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1. Rheem - Mona Vale

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Address: 1/1 Polo Ave, Mona Vale NSW 2103, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +61 1300 765 277

Business type: Solar hot water system supplier

2. Rheem Solar Specialist North Rocks - North Rocks

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Rheem Solar Specialist North Rocks
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Address: 21/12A Loyalty Rd, North Rocks NSW 2151, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +61 1300 765 277

Business type: Solar hot water system supplier

3. The University of Sydney - Camperdown

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The University of Sydney
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Address: Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9351 2222

Business type: University

The University of Sydney: what do users think?
عمر حسين: جيد
soli L: 永远的神
Tran Anh Hung: This is to define how university/ education should be!
Tra Mi: Our uni visit 2023-06-04
Puryanto: Alhamdulillah...Thank U
Norrish Emb: It is the best University
Gordon.T. Williams: A beautiful day for a bachelor's degree in business "Magical" Autumn's days, let's celebrate
Philipp Cordes: Absolutely loved this place and came here so so often watching the Uni sports, the beautiful architecture or just the amazing sunsets. Like its own small city and a stunning one at that
최승희: 해리포터학교처럼 사진찍으면 그림되는곳
Daphne Star: The grounds and buildings are absolutely gorgeous and free to public, good for wedding photos 😉
Bella Evans: this university is top10 beautiful university in the world after this visit
Linda L: Regrettable that students pursuing the law course has to do double degree and spend 5 yrs instead of 3 years.Much more money has to be paid to the U and for accomodation.As a result, some potential students have to give up the idea of studying in Australia and go UK instead.
JH Park: 다시 공부하고 싶다라는 미친 생각을 잠시 함. 시드니대학 후디 하나 사려다 매장을 못 찾음.
Faizal Erlangga Makawi: Its not a harry potter
orange card house: Nice
goodwell arron: 它是一条链接历史与当下,当下与未来的河流。生机勃勃 源远流长
Alyssa: Syd Uni! Visited this place as it is near the Chau Chak Museum. 😎Great for taking good photos.
Junsheng Li: 庄严,充满历史感。
Sơn Thái Hồng: Không gì có có thể diễn tả được sự hoành tráng của nó. Môi trường đào tạo quá tuyệt vời.
Evonna Hertz-Rodriguez: Beautiful campus and great teach staff
Jadey Limlee: The university's admin for prospective students is a complete disaster. Pre-requisites for the degree I was interested in were neither stated on their website, university conventions nor the student help centre. It was only until rejection that they sent a personal email informing me of that one specific pre-requisite which was omitted on all public resources. They also misplaced my application to the wrong department twice, which in turn delayed my enrolment. The only thing they're capable of doing without fail is to fail at efficient administrative work. And yet the students are to bear the brunt of it. This whole application process is a complete travesty all thanks to their unbothered lack of organisation, accessibility and transparency. Yet another classic money-sucking institution.

4. Cheapa Hot Water Sydney : Emergency Repair & Installation Service for Electric , Gas & Solar hot water - Warriewood

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Cheapa Hot Water Sydney : Emergency Repair & Installation Service for Electric , Gas & Solar hot water
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Address: 30/6 Jubilee Ave, Warriewood NSW 2102, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 7:00 AM

Telephone: +61 1800 266 999

Business type: Hot water system supplier

Cheapa Hot Water Sydney : Emergency Repair & Installation Service for Electric , Gas & Solar hot water: what do users think?
Fay Sivyer: John was very professional and replaced our Hot water service within 24 hours from time of being contacted. Very proficient and would highly recommend his services.
PC C: I want to thank John and Steve for their fast and professional service in replacing our old water heater. Great guys Good Job Cheers
Mark Chilton: John took my call, answered my questions and booked an appointment. Steve came out, diagnosed that the roof sensor was at fault & the controller was OK, replaced the roof sensor, tested the system, cleaned the collector tubes, replaced an incorrect pressure release valve, replaced a roof tile that had been cracked before & answered my questions about the system, all in a friendly, professional way, for a reasonable price. I would easily recommend them.
Danny K: Excellent plumbers, turned up on time and got the job done no dramas. Would highly recommend.
Gary Karavellas: Exceptional service and honest communication. Highly recommended
PAOLO Vassallo: John came out to remove 3 solahart panels on the roof that were serving no purpose and that needed to be removed. I sent a few photos he gave me a quote and discussed what he would do.On the day he turned up with his team and done the job as discussed.He took care and pride in what he was doing and left no mess. I have no hesitation in recommending Chepa Hot Water and will use them for future work.
Geoff Hayes: John from Cheapa Hot Water provided an amazing, affordable and timely service for us the DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS when our hot water service died. Can't think you enough John. We know you went out of your way to help us and modify our new system including taps and piping. Excellent communication and very friendly service. Highly, highly recommended! Helen and Geoff
Supreet Kaur: John was extremly helpful and polite. We moved in our new home with no Gas connection, so we had no hot water for showers and basics. John was very fair in pricing and he tried his best to get to us ASAP. We are soo thankful for hot showers and the experienced tricks he did while installing temporary hot water system, that showers lasted for 4 adults.I would highly recommend John and his services for anyone in need of plumbing issues or hot water systems.Me and my Family Thanks you John.Keep up the good work👏👏
Karen Hicks: Fantastic service - we rang in the morning and they were at our place by midday. Replaced our hot water heater which had died - they were quick and professional. Will definitely use them again for any plumbing issues we have in the future.
Bal Bista: I loved the work. Thank you.
Magnus: John, Steve and the team did a great job for us. Gave really good advice and did not oversell the expectations. On time, great price and no hassles. Highly recommended
Daniel McCarron: John and the team from Cheapa Hot Water removed an old, disused Solahart tank and solar panels from the roof. Exceptional service, communication and a thoroughly reliable team. Highly recommended for your hot water needs and services.
Bronwen wade-leeuwen: John was there to receive my call in distress about my burst water tank in the laundry. He said he would have a replacement to me the next day- Daris came first thing put it in and alls good! Thank you!
Roseville Ballet: Fortunately for me, a friend, upon hearing what another major Plumbing Company was going to charge me for a hot water tank replacement, urged me to phone Cheapa Hot Water. Previous company had quoted over $4K. Cheapa did the job for much less saving me thousands. And the job was very well done. No complaints.
Barbara Millar: We have used Cheapa Hot Water since 2009, hence calling upon them again now when I needed a new tank. The service I received was their usual, prompt and efficient response to my call for help.
Mathew Yeung: Super efficient / knowledgeable and great customer service
Brad M: Had water heater installation, the guy was very rude, and wouldn't complete install. In the end the water heater was installed, but I regret hiring them
Deborah Picone: Cheapa Hot Water replied so quickly to my enquiry & came within a few hours.Friendly,professional & very competitive price.Would strongly recommend this company.
Antonio Serra-Martins: John and Dario identified and resolved our hot water issue quickly. Dario provided several options to solve our problem. Highly recommend this business. Dario is an honest and fair hot water contractor. Highly recommend.
Peter Kim: he just replace my temprature control vavle for my hot water heat pump, very reliable and prefessional manner. highly recommanded.
Putai Jin: Thanks John and Michael for your prompt responses.Your colleague Andrew indeed did an excellent job 👍👍Thanks again for your quality customer service 🙏😁Peter

5. Rheem Hot Water Systems - Camellia

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Rheem Hot Water Systems
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Address: 55 Brodie St, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 132552

Business type: Hot water system supplier

Rheem Hot Water Systems: what do users think?
Inmaan Miraze: Australian made best hot water system manufacturer.
Farzaneh Rafei: Sooooooo disappointed, ours is broken and needs a replacement,if you see this review to choose to go with Rhemm just stop it now.Very poor customer service, they don’t care at all about their customers, and their job. I have no hot water for 2 weeks with little kids in winter, and now after 100 times call and emails they found the accepted email for the quotation, and gave me an appointment for next week, who I can talk about this? No one answers. when I say it’s urgent the person behind the phone is like a robot and keeps saying ( we don’t have any appointments until next week ) 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
John Chien: Very disappointed.Hot water system down last week. Got technician from Rheem this Monday afternoon. Tuesday finally got some hot water, then water started cooling Wednesday, and no more hot water at Thursday. Obviously the system wasn’t fixed at Monday at first place. Now to call some technician to come, I need to authorize call out fee again for another two hundred dollars minimum!? To fix something they should’ve fixed this Monday!? To resolve this, I need to wait another weekend with our cold waters for a response from customer relations to just discuss about the call out fee and then get some technician here. Not ideal. Very disappointed. We choose to call Rheem as we thought Rheem would be the best place for help with their own hot water system, and we are here waiting for almost a week for hot water.
Jay qijie Zhong: Working place
Conny Wijono: good environment for work.
john wilmshurst: I have 1 it never runs out .
Alex Kahn: Hopeless customer service.Rheem electric heat water pump only good for two years and after that it's white elephant.Plumbers love Rheem as they charge sky rocket price to fix.Never again Rheem
Temnit Teshager: I have had Rheem hot water system 6 years . It is was going to cost me &1600.00 to repair for the price of new product . Expensive to repair also to find repairer . If you building a new house or if you have maintenance issue I suggest you look out your options .
Kev Kelvi: Good place
Hossein Zounubi: Nice friendly staff and security.
Katie Dodds: Sold me a faulty hot water system, has to be re lit everyday ans sometimes even twice a day. Bad timing to get one of their technicians out over christmas which is understandable. Had booked for someone to come out 2nd January - waited most of the day. No phone call, no knock on the door, no card left. Called the customer service number and spoke to Anne(?) who insisted someone had been and also called me.....ummm im pretty sure I would know if that happened and have the call logs showing no incoming calls in the last 5 days to to prove it. She was so dismissive of my complaint it is what's actually prompted me to write this review. The technician hasnt done their job and thought they would get away with it. Well not today! Shocking lack of customer service by the technician and by the contact centre staff. Still waiting on a call back from the manager to get some explanation of what has happened here. Would not recommend this company at all
Jacob S: Very helpful
Neil Bhan: Head office of Rheem Australia and manufacturing plant.Home of Rheem,Solahart,Raypak,Vulcan,Solar Edwards,Paloma
David J.B.: Business
Brad Jones: It's a factory. An old factory

6. Rheem Australia - Rydalmere

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16 reviews
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Rheem Australia
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Address: 1 Alan St, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia

Telephone: +61 1300 556 036

Business type: Manufacturer

Rheem Australia: what do users think?
Mary Paffas: Our hot water system was put in our house when it was built 3 & 1/2 years ago, it has totally given up the ghost but Rheeme won’t cover anything as they only warrant it for 1 year, what a joke, shame on you and your company 🤬
Joel Fullick: Rheem have to be the worst hot water company in Australia to deal with, absolutely horrible after sale service.Service department with absolutely no sense what so ever.Was told what to do to make the internal installation room compliant before they would work on the hot water systems (after being charged $300 for no works taking place)We made the room compliant and was told by the state manager that it still wasn’t good enough because there was the ‘potential’ the room could be changed after rheem left site. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that every installation in Australia?Two units under 3 years old worth a total of $10,000 and rheem left 20 units with out hot water because of the ‘potential’ of being non compliant after they left. Atrocious, overpriced and complete non logical behaviour.I would never install or recommend a rheem to anyone
Sarah Haynes: Brand new home with Rheem gas hot water. Faulty, never worked. Instructed to get own plumber to come and see the system and they will cover the costs. Plumber came and said no this is a warranty job, Rheem need to organise their own plumber. It’s been weeks I’ve been waiting for them to pay and now they have said they will not be paying my plumber. It’s evident from these reviews they have no care for their customers nor their products they provide. Avoid at all costs.
Georgina: Outstanding customer service and products. I was very impressed with Rheem when they recently replaced my hot water system. Thank you!
Slim D: I spoke to the most unhelpful staff I have come across for a long time on the phone this morning at ~9:45am. I rang because I have questions regarding the differences between the products (gas heaters), and I have looked through all the available info from the website in detail, which does not answer my questions. The staff simply told me repeatedly that all the info are on the website and downloadable brochures, and I should read them and make a decision based on that, and there is nothing more she could do for me. I then asked her a question which wasn't answered by any info on the website or the downloadable brochures, and she did give me an answer (though she didn't seem to be to sure about that either, which is revealed after I asked her a follow up question, and her answer contradicted her previous answer regarding the material of the different models of the gas heaters). After pointing that out to her that she just gave me a piece of info that was not contained in the website, which was the reason I rang, she became even more defensive and all she wanted to do is to organise a technician to come out and give me a quote. It feels like she would be incentivised based on the number of clients she can sent out a technician for. Most unhelpful indeed. I ended up going for another company. Rheem needs to up their game in choosing proper staff.
Bez Shokouhi: I've had my gas pool heater repaired. They pre-authorised $198 from my credit card to get the technician to come, who couldn't fix it at the first session. I kept asking the technician and Rheem customer support how much the whole thing would cost, and they kept telling me to ask the other person. After the repair I got sent a massive invoice, AND CHARGED THAT AMOUNT using my credit card details that I had given early on only for the initial $198 WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. THIS IS FRAUD. Currently they are ignoring my concerns and not returning my calls. Extremely poor - avoid at all costs.
jessie Zheng: NEVER ask their technician to fix your machine as they don't know how to fix and they can NOT. The technician came and charged $900 but still end up a broken machine within a year. Ask the technician to come again and he can't figure it out where goes wrong and but charge more money. I WON'T use another Rheem machine!
roblox me: We needed new solar panels for our 15 year old hot water system. The quote from Rheem was a fair price. The service was quick and efficient. The installers were courteous and respectful and left no rubbish behind. Very happy with the service. Great job. Highly recommended.
Lee Mantove: Such a scam - they booked an appointment and call out fee. Then didn’t show up!!They didn’t even let me know until we followed up. No apology- just you’ll have to rebook.Seems like a scam!!
Della He: Thank you very much for the service provided today in my Eastwood house. My gas heater was broken this morning. It was manufactured in 2005. I couldn’t have a shower. It’s unbelievable that technician came this afternoon and everything has been done. It’s the fastest service I have had in Sydney especially now every company experienced staff shortages. Very much appreciated and highly recommend Rheem.
Alexander Smirnov: WORST EXPERIENCE EVER GOT!STAY CLEAR OF THEM!They attended the rental property wrong time.No report or proof of visit provided.No receipt for payment sent.Gave them more then 10 phone calls, claimed through website and email - still does not work. I do not know what I`ve paid for...
Riaan Coetser: No after sale service. Good luck sourcing parts, good luck escalating any matter with management or supervisors."We will email our supervisor and you will receive a call back 24-48hrs later".Week in and week out I have been calling (12/1/22 - 16/2/22) hearing that same line and having no result.Very very poor service.#update 24.02.22After continuing to get this resolved...finally 1 person who is good on their word, he said he will follow through and follow up and get the information I was after...he did come through unlike the 5 other people I spoke with. I want to acknowledge this person, Steven Tannous, thank you! Your service is appreciated.Outcome: no parts to repair, no manufacturer to make the required parts and Rheem is assessing their options as to getting these parts indication of how long. Best you buy a new heater (raypack).Got refund approved for service call out at least.
Joyce Kwan: Hot water system failed after using for 2 months. Plummber was sent to inspect 3 times and couldnt repair it and needed approval from Rheem for a new part. We have a family of 6 and have been living without hot water for 5 days now. Very disappointing service...
Niamh Fitzsimons: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!If I could give minus stars I would. I booked a service for our water heater which was two years old as black sooty material was coming out of one of the valves.I had to supply my card details to book the appointment which I thought was odd but was happy to do it to get the heater looked at.On the day of the service, two Rheem employees turned up. They advised no service was needed and left within minutes of arriving. They also stated that what I was seeing coming out of the valve was normal and I should have been told this on the phone.Later that day my card was charged for the full service and I was sent an invoice stating labour for the full amount. I contacted Rheem and advised that I didn’t think the invoice was correct as no service had been completed but I was happy to pay a call out fee.I was passed around at least 8 different people all with varying responses. I was forwarded emails from management that stated they wouldn’t waive the service fee as they had to send workers from further away than the office closest to me.I then involved NSW Fair Trading and Rheem then decided to make up that the issue is I tried to claim warranty and it’s a warranty issue and no issue was found so I need to pay the full service fee. Yet again no service was ever completed but I was charged for the service?!This is an appalling way to treat customers and the correspondence I have been sent show very dodgy practises. If this is how they treat me, I would hate to think how they may treat elderly customers.
Erica ma: Extremely disappointed with the product and after sales service. bought in 2019 and less than 2 years it starts leaking. rang Rheem and they said there will be a charge for them to come. has been waiting for a call from the customer service for a month....still waiting.
David Berry: Phoned Rheem Warranty on Saturday as I have no hot water, but was told that my 10 year warranty does not include element & thermostat.Be careful with this people.Only the tank...also no service available until Monday!I explained that I look after a 94 years of age Father, but was given alternative telephone numbers for a plumber to call.Thankfully a plumber showed up $385 later.With-in an hour, he replaced the element & thermostat but it failed as I still have no hot water on Sunday.I phoned Rheem back but want to charge me for their service and disassociats themselves from the work that the plumber attempted to do.Anyway still waiting for the Plumber to get back to me but doesn't look like any hot water for a while (Tuesday) at this rate if he shows on a Sunday..
M: Had a 125 litres size installed last year. Happy with the service and the hot water delivery.
Errol Price: Contacted service for a gas water heater twice and no-one bothers top ring back.
D T: You pay an arm and a leg for a 12 month parts and labour warranty. Heaven forbid that you your hot water should go. Only the cylinder is covered for a 10 year warranty. They then charge an exorbitant amount for labour that could be anywhere up to $700. Don't believe the ad guy. Don't install a rheem. The ACCC should look into them.
Minh Sia: Never buying another Rheem Product again. Bought a brand new Rheem hot water system, less than 3 months old and one day the fuse blown up. Suspect it's might be caused by the hot water system overloaded. Called Rheem technician come and inspect, he blamed the fuse issue and charged $143 for less than 5" job without fixing anything. I end up paying another $200 for an electrician to fix the fuse. They are very desperate at collecting money now, not a good company anymore used to be. Planning to bring this to the tribunal.
Justin L: DO NOT BUY RHEEM. Terrible company. Their warranty is deceptive - 5 years on the tank which is highly unlikely to fail, yet only 1 year on pump, booster and solar collector. Our $5,000 system failed after 3 years, $700 repair bill and they did not want to know us. Had a cheap Chromagen solar system form another home build, and it was going strong after 7 years at half the initial cost!

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