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1. Liveschool - Surry Hills

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Address: 259, Top floor, Riley St, Sydney NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 8065 6913

Business type: Educational institution

Liveschool: what do users think?
Neil D: A well organised school with friendly staff, that offers content that’s easy to approach, suitable for all levels of ableton/music experience (but best suited for those that are experienced with general computer software). They offer plenty of online resources that are great for revision after the fact and networking with the broader community, as well as some great free workshops run by guest lecturers from the industry. The only downside is that their courses come with a hefty price tag, but if you can afford it, it’s worth it.
Mitch: Highly recommend for all skill levels. Everyone I learnt from was extremely proficient in their craft. There was many things I learnt that I wish I knew when I started out in music production a few years back. All trainers actively work in the music industry and are always open to learning new skills themselves.Thanks legends!
Josh Bailey: A great way to start your electronic music production journey. Whether you've played around with Ableton yourself already or haven't even purchased it to begin with, Liveschool takes you through every fundamental aspect of producing music within your laptop.The teachers and staff are always very welcoming and make you feel at home as you enter class. Highly recommend the course and if you're unsure about any info send them an email as they're very friendly and responsive to queries : ))
aman rana: Best music production school in sydney. Highly recommended if anyone wants to take their production skills to next level.
Alex: As a graduate of Liveschool I can confidently say that this is a fantastic way to learn the craft of making music with the beast that is Ableton. The content, teaching, organisation and overall energy of the course and its surrounds gives rise to a fantastic and challenging learning experience that will see your abilities develop dramatically. I urge anyone who makes the wise decision to take on one of their courses to give it their full attention in class and to then make as much music as possible in the their spare time to really get as much as they can from this course, it is worth it 100%!
Leonard Peters: I came in knowing nothing about Ableton but left knowing heaps....this was due to the professionalism and interest that all staff and trainers took in my progress.....I would highly recommend this world class facility to everyone who wants to fast track their musical journey.....
Lochie Stevens: Such an amazing course! The trainers and staff are so friendly and welcoming, and the content of the course is just perfect for learning Ableton Live and music in general. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about electronic music!
Koniac Net: Perfect place to realise your creative potential with a bunch of really cool people who know exactly what they are doing . More importantly its a big heads up to all sorts of music genre . More than satisfied with my time here
hulla baloo: Ive been using Ableton for 12yrs and was sceptical about doing the Produce Music course.How wrong i was!From the very first "Begin" lesson i was learning new things. The cirriculum is set up in a very easy straight forward way and that coupled with teachers who are so knowledgable in not just Ableton but music and sound in general leaves me to recommend Liveschool to anyone serious about a career in sound!
James Herlihy: This is an awesome school - really high quality teaching, course and facilities. Great setup in classrooms with good equipment and space for everyone and small classes so the instructor can spend time with everyone. Great teaching by Josh - our enthusiastic and experienced instructor (who's also a producer himself, which is important). Good syllabus and pace of teaching - stretches you a bit at times if you're not experienced with Ableton like me, but in a good way that makes the lessons really productive. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to take their production to the next level.
Erik Kimbler (Aegyptus): Check them out
Jay: Awesome teachers who really know their stuff and make learning Ableton really practical and hands on. I learnt more doing this course one day a week than I did at my other previous full-time place of study. Highly recommended and perfect for anyone who is interested in starting their producing or DJing journey or someone who just wants to enhance their skills and have a better understanding of Ableton and music.
Andrey Dinov: if you are one of these people that don't know music theory the way professional musicians do or just want to know a different way of looking at electronic production, like meMusic Theory Course is 100% for you!Even after a month of taking the course, I still go back to my Liveschool account and read things they uploaded on there.4 weeks was not enough for me, theres is a lot of good information that they give out + you can always google things up online and find information in detail.You get a life long access to the website which is definitely one of the best things about the course.A big thank you to all the teachers that made the course THAT amazing!There is always room for improvement, keep at it ;)
Sophie: I recently did the Begin class with Abelton Live School and absolutely loved it! Whether or not you came from a musical background, everything was explained very clearly and I certainly want to come back and do more courses with them soon!
Manbat: Improved my productions beyond measure. I especially recommend the Mixing and Mastering course.
Andrew Simons: I recently completed the focus series at liveschool after spending years learning about production from forums and youtube. Since starting the courses there has been a significant change in the quality of the music I have been producing. At the school you learn to approach production in a way that allows you to develop your own sound as an artist and translate your ideas into professional sounding tracks.I also really like the philosophy of the school in teaching techniques to decode other artist’s music rather than giving templates (for example there is no “this is how to make a house track”). The result is that I am now able to take any track I like and work out how the sounds, arrangement, musical structure, and mix give the track its “feel.” Never again will I have to google “how to make my track sound like X.”I’d highly recommend liveschool for anybody serious about making professional sounding music and developing their own sound as an artist.
Liam Turner: I wanted to get into producing music this year and so looked around for a few courses and settled on Create & Destroy at Liveschool. I was apprehensive before I started, regarding the cost of the course (having never been to such a course before) but in the end the quality of the content, resources, tuition, and support far exceeded my expectations. The staff are all super friendly and keen to be involved in whatever style of music you want to make. They have a tonne for gear to try out and mess around with, and teach a range of techniques that can be used with or without extra gear. The student support was prompt, and feedback excellent.
Michael Mai: Long story short, music theory baffled me and to be honest seemed daunting and unbearable.But after taking the plunge and enrolling in their Music Theory course, felt very worth it and very satisfied, everything is broken down in an easy to understand a relevant manner which personally got me writing faster than before. Loved it
iamelixir: After spending literally years in trial and error, these guys have really helped me get on track with production. I didn't come from an Ableton background but feel completely at home now. The guys at Liveschool really know their stuff, they're true industry pros where you just want to pick their brains. You can ask questions and they are really supportive in class and remotely. The course materials you get are high quality from the class notes to online tutorials. If you're looking to improve in Ableton, definitely check them out.
Benjamin Duddy: I found the music theory course I attended extremely helpful in putting me on the right path to writing better structured music. The staff were incredibly helpful and great to learn from and would recommend anyone who has an interest in any of their courses to seriously check it out.
WP K: These guys make producing tunes that much easier. After doing a course here you will have Ableton unlocked - no more workflow breakdowns, just endless possibilities to make whatever sound you have in your head come to life. Great teachers, access to tutorial videos, the courses are beyond worthwhile.

2. The University of Sydney - Camperdown

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The University of Sydney
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Address: Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9351 2222

Business type: University

The University of Sydney: what do users think?
Richard Campbell: worst place to go
عمر حسين: جيد
soli L: 永远的神
Tran Anh Hung: This is to define how university/ education should be!
Tra Mi: Our uni visit 2023-06-04
Puryanto: Alhamdulillah...Thank U
Norrish Emb: It is the best University
Gordon.T. Williams: A beautiful day for a bachelor's degree in business "Magical" Autumn's days, let's celebrate
Philipp Cordes: Absolutely loved this place and came here so so often watching the Uni sports, the beautiful architecture or just the amazing sunsets. Like its own small city and a stunning one at that
최승희: 해리포터학교처럼 사진찍으면 그림되는곳
Daphne Star: The grounds and buildings are absolutely gorgeous and free to public, good for wedding photos 😉
Bella Evans: this university is top10 beautiful university in the world after this visit
Linda L: Regrettable that students pursuing the law course has to do double degree and spend 5 yrs instead of 3 years.Much more money has to be paid to the U and for accomodation.As a result, some potential students have to give up the idea of studying in Australia and go UK instead.
JH Park: 다시 공부하고 싶다라는 미친 생각을 잠시 함. 시드니대학 후디 하나 사려다 매장을 못 찾음.
Faizal Erlangga Makawi: Its not a harry potter
orange card house: Nice
goodwell arron: 它是一条链接历史与当下,当下与未来的河流。生机勃勃 源远流长
Alyssa: Syd Uni! Visited this place as it is near the Chau Chak Museum. 😎Great for taking good photos.
Junsheng Li: 庄严,充满历史感。
Sơn Thái Hồng: Không gì có có thể diễn tả được sự hoành tráng của nó. Môi trường đào tạo quá tuyệt vời.
Evonna Hertz-Rodriguez: Beautiful campus and great teach staff

3. Altronics - Auburn

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Address: 15 Short St, Auburn NSW 2144, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8748 5388

Business type: Electronics store

4. The Best Arabic IP TV Channels in Australia - Sydney

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The Best Arabic IP TV Channels in Australia
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Address: 122 Chifley Square, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Business type: Electronics store

The Best Arabic IP TV Channels in Australia: what do users think?
Liam: Very good show :)📶📺

5. Macquarie University - Marsfield

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Macquarie University
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Address: Balaclava Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2109, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9850 7111

Business type: University

6. JB Hi-Fi - North Sydney

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JB Hi-Fi
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Address: 99 Mount St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8918 6700

Business type: Electronics store

JB Hi-Fi: what do users think?
pete G: Staff member very helpful and rectified the computer issue
Michael Mateos: Helpful and happy to assist
Sophie Delezio: Manager at this store is absolutely lovely & has such great customer service skills! Really nice people at this store!
Trey Alexander: I just went in to JB hi-fi North Sydney to buy a basic bumper and screen protector for a Apple Watch series 7 for my kid, obviously it’s not a massive purchase but Cathy was happy to helpe me and was absolutely sensational. I would definitely recommend I continue come to this JB hi-fi.
Dianne Walles: Helpful staff
Maddie Aliprandi: Brenton was super helpful and friendly.
jowon jh chang: Great shop for greatest goods
richliudi ina: Absolutely flawless service I got at JB HiFi store in North Sydney. Pete was just super helpful and offering added value. Love your work. Thank you!
David Hart: Staff were very helpful and we got exactly what we needed.
Anthony: I've been here a few times as it's the only store of its type around. Rarely will the staff help you, my most recent visit I went in to buy the new Samsung S23 Ultra, and no staff member approached to help me buy it. Which is unusual for a jbhifi, as every other jb I've been to the staff were helpful and quickly approached to sell the expensive locked electronics.The only person that seems to acknowledge your existence is the security person at the entrance.Avoid going to this jbhifi if you have the choice.
Rania Karam: Love this place
Luke Towler: This is by far the WORST JB store I’ve ever shopped at. I live local and need to pop in at times as there isn’t a similar store close. Every time I walk in, there is about 8 staff members and the store isn’t close to busy. I walk around trying to find what I’m after and the staff are standing in groups talking and laughing, seeing me but they always act like I’m not there. When I go up and ask to find what I’m after they treat you like it’s the hardest thing on earth.The last straw was today I had to buy a powerboard. I ride a motorbike so I needed to take it out of its box so it fit In my bag. It’s a small box…I asked a staff member if they could please take it and put in there big bins which she told me “no there are bins out on the street up the road”If you can, go to Goodguys, Harvey or bing lee and save yourself the experience
vivin: Good place to buy electronics. But research your item on the internet. Slightly prices are on the higher side.
Danny Rumble: Good store. Nice staff and always helpful
sammstein m: Jbhifi, you've done it again!
Vivian Luc: Brenton was very friendly. Excellent customer service.
Jackie Chun: Shout out to Oscar and the team at North Sydney. Very accomodating and helpful. Helped me get an amazing deal. Wish I had come here earlier. Next time I come Sydney I'll be shopping at North Sydney JBHifi
Jodie Metcalf: Easy layout, great service
Sean Williams: Always a great selection and competitive pricing and easy returns.
Peter Bourke: The store is a little bit crowded, but tidy. Staff are really helpful and efficient.
Rich Frost: JB has very competitive prices on everything electronic, lots of different products to choose from, if you're after a gift for your dad, brother or boyfriend get them a JB gift card they will love it.

7. Ted's World Of Imaging - Sydney

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Ted's World Of Imaging
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Address: 317 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9264 1687

Business type: Camera store

Ted's World Of Imaging: what do users think?
Phil Crawford: I had a lens for Nikon which had failed and was not repairable due to age. I found the staff very helpful, and they respected my wish to limit my spending, providing me with the option of a second hand replacement from a better brand.
Steen Barnes: I always order my camera gear from Ted’s.Prompt, good communication, great service.It’s a good business
Paul Hinderer: Great service and knowledgeable staff.
Brian: Having ordered a replacement battery 4 weeks ago, (on the basis it would be delivered in 2 weeks), then being told 2 weeks latter it was with the distributor and would shortly be available, I went into the store today (yes, I called first, but they do not answer their phone) to find out that the distributor is now saying it will be available in another 2 weeks.If this is the truth it means the battery is not in the country and I have been told a series of untruths.The store is chronically understaffed (maybe due to Covid) and those in the store have a large dose of couldn’t-be-bothered.
G Totalman: I contacted the Sydney store on their number within the business hours and no one picked up the call, what’s the point of having the phone number if you can’t attend to your customers calls?! I am a serious customer who’s inquiring if you’ve a macro RF lense 100mm F2.8 in stock so that I can come to buy it instead of ordering it online, you could’ve just missed your customer
hello friend: Attempted to go there 3 times to return a faulty camera I bought from Ted’s which I had owned for 1 week at that point. They refused to exchange my goods, even though under ACCC rights as a consumer I am allowed to pick whether I would like an exchange, refund or repair on a broken item. So I left empty handed.I tried to call them the next day between the hours of 11am-4pm as per their advice, but the manager Daniel had left at least 20 minutes early on their shift. Terrible service and patronising staff except for Michael. Leo was ok, but just unhelpful. Still have a broken camera, and no way of using it or refunding the product.
Sara Zuppiroli: Assistenti molto cordiali .Servizio stampa foto ottimo
MARK LEWIS: Awesome staff
Brian Permana: I went there the other night and looking for phone macro lenses. One of the customer rep (Asian guy with black T-shirt, short hair, Chinese speaker) asked me what i am after, i told him i needed macro lenses for phone. And he was just being condescending and just told me they are "over there", not being helpful at all. If i know where it was i wont need to ask him and the store wasn't even busy. I cant find what i am after so i went home and had to look it up on internet.Then i have to go back on the other day, this time i was served by Katherina T, she was very helpful and asked me which specific item i was looking for. She checked into the display and the item wasn't there so she proceed to check into storage room/inside and she did find the stock inside.I would like to thank you for the customer service that she provided but definitely not that guy. I had to visit Ted's twice because of that guy
Anita Pallas: Great staff, super helpful. Clean, bright shop, they let you test the gearBrought a Sony A7 IV and Tamron 28-200mm three weeks ago
Nathan G: Are you in the retail business? If so, maybe answer the phone. I have money to spend which will now be going elsewhere after five unanswered calls, absolute waste of time dealing with this unprofessional business!
Mark Leary: Leo was extremely helpful as I am a novice when it comes to Bridging Cameras. He was very patient. Everything was explained clearly. All prices were also clearly explained to me. I go there pretty often to purchase frames etc and the staff are always helpful and efficient. Thanks everyone.
Chris: Most of the staff at the Teds stores are good and friendly, in all of their stores. However there is one in the Sydney city store with a foreign accent who is particularly nasty and rude. This happened last year but wanted to flag it anyway as the bad experience still lingers in my mind, specially since I love Photography and trying new lenses and gear which might require interactions with camera shops. I went for a lens exchange, was trying to decide between two Fuji lenses, this guy was just arrogant and pushing me to decide immediately, basically plain rude with no patience or assistance whatsoever. his attitude completely changed my view about the store. He actually provided a wrong and much cheaper price details for a lens I chose and I could have walked away paying half less! Later he handed over the transaction to another staff who was friendly, and also discovered his colleague's horrible mistake. Later found out from the other staff that the rude guy had a brain surgery recently and might still be impacted. Just hope he is better now.
J J: Came in with a vague idea of what I needed but not sure. The staff who helped me out were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.
AmandaJ262: Great products, great prices, huge range to chose from and excellent service. Very happy to help and answer our questions. Will definitely go back and highly recommend
Pete Miller Explorer (Chiang Mai Condo): A photographer and videographer Dream Store.For a company to spend so much effort to create such a beautiful store, obviously means that they are very passionate about the craft of taking photographs.Each brand has its own special section and all the latest cameras are on display.Plus, there is an Academy and workshop space, and at the back there is a exhibition of excellent photographs taken during the pandemic.
Paul Hopkins: Wow new store upgrades look great
Wendy Jayne: Extremely POOR service! 1 hour & many interruptions & lack of attention to print 20 images. 4 couldn't print, & when I inquired when the prints would be ready she hadn't even "sent it through" so another 15 minutes of waiting. Upon my return home I discovered that 6 prints ordered & paid for were missing. So, of 20 I am in possession of only 10! Quality is poor.It's not worth my effort to return or complain to the manager. DISGUSTING!! You should be ashamed of yourselves for such unacceptable "service". Not many disabled pensioners are "tech savvy", nor do we attend on a regular basis to have knowledge of how to use these stupid machines!! I should have walked out after half an hour!! 🤬 Chatswood store is similar especially a particular male.
Paul 50: A splendid store with very knowledgeable staff
Valent Lau: Great space for exhibitions, good range of cameras and equipment.
PANASONIC LUMIX: La meilleure adresse de Sydney

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