Best Gay Clubs In Sydney Near Me

1. The Imperial Erskineville - Newtown

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The Imperial Erskineville
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Address: 35 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville NSW 2043, Australia

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9516 1766

Business type: Restaurant

The Imperial Erskineville: what do users think?
Trace: Bussin Bussin off chops fully sick hectic my bah !!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Liam Anderson: One of the best dancing nites of my life. Love the place and all types welcomeFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
James Ackland: Such a legendary venue. I didn’t actually know it still existed but my partner and I watched Priscilla a few weeks back and looked it up and surprised me.We had a couple drinks and some food and watched some drag shows. The food is good from what my partner told me, but vegetarian options are limited, I just had a bowl of chips.The drag show was fantastic and it felt special being in such an iconic venue.
Robert May: Great outdoor space upstairs & friendly bar staff
Simon Hunter-Ward: Friendly service and good food on a Sunday afternoon
Tony Matthews: Try Carlotta’s upstairs on a sunny day. vibe and great pizzas.
Kevin Liew: The drag and dine show was good, but food was sub par. If attending the drag and dine show, it's $10 for the show and $55 for the banquet (mandatory for groups of 4 or above).Went with a group of 10 people and they couldn't split the bill 10 ways (only 4 or 8).My friend got told off (using profanity) by a member of staff when she tried to clarify that she spoke to someone when booking, saying it was possible for split bills.Probably won't be coming back here.
Mercy M: The music is perfect
mazfinny: Trivia was a little difficult to be honest. Fun vibe overall
Jennifer Bohman: What a great venue for a hen's night! Olivia and her team are beyond fantastic. Our beautiful Queen Dolly Pocket was amazing! I highly recommend The Impy!!!!
Luciano Fernández Oria: Discrimination
Luke Donnelly: The straights have taken over
Bruno: Amazing food great show
Kevin Waldron: Loved the drag show the food looked great
Marvin Lim: The young female bartender on the ground floor was very approachable and friendly, even though she had to refer to the screen to come up with the cocktails. The dance floor on the basement plays good retro tracks.
Erik Zhang: I thought imperial was a safe space, but when i tried to order the caucasian bartender (6 feet plus buzz cut) was tending to girls who were flirting with him and did not manage to service me even though i was waiting for over 45+ minutes for a drink. No shade for the other bartenders but when you have someone who will rather serve any lady who flits with him instead of going by the people who were waiting is not okay. Do better imperial!!! My question is do we have to be blonde ladies who flirt with you to get a drink??!! This is unacceptable. Please do something about it.Love,People who want to get a drink to enjoy their night
Alireza Karkouti: It is a nice and romantic place, ancient internal design, with rooftop restaurant and bar.
Erin Carroll: Visited the Impy a few times over the world pride period with my toddler in tow. We were always made to feel welcome at Drag N Dine by the staff and queens who were very kind and accommodating to us. Yummy food & cocktails, fun entertainment.
David L: Weekends are basically straight hens nights, a real shame because this used to be a genuinely fun gay bar. Now 80% hens.
James Lenaghan: Thanks for a lovely evening. Highly recommend the drag and dine but beware the portions are huge.
Brady Jones: 1/2 price pizzas are decent for trivia.The hosts could do with some fresh content though.Rinse and repeat = boring.

2. Dug Out (formerly Bear Bar) - Darlinghurst

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Dug Out (formerly Bear Bar)
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Address: 2 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Telephone: +61 402 427 614

Business type: Gay bar

Dug Out (formerly Bear Bar): what do users think?
Akmear Adul: i just bypassed my religion xxxoooo
Ameer Meerzaee: Superb atmosphere and a cosy place for some drinks and food after work. Love the snow train video playing on the big screen. Andy, the owner is great and polite so are the rest if staff. Don’t forget the happy hour Swedish meat balls. Really great experience every time. Definitely recommend as there is no similar bar in the near vicinity.
Nic Jon: Best Margarita in Sydney!!!
James Woodley: Nice but small.. Great music!
Andrew Sporle: Bear friendly, great vibe
Frankie A: We are not local.We are from the US and wanted to check out this bar.Found it online and gathered information from their facebook page.Thursday night all you can eat pizza.YES PLEASEhowever....Where is the entrance? one door looked closed so we went to the other side. We paid to get into a place we thought was the entrance to this bar, however it was the wrong bar:(still had fun. maybe next time we will find the entrance to this place
Andrew W: The bar is great. The only problem is the bar tender who is this middle aged bald guy with moustache who does periodically refuse service of alcohol despite you not actually having any whatsoever on the night. You have to wonder why people like that are employed.If he want there then it would be an awesome bar.
Matthew P: Great atmosphere with a variety of events; including drag competitions and sporting events.
Sean English: Amaze
Harry Gilbert: It's grreat -- it's in the cellar!
Mark Hadden: Friendly and cosy, very cute
Baldly Oiboy: Love it!
Carl Severini: Great little bear bar, good DJ's
David Whittaker: Lots of fun. Friendly staff.

3. The Oxford Hotel - Darlinghurst

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The Oxford Hotel
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Address: 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Open until 4:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8080 7080

Business type: Bar

The Oxford Hotel: what do users think?
Rick Le Cornu: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Rump Steak Salad Chips 14 DollarsMore
Les Bailey: Cleanup premises, friendly staff and a selection of beers on tap.
J K: Thank you for having eggplant schnitzel! 😍 One of very few venues around here that has something other than a god damn salad for people that don’t eat meat.Would love to get a non-mushroom, veggie patty burger to be added to the menu next.
Nishal Bk: Worst gaming service ever, ordered a beer after work but gaming girl told order from bar I don’t serve. Date was 15.04.23 at 4am around. Worst service never going back again.
Roy Bhalla: I'm conflicted with this review, the Oxford has been a great hangout in the past. Unfortunately their surge pricing over World Pride to skim the community they aim to serve left a bitter taste, with prices literally up 30-40%. When I questioned it, the response was "this is our World Pride pricing". The audacity! (I mean it's kind of funny that that even came out of their mouths).I went there once over World Pride, then found other less greedy venues to hang out in. Kinselas for example, no surge pricing in sight there.
Will K: Favorite place on the strip!! Great bar, great drinks, amazing staff. Big ups to Chris the superstar who has always been nothing but astounding every time we come in, sometimes I think we come here to just to see him. Definitely recommend and will always be a favorite place of mine
Glenn whitfield: Very nice staff. Came to bingo tonight and there wasn’t any tables left, and the nice fellow at the bar (Chris) got me a table and chair from out the back and set me up so I wasn’t disappointed. This is great customer service.
Yessi Widi: Nice pub on the ground floor to drink and dance..
Thomas A: Bartender was one of the nicest I’ve met in a long time !!
ประภาพร ม่วงมุข: Delicious foods!!❤️
Jason Dickie: Great local space you can be yourself and engage with the local community
Tim Egan: Great outdoor terrace to enjoy a beer and watch the crowd passing by Taylor Square.
Alan T: In 2023 i met Troughman at The Oxford Hotel prior to going to the World Pride Opening Ceremony
George Webbey: Great pub to have a drink, food and good time.
Stéphane Henry: Thé gay place toi be !
Georges Peeters: Terrible service. Girl behind the bar was slicing her lemons. Had no time to serve us drinks, except some straight drinks. Not that there were some other customors. With staff like that who needs customors.
Jason Bailey-Amos: Great vibe and tasty food and reasonably priced drinks
Geoff Cutler: I love this hotel and the renovations they have done upstairs.
Bo Shuff: Couldn't get service. QR ordering didn't work.
Hasen Williams: The female bar tender was AMAZING and so helpful, as I am on a Disability Scooter. Even gave my Carer and I, our 1st drink. The way the staff assisted me and other disabled older people, were just 100%.The Chicken Snitzal was very hard and over-cooked but the chips were nice.This was my 1st visit in 40 years, after being house bound, due to Disability.
Jason Horton: The deck outside where the smokers congregate is a nice cool location. Not fussed with the rainbow arch of lights overhead but is in keeping with the hotel's clientele. The beers were nice and cold. Having drunk here for many years I was disappointed with the funky look and feel.

4. ARQ Sydney - Darlinghurst

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ARQ Sydney
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Address: 16 Flinders St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 PM

Business type: Gay night club

ARQ Sydney: what do users think?
Fred Peterson: Arq is the best night club I've been in. Best music ever. Excellent customer service.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Divesh Prasad: You feel like a penguin trying to find your group of friends in an overcrowded place. Music not my taste.
Cathy Coco: ARQ SYDNEY is the best club in Sydney. It is the place to be. The music 🎵 makes you want to dance all night. The staff are amazing and so welcoming especially Robbie the most pleasant and welcoming person I have ever met, he makes me smile every time I am there. You won’t be disappointed. LOVE IT 👏👏
Ouwais Menzel: Arq is the most iconic nightclub in Sydney, greeted by professional and welcoming security crew at the front with the best customer service to fabulous bar crew what’s not to love about the best nightclub in Sydney.
Kris Chan: This place is nice! Lasers everywhere!! Good crowd, all the staff I met were very friendly, bar was quick.
David Redhill: Saw the security making out with a girl.. I get it .. but it's just inappropriate
Ko Ko: Don't bother, waited nearly two hours. Half of that was when i was at the front of the line, because they were only allowing ticketed people in. The ticket line was small but because people kept adding to it, it was never ending. Manager was also rude about it. $55 entry for longer waits for drinks because of only 2 bar staff and it was so overcrowded that you couldnt move
Chittesh: You need to reduce the bass. It’s very off. Coming from a sound engineer. It’s too disproportionate. Unpleasant. AND might I add.
Sahil Singh: Average nightclub, they didn’t have very good music though which was a shame.
E Lee: Used be the best and now it’s worst in town. The grand opening was horrifying.No sound system upgrade. Rude staffs (still). Unnecessarily long queue.
ANDRIES BENEKE: Security guards useless and rude. Worst in Sydney. Serious authority issues.
Rezi Mazi: Unnecessarily slow-moving queue at the door. Queue everywhere! Harsh bouncers also, such a turn-off
mgn jwl: The seco Robbie is the coolest kindest guy ever. Thank you
Sarah Goldberg: ARQ all shiny and refreshed but still has the same energy and atmosphere. I can’t wait to go back.
J M: The best gay nightclub in Sydney in my opinion. Always used to have a great time out with mates smashing back pineapple malibus on a Friday night. Great times and hope to see it back some time soon!
Raj: Great place to party
cristián varas: The drags Queen are so lazy that for 6 months they do the same show. I haven’t seen something around the world. Please change that. People is sick to see every weekend the same show.
Nathan Stewart: This venue really needs to invest some money in a referb, the ceiling is collapsing in places, floor is disgusting and decor is dated. What was once THE place to be has been neglected. It is clear management are not reinvesting money back into this venue. Sad, so much potential. :(
Cliff Enticott: Hey guys, if you want to exclude patrons because they are one member of a group of mostly biological women, you might want to rethink how you handle entry ✌
Bruno Vieira: Good place
soroush aram: Very bad experience with the security guy which was very rude.

5. Stonewall Hotel - Darlinghurst

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Stonewall Hotel
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Address: 175 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9360 1963

Business type: Pub

Stonewall Hotel: what do users think?
Bruno Jimenez: It's fun, it's busy, and the shows are Fant-a-bulous!Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Amanda W: Such a fun place to be!Service: 5/4|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Lana Coomer: The older blonde female bouncer was rude, claiming I was too intoxicated, despite being accepted everywhere else I went, before and after. Please reconsider whether this woman should've worked the door in the first place. Never before have I seen so many negative reviews based on the actions of one person, nor have I received such terrible treatment anywhere in Australia.
Jodie Markwort: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Jack Robinson: The bouncers have terrible attitudes. Really sad
Muhammed: 2 weeks ago my friend got kicked out for apparently being intoxicated and Marshall was very rude, manager done nothingAnd now again on saturday, i get kicked out for no reason from the marshall, and pushed me right near the steps on 3rd level next to the manager and manager done NOTHING. Very afraid to come here again, not a safe venue at all, was crying all night
Denis Matuška: The security guy physically attacked me after I was told I cannot enter the venue due to red eyes. I work in investment banking and I have red eyes from the computer screen. Next time this happens I’m pressing criminal charges. The security guy from last night should be dismissed immediately.
Kris Chan: Friendly bar staff
Michael Keogh: It's Stonewall. Enough said.
Steve Johnson: Another of blokes
Issam: Schöne Bar. Dragschow mit schöner Atmosphäre
Michael Witbrock: Somewhat insipid fish and chips, which is disappointing, even for a bar. The people were nice though
Willy Bagatcholon: Great heritage. Great atmosphere. Great people and community.
Rylic Van Heerden: Was fun and was a vibe
Shay Hayden: Love this place..
Edward Willis: Great Gay Space and place....Fantastic staff.Grungy with no attitude.Hot Bar staff, male and female.Just go there and G'day.
Wayne Dennett: Great staff
David Pineiro: One of my favorite go to places on Oxford St! The bar tenders are so sweet and always on top of your drinks, are courteous and just nice. The drag shows are always fun to watch and the music and atmosphere is energetic. A+
No way myself: An institution in Oxford St.
Tim Egan: Don't miss CHAPS on the first Sunday of every week, for a very different crowd and vibe.

6. Palms On Oxford Nightclub - Darlinghurst

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Palms On Oxford Nightclub
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Address: 124 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Open until 12:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9357 4166

Business type: Night club

Palms On Oxford Nightclub: what do users think?
Tyler Heath: Apparently a gay friendly venue, which we all looked up to and forward to heading to at some point in the night. Yes the door staff don’t want to let drag queens in based on their attire not matching the “dress code” seems very left field for me!
Susie Bowen: Great place so friendly
Andy Allison (Hyper-Nova): Anti Trans bar staff during Mardi Gras is not a good look. Please do better.
dan zee: Best night out in Sydney!
Andy Chong: It’s so sad. A real fall from grace. I probably haven’t visited this establishment in over 5 years. I tried to enter at around 9.30 pm after yes perhaps one too many as an Asian person which is 2. I was turned away by surly bouncers when I communicated that my intention was only to perhaps dance for an hour with my friends and be out of there by 12. This is the reason Sydney’s night life is appalling. And management do treat your staff to have some discretion and sensibility. A really horrid experience and I hope this club just dies now for something else to awaken in its ashes.
Amber: First time at Palms - what a vibe!!! Couldn't have had a better time if I tried. Note - they won't let you in without enclosed shoes on, however the Tobacconist next door sells Kmart flats for $18 if you're stuck ;)Unfortunately, I can't give 5 stars as both of the female toilets were blocked all night which was a real pain!
Dean Fitzgerald: Hi I left my jacket there. Bomber black on the right side of the dance floor. IG deanofitzz. Cheers
Todd Shepherd: Great stuff. And that floor manger woof
Daniel Towns: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Mariano Blas: Great music and atmosphere. nothing pretentious about it. if you are a poser or a social media queen, this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a fun night, this IS the place
Jason Lee Holcroft: Super fun! Great crowd and great music!
Anthony Tok: Always a fun atmosphere.
Mario Maradiaga: Very nice ambience with classic songs! A tad cozy so get there early before it gets too crowded!
Allen Richards: Palms is a great place to go for a bit of escapism - it's an Oxford Street institution.
Douglas Bell: Discrimination against girls! They have an absurd rule that girls in open toed shoes can’t enter. Never heard of anything like it anywhere else.
ryan schiff: What a gay club should be - old classics from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Super fun crowd and very friendly.
Rex He: Love this place. Spiritual home.
Katrina Sammut: I love Palms and have been going for years. You are always guaranteed a great night. The music is consistent which is one of the main reasons I keep returning. The excellent mix of 70s, 80s and 90s retro is a recipe for success. It is a LBGTQIA+ club and most patrons are there to dance and have a fun night. Ladies be warned, Palms takes their "No open toed shoes" policy very seriously, so wear flats or boots.Reasons I can't give a 5 star rating:* The bar is cash only. And although there is an ATM inside it is ridiculous you can't buy drinks with cards. Come on, it's 2018!* The sound system needs replacing. Or at least the treble turned down. Try not to dance near the speakers.* The bathrooms get quite disgusting. A combination of patrons and a lack of cleaning throughout the night.If you can get past the above, Palms is a great night out where you can dance until almost dawn. 😁❤️🎶🏳️‍🌈
Brett Westbury: The music has become to slow with the beat... I’m a HUGE fan of this place... but it’s all slowed down pop music... No one has their hands above their head like they used to. Yes, everyone is having fun.... but I can guarantee it will be empty but 1130
Bart Gale: I love this place! It’s like my favourite retro bar in the world, yes it’s a little bit seedy but the atmosphere and the fun music make it all worthwhile. ❤️
Emiel van Wegen: As mentioned in their Google listig 👉🏻cash only! Coming from Europe, I've managed 5 days of Sydney as a tourist without touching a single dollar. So I wasn’t really willing to use their ATM here. I spent a little hour without a drink, enjoying the cheesy songs - ABBA Kylie Cher - and simply went back to the other side of Oxford for my next Lomg Island Ice Tea.If I were living here, and would have used cash, I would have come back.

7. The Colombian Hotel - Surry Hills

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273 reviews
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The Colombian Hotel
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Address: 117/125 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Open until 6:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9360 2151

Business type: Bar

The Colombian Hotel: what do users think?
Berk kozanoğlu: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
David Gillett: My partner and I randomly stumbled into The Columbian on Oxford. We had one of the best nights ever. There was a great vibe happening with an eclectic mix of both straight and gays all mixing with each other and generally having a really fun time. The staff were doing their best at making us feel like we were friends rather than customers. If you're getting bored with the street level bar, there is another two floors above with two different themes. Can't recommend enough.Parking: Well you have to expect to pay for parking in Sydney city. But if you split the cost, it not significant.
Paul James: Put 10$ in the poker machine at this venue was with my mates who was having a bucks night won 1600 pulled it all out went up to the roof top had amazing time then went down to the middle floor and partied all night the staff at this venue are so welcoming. Will definitely be backFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Koda Milson: Went to Colombian hotel, me and my friends had a drink downstairs . Then we went up to the second floor was surprised to find a DJ and lots of people having a good time dancing. The vibe in there was Electric and the bar Tender is real good I candy great to see they’re doing something with that space . Nice to see the old Colombian coming back to life. Will definitely be going back. I’ve found my new spot for the weekends :)
Jason Hardi: Decided to go to roof top and have drink with my girlfriend. Then we thought we would leave and go to a different venue to have a dance . On our way down from roof to found a packed dance floor at Colombian hotel great DJ . Was such a great night only disappointment is closed at 3 amFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Liz Neville: A fun safe space. We had a great night hereService: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
theo: Empty anymore and dirty ......Food: 5/2|Service: 5/3|Atmosphere: 5/3 …More
Jojoe J.: Nice place to hangout
AMY WISE: Went to the rooftop bar where when we stepped out of the elevator we were greeted with a eye rolling and a side eye from the two staff members, when we asked for the cocktail menu they didn’t know where it was. The “lounge “ was so dirty and stained we really didn’t want to sit on there the whole rooftop could do with a DEEP clean , when we went downstairs to have a drink my mother sat on glass and there was glass all over the floor, she told the man behind the bar and was told “ they were aware there was glass as some smashed there glass beforehand “ well why did you not clean it up. Don’t think we will be back
David Lowe: The Colombian Rooftop is amazing. Great food (pizza to die for) and great bar awesome way to relax for a few hours on the weekend.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Fried Chicken …More
Divesh Prasad: Great atmosphere
Hurricane Kiddo: Clean and tidy. Friendly staff but doesn’t get a good crowd. Good for a quiet drink.
Frank Farrelly: Upstairs rooftop bar is great. Used to be a great dive bar back in the day with a hint of dance and EDM. Now has transitioned to a community pub feel, but with a South American and gay vibe that is more in line with its roots.
Alejandra Contreras: Nice place and very good view. The service very good. I had just some drinks.
Timothy Ridout: Extremely rude bouncer.
Adam Walker: I went for a cigarette, came back and the bouncer didn’t let me back in as I was ‘drunk’. Bar was empty and I’d had half a pint. Was absolutely not drunk. Weird and rude. Bye x
Geoff Cutler: A good classic gay bar on Oxford St.This has had a recent renovation with great new fitout and a roof top bar. Amazing!!
Oliver Hall: Great customer service
Laurence Bauer: It was very quiet when I was there.

8. Universal Sydney - Surry Hills

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169 reviews
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Universal Sydney
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Address: 85-91 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Open until 3:30 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8080 7065

Business type: Night club

Universal Sydney: what do users think?
Miss Thomas: Extremely upsetting experience here due to a very rude and agro security guard who refused my entry after claiming i was too intoxicated when in fact I was definitely and clearly not, and would have happily proven this if given a chance. The scary thing is, he only targeted me as i was the last of my group to enter and was left alone for seconds - an easy target in his eyes and completely changed persona once it was my turn at the front of line. I asked why he thought what he did and he just proceeded to ignore me and attempt to intimidate me, completely unreasonable. I will never go back to this club and would not feel safe too in the future, very upsetting and unsettling.
Lionel Lye: Lost my puffer jacket just at the side (where we all left our jackets) where I was hanging out with my friends. Issue is when I emailed them and received no reply after more than a week.Tried calling them on the phone last 4 days no replies nor anyone picking up the phone, voicemail was perpetually full. The only thing they are fast at is charging you at the door, and the entry price of $30 is a little too pricey for an overcrowded bar and only 1 “mediocre show”. Not worth going. Also even if you paid you cant go out and go in again.
YSR: Security here are all racist and they allow drugs in this venue are unfriendly at all
Leah O'Kelly: Down from Melbourne for the night. We were nothing short of treated like royalty by Nicole. We had to wait for a number of minuets to get into the nightclub part but Nicole made that all worth while. We couldn’t get over the customer serviceo and nice approach from this lady. Definitely going to return on my next trip back from Melbs,
Kirstie Hansen: Had a great time until they approached my friend saying she was showing “signs of intoxication” even though she was completely coherent. Management threatened police when I asked what set her apart from the rest of bar bc she was just dancing and having fun…not to mention they served us another round right before kicking us out.Service: 5/3|Atmosphere: 5/2 …More
Mao Otani: My friend and I came to Sydney for holidays and our first night there, I was charged multiple times for the same drinks and my friend got overcharged for one of her drinks, and we didn't realise until the next day when we checked our bank accounts. We didn't have the time or energy to try to call the venue to fix the matter, we just want people to know that they should be careful about not getting scammed here. I also want to say that this venue does not create a safe space for intoxicated females, as they are thrown onto the street, even if they are not causing any trouble. If they can't sell you any more drinks, they will kick you out.
Divesh Prasad: The place is improving to be better, great atmosphere to take a group of friends out
Mohammad alotaibi: Me and my best friend had the best night there. So many hot men me and my friend kissed the same guy and we both agreed the he was a good kisser aswell. Definetly 5 star review for the kiss and the night club.
Sydney Sparky: Security guards and staff beyond rude. No real need to comment any is basically a train wreck these days!
Minty Ciantar: Bought a drink. Was standing next to it. Glass collectors came and took the drink 5 minutes after I bought it and I was refused a replacement. I haven't experienced such bad service anywhere in Sydney. Avoid this place,
Stevi Everson: We witnessed a group of 3x girls refused entry for ‘intoxication’ (they were completely coherent and showing none of the alleged signs when respectfully requesting why they were refused access). Since reading the suite of other poor reviews, I can only conclude they were targeted due to age and gender. Discriminatory venue with unreasonable and intimidating staff/security. I’d suggest reading the other poor reviews before wasting your money here.
leslie Mark: Great vibe, dance, great djs, drinks , nightclub, friendly staff and there’s no better place I’d rather be
Brody Lee: Hands down the best club on the strip these days. The crew at Universal and GAYM (who do Deja Vu on Saturdays) are incredible & really know how to put on a good night.Best nights Wednesday for Slay4Pay (drag comp + top40), FAME Fridays (upstairs + uplifting vocal house) and the best one is Deja Vu on Saturdays (upstairs + tribal/vocal house).
Paul J: The violence and discrimination by the “security” is appalling and needs to be investigated further. Far too many comments with similar experiences
Jamiah Tappin: I don’t usually write many reviews but I keep coming back to this sad memory from my travels when I was kicked out of this venue during world pride because I accidentally bumped into a security guard who thought I was drunk. Basically, I was making my way across a VERY crowded dance floor to get to the bathroom with a drink in my hand. I was so focused on getting to the bathroom, I didn’t even realize that I bumped into anyone. I noticed a person sort of post up in front of me, preventing me from passing. I looked down and realized they were speaking to me. They said, “you spilled your drink on me,” while pointing to their shoulder, which was wet. I said, “oh, excuse me, I’m just trying to get to the bathroom.” The person asked me if was intoxicated and then I realized it was a security guard. I said, “no, is this the way to the bathroom?” At this point, they should have let me pass but instead kept asking if I was drunk and pointing to their shoulder. After circling around this point a few times, I said frustratingly, “what’s happening here. I just need to use the bathroom. This is starting to feel targeted.” Mind you, I’m a Black, American woman. At this point, they called someone over to escort me out.This all escalated in less than two minutes! I walked away from the venue confused and disrespected. After a few minutes, I returned to talk to a manager. Not to get back into the club, but to understand the miscommunication. I explained that this is global city with different cultures and their could have been some room for the security guard to explain what was happening. The manager I spoke to was rude. Though they did, in fact, validate that I was not intoxicated, they lacked compassion and told me that Americans think they are better than others because I was taking up their time speaking to them. Huh? After they said that, I just walked away feeling demeaned and disgusted by this place.As a traveler, it really left a sour taste in my mouth. I did not feel welcomed nor safe. I wasn’t even in the club for 30 minutes! I understand that Australia has very strict laws about intoxication but this matter should have been handled better. Your staff could use training on how to distinguish between an accident and actual drunkenness. Also, maybe some cultural competency?
Paul Hine: Clearly popular, but I've no idea why. We went to the bar first and gave up trying to get a drink because it was too busy. Later we tried the club. That was just one big room with some commercial dance and lots of pretty people pretending they were enjoying themselves. Not a hint of any diversity or queerness. Yawnsville. We left after someone knocked my boyfriend's drink out of his hand. Not worth the money or the effort.
Jermaine Curtid-Green: thankyou thomas and champagne because of them i no longer have cataracts and realised this whole time my walls had wallpaper and had a 3 month old! ily a trily to these legend icon stars
Jack Foster: Manager Thomas and Champagne were fabulous. 5 stars!
Naomi Jackson: Great drinks and great drag
Zinnie Peters: Universal is my favourite club, the staff are all so friendly and inviting, they’re always the best happy fun vibes. I’ve never had a bad night out here and i love it so much. ❤️❤️
Brad Heckenberg: Very yum friendly welcome service.

9. Aarows - Rydalmere

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Address: 17 Bridge St, Rydalmere NSW 2116, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9638 0553

Business type: Adult entertainment club

Aarows: what do users think?
Adam Hill: Was in over the weekend, had a really good time, place has been cleaned up, got some new staff there, the new (hot tall ) guy that worked Friday and Saturday night, is great for your company, will chat to anyone, and was very helpful, nice to see someone fantastic with the customers and it didn't matter who they were, stopped and chatted with everyone, my wife and I will most definitely be coming back and bring some friends along, cheers guys
Sariya Hamed: Expensive and scary place this weekend. Homeless people stay all day and night sleeping on the couches. Kinda depressing and lonely, and many of the clients are very old men with no drive at all. I don't know if that's really worth $40 of your hard earned cash to be honest. Poor parking options with the undercover carpark now closed and boarded up with a keep out sign. You'll have to find street parking up top sorry if you can.
David: Great place to meet new friends safe and clean and lovely friendly staff great music .
Mohammed Helweh: Impact statement for yourself as staff. from maintaining log with previous consistency.leave clean sharps in the glovebox if your driving to work .and no lifts home.
DIRTY ROLLINS: Would like to come out this out?😉
Fccpfu Fccpfu: The receptionist was very rude/arrogant, m pretty sure he hates the job there. Carrying the bad attitude is what his boss doesn’t want; I would never go back again and I hope the receptionist gets sacked, no wonder this place is not popular
alex seong: Always fun times to be had. Staff are very friendly. All welcome and open 24 hours 7 days a week.
Dustin Diplock: Great friendly staff great environment reasonable prices highly recommended I always have fun here everyone is accepted
Niki Tjandra: Aarow is my second home every since I went there ❤️Music on point by fat cat and customer always bringing the vibes ❤️
Priscillia Fransisca: love the music from DJ Fat Cat, the place and the guys 🤤🤤🤤🤤
joezen Enalpe: Always have fun when I come here. Staffs are very approachable
John Granger: Very helpful and helpful staff very friendly and relaxed all ways looking forward to going back thank you for everything ❤️also thank you for excepting me and excepting everyone else
Dan T: Awesome
Figaro Qua!: You can't contact them unless you provide your name, mobile and email. For a place where anonymity reigns supreme, this is absurd.
Alan Au: dirty dirty dirty dirty and rude stuff.
Whet Kermit: They didn’t have a Big Mac
Colin Clarke: Love the sling room
krish Rana: Rude attitude from the management / staffsFacilities are doesn't works as good.TVs are not working properly and floors are not clean as well.Playing Snooker is the only good thing which I found.
stuart king: Love this place ❤️Always welcoming of new people.Not bias, just the truth.
Ace Starr: Best place to spend your night at any day of the week. Super friendly staff and such an easy going non judgemental vibe if you wanna hookup or just hangout. Highly recommend best sex on premises venue in Sydney.
Jo Blo: Love it.. it might take a while to get going but it does wake up later on in the night

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