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1. Dr Stephanie Hayes - Haematologist at SAN Sydney Adventist Hospital - Wahroonga

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Dr Stephanie Hayes - Haematologist at SAN Sydney Adventist Hospital
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Address: 187 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga NSW 2076, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Business type: Hematologist

Dr Stephanie Hayes - Haematologist at SAN Sydney Adventist Hospital: what do users think?
Jessica Anderson: Error. Wrong doctor
Common Wombat: Absolutely first rate. Was extremely pleasant and spoke to me as an intelligent human to another. Was very thorough in her questions and her examination and very educative in answering my questions. Her receptionist also very helpful and obliging

2. Dr Ian Bilmon - Wahroonga

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Address: Level 2 Clark Tower, San Integrated Cancer Centre, 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga NSW 2076, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9056 1100

Business type: Hematologist

3. Concord Cancer Centre - Concord West

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Concord Cancer Centre
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Address: Concord NSW 2139, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9767 5000

Business type: Cancer treatment center

Concord Cancer Centre: what do users think?
Debra Smith: Totally agree the staff are very caring professional the atmosphere is warm and encouraging. Thankyou for the wonderful work you all do.
Thuong Tran: The staffs are God sent.They are very vigilant, caring, kind, always smile and they always bring a smile on my face.

4. Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre - Westmead

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9 reviews
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Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre
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Address: 166-174 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead NSW 2145, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 8890 5200

Business type: Cancer treatment center

Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre: what do users think?
Rena Loucas: I can never express what Crown Princess Mary cancer centre means to me, words are never going to be enough.I have been attending for two years now.The nurses, doctors, surgeons, technicians and specialists are just the most caring bunch, collectively, I have ever come across in a hospital.They all deserve medals.Thank you to all staff 🙏 from the bottom of my heart ❤
Richard McBride: I have just recently completed my 6 chemotherapy + infusions [every 3 weeks]. I wish to thank every member of staff, doctors, nursing and ancillary personnel at the Princess Mary Clinic.I've just completed my 7th infusion [now 4 weekly intervals] of a Trial Drug in 'our' ongoing investigation of a theory to prolong life.How these [predominantly] ladies manage to maintain a smile is beyond me. The kindness shown together with their professional approach to every patient is remarkable.On the brighter side we're served morning tea/coffee, a picnic lunch [very nice] and afternoon tea/coffee while the staff regularly miss meal breaks and/or rest periods.
Pamela Cahill: Thank you Dr Turner, and all who took such good care of Stephen with such dignity and respect 🙏 during his cancer journey.Stephen has succumbed to another illness and passed away in Westmead Hospital.We are heartbroken at his passing, but he is free of pain and the hurt of this world.Heartfelt thanks from his family, to all concerned in his care.
TANIA Suapopo: My chemo treatment has now come to an end, I wanted to say a big thank you to the nurses in Day care room Thursday morning’s for your kindness and patience with me. Jessica sure took the time to find my veins. I will be forever grateful to the ladies who made it a lot easier! Thank you team!
N S: The specialist and staff at Clinic 1 & 2 are wonderful but can't say the same for the nurses at the Day Care Centre. Had 8 cycles of chemo so far, apart from the very first time that I was looked after by a more mature staff, the only time that was more pleasant, the rest of the 7 times were frustrating. There was not much respect shown to me as a person, my time doesn't seem to matter to anyone because I was made to wait for prolonged period of time, the nurses were unhelpful and grumpy and kept saying they were busy and ignored me. Look, I don't want to be there but unfortunately I had to, and I don't think there is any jobs these days which the staff is not busy. If you are not happy with your job, maybe you shouldn't be here. We as patients having the conditions is not having fun to start with, please don't make our lives more miserable. I have had treatments at St Vincent's and Macquarie Hospital previously, and the experience at Westmead is by far the worst.
Sweetsister: Most of the staff are great. Very helpful, thoughtful and considerate. It’s not their fault they don’t have much in the way of equipment. They don’t have vein finders so all infusion is in the back of your hand, with treatment makes your wrist ache. It’s cold today and they have no blankets.
Rakesh Hubert: The Princess Mary Cancer Centre is an absolute disgrace. Go there if you want to be treated like a number, no care, no compassion, no empathy, no love, no solutions, just make the problem worse, they simply don't care and tell lies. A cushy job for life, research there is a sick joke.
Mrs Hollis: (From W Hollis) I can't speak highly enough of Dr Turner and her team. I undertook a 30 visit radiation treatment for prostate cancer and Dr Turner and the staff were fantastic. They were very supportive and understanding. They obviously knew what they were doing - I had a zero PSA reading following the treatment and also just got my 6 month review result - zero again. I couldn't be happier. Thanks again everyone at the CPMCC.
Leigh Bentley: I've been treated by the specialist Sarcoma multidisciplinary team at Westmead, and I don't think you could hope to find better medical staff than are available here, and all covered by Medicare. Thank you Gough Whitlam!
Joe Barry: The staff, administrative and medical, are all fantastic and they looked after me wonderfully well.
Pattie Stanbridge: I was very impressed with the treatment I received, they where wonderful. they save my life.
Shaun Rogers: Great place great people lovely staff

5. Prince Of Wales Hospital - Randwick

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339 reviews
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Prince Of Wales Hospital
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Address: 320-346 Barker St, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +61 2 9382 2222

Business type: General hospital

Prince Of Wales Hospital: what do users think?
Hunter Wei: I came into the emergency department at 12:30am on Saturday 17 May as my partner had a deteriorating mental health condition. The triage nurse was extremely dismissive of her condition which exacerbated the situation as a result. Whilst I understand that engaging with an individual whose mental health has deteriorated can be challenging, I'm extremely disappointed in the handling of the situation. I observed that there was no empathy or a desire to understand the situation from the triage nurse. This is concerning given that the triage nurse was one the first points of contact for my partner and a hospital.Notwithstanding, I'm extremely thankful and appreciative of the Mental Health team at the hospital for their patience and understanding of my partners situation. You all turned a negative situation to a positive one and really took your time to assist my partner.
Frank shi: After explaining my situation to the nurse, she proceeded to take my blood for a blood test. However, the doctor later informed me that a blood test was unnecessary. While waiting for the doctor, I overheard the nurse discussing my situation and making derogatory remarks. Their voices were loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. Additionally, I had to wait for 2 hours in the emergency room. I am extremely dissatisfied with this experience and have no intention of returning.
Jarratt Hadid: Friendly and helpful healthcare workers.
Prods Lerix: A patient enters this private wasteland and is pushed beyond the limits of their illness before one of the hopeless nurses decide to intervene, as though trying to see how far they can possibly push a human to the point of near death, like some sort of Houdini stunt. And on the other hand, a visitor walks in here with genuine calmness and concern, yet is forced to leave wondering whether they need to commence anger management sessions due to the sheer frustration from the absolute careless, putrid, imprudent and foul behaviour displayed by the nurses and staff. They are more ailing than a patient’s ailment.
Lazarus L.: I mean its a hospital not a dance hall, there to visit a friend. Wards are kinda small in 2south feels a bit cramped.when visiting, Ample but expensive parking cost $28.30 for just under 1 hour.
Kathy Gregory: A friend was rushed to the hospital and they have private health insurance. The hospital staff pressured them to use their private health insurance to pay their hospital bills rather than Medicare. Plus, the hospital administrator said that the hospital would pay their excess. This is WRONG. When you go to a public hospital as a private patient there is no excess. What a rort!Don't use your private health insurance for public hospitals. That's why your premiums are going up. It's the Government's responsibility to fund hospitals from our taxes not to give our money to the Ukraine.
Rick Pertovtrick: Wouldn't let me leave staff put their hands on me when I tried to leave after not getting any correspondence and what corresponding there was, was lies or inaccurate.I came in disorientated from seizures and also I suffer partial damage from a brain operation.No compassion from those who're there to take care of people, instead had security try intimidate me, I had no way home i wasn't even allowed to use phones to contact my next of kin
Bridza De las: Terrible hospital
Jamie Bridge: Came to emergency with severe chest pain and after 5 hour wait had an X-ray done and they found nothing and was sent home .. travelled to GOSFORD hospital the next day had more X-rays done within 2 hours and found 2 broken ribs ..I live 500m from this hospital but from now on will travel the 56 km for medical attention ..
ALEX CARVAJAL VASQUEZ: Soy colombiano y ni el peor hospital de mi país se compara con la pésima atención que dan en este lugar . Parece el hospital público del país más pobre del mundo que decepción
Kalila Whelan: These people tore my life to shreds.I hope they die.
Robert Hartmann: This place is a disgrace. Daydeda and Roslyn are real bullies. They don't care about anything except to get their pay and celebrate.Disappointed, disgusted in this place .Chris Minns you got a lot of work to do here
Palden Singhe: Magical hospital! During your wait time all your injuries and illnesses will heal from waiting. Your focus will shift from health to getting tf out. Amazing what coming here can do for your health 10/10 recommend.
Grant: ER receptionist was good.Triage nurse OK.Been waiting 3 hours and still no doctor- no feeling in my right hand for 18hrs nowChris Minns you have a lot of work to do....Get more staff
Justin Doyle: Disgusting, waited 4 and a half hours to be seen from the doctor, kept being told they’re coming for the last two hours, so many people got put forward before me. I was so extremely sick in the lobby waiting, not sure what else to say. I ended up leaving after all that time.
Suzanne Ravenscroft: Inpatient for 5 days, staff very attentive and professional. From check-in to transfer out, all you would want/expect.
Stefan L: Triage nurse was alright.Understaffed, waiting time in ED is endless
Leah Moon: Went into day surgery and all the staff were amazing. Nurses, doctors, admin staff and porters. Felt so comfortable and they kept me in the loop with wait times and everything. Got a phone call the next day to check in on my recovery. So thankful for our healthcare system.
Sir Meow: I had a really safe, comfortable and warm experience. I've been to many hospitals over the years.. This had been my best visit to one. Great options for vegans. Nurses were caring and great at communication.
José Pablo Vásquez: Worst experience ever I have Been waiting for like 4 hours to get stitches in my eyelid nobody cares, it’s ridiculous and I already payed 320 dollars for this disgusting service make yourself a favour and go somewhere else
Amie Hunter: Doctors here are great nursing staff on night shift talk about panients to much to loud at night I was a painet there with admoial pains and had pain relief I would respect staff to talk in there own time not floor where I could hear them in emergency department

6. The University of Sydney - Camperdown

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1240 reviews
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The University of Sydney
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Address: Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9351 2222

Business type: University

The University of Sydney: what do users think?
عمر حسين: جيد
soli L: 永远的神
Tran Anh Hung: This is to define how university/ education should be!
Tra Mi: Our uni visit 2023-06-04
Puryanto: Alhamdulillah...Thank U
Norrish Emb: It is the best University
Gordon.T. Williams: A beautiful day for a bachelor's degree in business "Magical" Autumn's days, let's celebrate
Philipp Cordes: Absolutely loved this place and came here so so often watching the Uni sports, the beautiful architecture or just the amazing sunsets. Like its own small city and a stunning one at that
최승희: 해리포터학교처럼 사진찍으면 그림되는곳
Daphne Star: The grounds and buildings are absolutely gorgeous and free to public, good for wedding photos 😉
Bella Evans: this university is top10 beautiful university in the world after this visit
Linda L: Regrettable that students pursuing the law course has to do double degree and spend 5 yrs instead of 3 years.Much more money has to be paid to the U and for accomodation.As a result, some potential students have to give up the idea of studying in Australia and go UK instead.
JH Park: 다시 공부하고 싶다라는 미친 생각을 잠시 함. 시드니대학 후디 하나 사려다 매장을 못 찾음.
Faizal Erlangga Makawi: Its not a harry potter
orange card house: Nice
goodwell arron: 它是一条链接历史与当下,当下与未来的河流。生机勃勃 源远流长
Alyssa: Syd Uni! Visited this place as it is near the Chau Chak Museum. 😎Great for taking good photos.
Junsheng Li: 庄严,充满历史感。
Sơn Thái Hồng: Không gì có có thể diễn tả được sự hoành tráng của nó. Môi trường đào tạo quá tuyệt vời.
Evonna Hertz-Rodriguez: Beautiful campus and great teach staff
Jadey Limlee: The university's admin for prospective students is a complete disaster. Pre-requisites for the degree I was interested in were neither stated on their website, university conventions nor the student help centre. It was only until rejection that they sent a personal email informing me of that one specific pre-requisite which was omitted on all public resources. They also misplaced my application to the wrong department twice, which in turn delayed my enrolment. The only thing they're capable of doing without fail is to fail at efficient administrative work. And yet the students are to bear the brunt of it. This whole application process is a complete travesty all thanks to their unbothered lack of organisation, accessibility and transparency. Yet another classic money-sucking institution.

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