the experience
Bek J: Great venue but staff are extremely rude and passive aggressive on the phone.
Delilah Yatim: The front staff are super rude and disrespectful. Awful customer service. I would never come back to this place again.
Amy Liu: Great fun for the kids during school holidays. They also do birthday packages. We did a silver package which was $35 per kid that included a 30mins ice skating lesson, pizza, juice box, hot chips and lolly bags also another 2.5 hours of ice skating. It was great fun. My daughter loved it!
bokSiri: Best coaches in Skate school, 100 times better than Macquarie ice rinkBut has very old toilets
khalid elyassa: Lots of fun for all, awesome place.
q q: 人还挺多。这里的薯条挺好吃
Yinghao Gu (Jason Gu): Better and bigger than I thought. Good place for me and my daughter playing together ~
Michael G: Good venue, ice wasn’t to crowded, not sure if this was by design or just not that busy the day we were there. Hot chips are some of best ;)

3. Ice Zoo Sydney - Mascot

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621 reviews
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Ice Zoo Sydney
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Address: 689 Gardeners Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9669 6445

Business type: Ice skating rink

Ice Zoo Sydney: what do users think?
Ant Lyon: Great rink, horrible rental skates, staff member looking after our birthday party was lovely
Kathleen F: The ice was wet, and slippery right from the start. I had to change the hires shoes as the insides were worn and sharp. I was on the ice for 2 mins and went and asked to cancel my session and get a refund- guess what? No refund and just a rude attitude instead! I can understand that that don’t want people trying to skate for 30 mins then changing their minds but 2 mins?! And a reasonable explanation that their ice was covered in water. I was really unhappy with the whole experience and disappointed in the total lack of understanding or care.
Jinal Bhatia: It was so much fun. It gets crowded eventually but it was still enjoyable. If you love to ice skate try the Saturday- Disco on ice.
Leigh Mason: This place is Sydney’s best kept secret. The staff are warm and friendly and there are so many classes for all ages. It even has an ice bar so you can have a drink after a skate as well as an huge selection from the cafe. They nail the vibe there - you’ll see what I mean. Couldn’t recommend this place enough. Oh and the skate shop is incredible. Check it out!
Jordan Harding: Good place to take the kids. But had to laugh when we had to pay $20 cake fee to bring our own birthday cake. No lights get turned off or anything.
Domenica Tindiglia: Excellent place friendly staff recommend
Nial AU: Fun and cold
Elizabeth Díaz: Bien está muy frío acá, pero muy bueno para divertirse y hacer ejercicio, me encantó.
Samuel Goldhar: I take my niece here regularly, we both really enjoy the place.
Alex Perry: A favourite of kids
Pre Wan: Myer is so kind, nice and beautiful 🤩 she has to be are favourite staff member“Myer is the best”“ we love you”
Mariusz Sliwinski: Terrible customer service, I was trying to contact party organiser for a week. Left a message with my phone number, submitted enquiry form, called multiple times. No luck.
Andre: Staff were really friendly and helpful and quick to get stuff done.
Jen Or: Double check the schedule for the general session. You can also hire penguins for the little kiddies who aren't as stable on their feet.
John Byrne: Ice hockey, potato scallops and beer. What more do you need? Looking forward to the rink size upgrade.
Wichien Chantayasakorn: Good place with free onsite parking service.
Qin nathan: eastern suburbs only one ice rink small but good enough for both player and professional users
Isabel Kenner: Great skate rink, friendly staff, easy timetableBut really, the reason I go is because they have some of the finest HOT CHIPS on planet Earth. I don't know what wizardry they're using to make them, but they are absolutely worth strapping metal blades to your boots & propelling your body across a frozen wasteland for an hour & a half to get. ⛸️🍟
daniella perez: Bathrooms need renovation, but atmosphere great, staff friendly
matt repa: Really amazing place
Henry Lee: Thank you for the Elaine that help ran Sam's birthday party, she is really good and looked after the kids well. We went to the 6pm disco night on SaturdayThe Bad:1. condition of the ice... (lots of watery patches, and some spots you skid over plastic! ) please have thicker ice and make it colder so the ice don't melt. a couple of kids fallen over and their cloth soaking wet. I don't know if it was bad ice day but the owner need to fix the ice ASAP!2. Food selection is pretty bad. really expensive nuggets and chips considering the low quality.3. need more staff (just 3 staff at the front counter at peak hour serving both customer and food is not enough)The Good:Location, lots of parking, lots of toilets and in good condition.They do hold beginner classes at a reasonable price so that's something I will look into.Will visit again once they get the ice fixed.

4. Liverpool Catholic Club - Prestons

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Liverpool Catholic Club
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Address: 424/458 Hoxton Park Rd, Prestons NSW 2170, Australia

Schedule: Open until 3:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8784 4878

Business type: Ice skating rink

Liverpool Catholic Club: what do users think?
Jan Eldridge: Coffee shop no staff . meal and coffee usually col nothing has changed still understaffed. Watched a waitress make sandwiches today. Disgusting. Why have an area that you cannot maintaine
Dil perera: Great place to visit with family. Food and the atmosphere is amazing.. we are going to this place at least once every two weeks..
Mark Clinghan: We were part of a family booking for our grand dauthers' birthday parties on Saturday night booked 5 months ago, numbers confirmed for 6pm. We arrived early, navigated the club's sign in & membership policy then waited and waited, nothing had been prepared for the booking. After 40 minutes and some intense negotiation we were directed the the atirum whilst staff scrabbled to set-up tables in the atirum. Hurried arrangements were made to enable us to order our dinners. Most dishes arrived about an hour later some longer and some not at all. Some were refunded the price of their meals, other just ate cold vegies. The floor staff tried to recover but realisitically they were flogging a dead horse. I have to give one star for the floor staff but as for management and event organisation 5 black stars. Not coming back and will be giving a firm thumbs down if ever asked what I think of Liverpool Catholic Club.
Cosimo: Great parking, good choice of food at a reasonable price,
Raj Achariya: One of the best Clubs in Liverpool. Staff are very friendly and has plenty parking spots. The venue is clean and has multiple dining and drinks areas. Has a coffee shop and pokies area as well. Great for parents with kids as there’s an inside children’s play area. Highly recommended.
Scott Tonkin: A must visit catholic club very well set out very spacious has a great kids playground indoors amongst everything u would expect from a venue
Ravneet Kler: Loved the place,facilities and people.
Marinos Portokallis: Very good
Zephyr Carter: If you like to eat at dirty tables and uncleared surrounding tables then this is the place for you.Never again for me.
prashan shanthosh: Best place to have fun with family and friends*Ice skatingThey are welcoming disabled people to get involved in the adventures too.
Ben Steedman: The food was good and delicious plus the kids loved the play area
Rhys: Good and bad with the LCC.We go there mainly for ice skating in the sports complex. Decent quality ice rink, proper size and well maintained. Unfortunately the rental skates are typically horrible, and if you have anything other than a standard skinny foot, you end up with poorly fitting, foot squeezing, blister making skates.They often don't have anywhere near enough staff to cater for the amount of people, so everything is compromised. One person at the cash register, also dealing with rental skates and penguins. Then maybe one person on the ice trying to police 100 skaters randomly skating anywhere and everywhere. And the same people trying to take orders for food at the little kitchen and entertain kids at the birthday parties.The one person on the ice basically skates around in circles practising their own skating while ignoring any ridiculous stuff on the ice. Someone is going to get hurt because they can't even get people skating in a circle.In the club, there is a good children's play area, and a good choice of food on the menu. Standard club food and drinks, mostly well prepared. But, similar to the sports complex, they are understaffed and can't keep up with demand on a busy night. Food took well over an hour at the last visit, and the bored kids just kept congregating in the play area making it rather chaotic.A lot of potential. But needs to be better organised. The negatives take away from what could be a really good experience.
Sam Parrelli: I am a Long time member i have spoken to many many patrons they are constantly losing money on the poker machines ,have the mashine been tightened meaning more profit for the club, they talk about gambling help line what about club control line on mashine percent profit, how can we make the club accountable, yes we all gambling but is the club making uncountable profit. I can tell you there are so many questions un answered.
Boban Thomas: Great place for families
Joanne Quinlan: Meal was perfect as usual
Sunil Kumar V: Nice place, family friendly
Julie Ps: Loved it. Food was delicious and dessert was fresh.
Colette McCracken: Always a great place to attend reasonably pricey shows with a recently priced bottle of wine.The member's special roast of the day is always a huge hit.
Joaquim Sebastiao: Friendly and helpful staff.Facilities are very good and the food is good as well.
Roshni Rose: Enjoyed every bit n delicious food just live it
Rae Smith: Always a good time there.

5. Rollerskating Sydney - Kirribilli

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4 reviews
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Rollerskating Sydney
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Address: Shop 13, 3A/9B Broughton St, Kirribilli NSW 2061, Australia

Telephone: +61 411 872 022

Business type: Roller skating rink

Rollerskating Sydney what do users think?
Phillip G: Awesome experience. Great skating instructor who explains things clearly and consisely.Definitely got a lot more out of taking private lessons. Personalized attention helped improve my technique and now skating better as a result.Very patient and easy to work with. Thank you highly recommended!
Austral Expenses: Pretty good but only issue is its not very young child or child friendly. A lot of older teens present.
James OConnor: Over 20 years of teaching people how to skate in Sydney.
C O: Really easy to deal with. Looking forward to the lesson we have booked!!

6. The Winter Village - Parramatta - Parramatta

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8 reviews
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The Winter Village - Parramatta
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Address: 353D Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 8322 2003

Business type: Ice skating rink

The Winter Village - Parramatta: what do users think?
Ayla: great food, skating and cosy winter vibes with mates! staff is amazing too, super kind 💖💖
Chloe: Cosy vibes, nicest staff!
Ric Mitchell: Amazing atmosphere, great food and great service.
Diana Takacs Juhaszne: Skating was great, snowing was amazing, food was plenty and the Igloos are private and so cute. Thanks 👍😊

7. New South Wales Ice Skating Association - Sydney Olympic Park

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3 reviews
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New South Wales Ice Skating Association
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Address: Sports House, 8 Parkview Dr, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 8736 1224

Business type: Association or organization

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