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1. Labec Laboratory Equipment - Marrickville

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Labec Laboratory Equipment
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Address: 26/30 Farr St, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9560 2811

Business type: Manufacturer

Labec Laboratory Equipment: what do users think?
Premium Patio Furniture: Had dealings with the team a few times, they are always professional and offer fast delivery.

2. Sunlite Mitre 10 - Pitt Street - Sydney

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209 reviews
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Sunlite Mitre 10 - Pitt Street
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Address: 74 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 7:30 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9231 3331

Business type: Hardware store

Sunlite Mitre 10 - Pitt Street: what do users think?
Patrick Simpson: Good knowledgeable staff. Convenient location.
Gwen Lee: A well stocked hardware store. It has a basement level too. It's much bigger than I thought.
Al Carter: Staff helpfull
Shane Donaghey: Every Thing under one roof
Kim Bradshaw: Great friendly service and good range of products for a CBD hardware
Brett Lamond: The store is well stocked and th staff are friendly and very helpful.
James Corey: Handy city hardware store
catherine cusack: This is a gem in Sydney CBD where everything to do with hardware is hard to find. Search no more - this store has most things and if not their expert staff can tell you what to do.I have a nearby apartment my needs are simple. I appreciate this service so much and thank them for being there and being open Saturdays.
walter lee: Super friendly staff, and amazing service, thank you for all your help Sheila, and store manager. Your store will always be my go to store :)
Sim Bryce: Some grumpy, impatient staff. Given its constrained location, there isn't a huge range of stuff so I wasn't able to find everything I needed (some I found in Big W, some I had to go to a Bunnings for)
Stewart South: Fantastic range in store. However there was no one to serve me with some spray paint today. Which is a shame as I like to support the smaller retailers. Of course the cabinet is locked for a reason. But nobody at the back of the shop. As I didn't have a lot of time to wait, I had to leave empty handed.
Andreas Amo: Great staff and very friendly
Crystal Russom: Extremely convenient location, surprised at the wide range as the store looks small from the outside. It's very clean and tidy, not too hard to find things, the staff are friendly and helpful and the prices are reasonable too. Highly recommend!
Adam Hajek: Convenient in the middle of the city. Lifesaver
Melissa Barrett: Awesome range of domestic and hardware, polite and helpful staff. Clean and well maintained shopping environment. Some items are a bit pricey, but overall, a great place to shop!
Adam: Super friendly. Heaps of hardware
Amel Bilajac: Convenient location in the city
John Shears: Lots of normal hw stuff. Very handy.
Dolly Azevedo: Very well stocked
Justin O'Hare: Hidden wonder in the city
Rusty J: Great location, very convenient. Some things are cheaper and better quality then bunnings.

3. Camera House - Broadway - Glebe

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144 reviews
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Camera House - Broadway
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Address: Shop G8 1 Bay St Broadway Shopping Centre, Broadway NSW 2007, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 10:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9212 7373

Business type: Camera store

Camera House - Broadway: what do users think?
Isabella Noé: Been here twice, first time was not the best because I felt like the staff were a little rude and talked to me as if I was pretty stupid. But the second time was super nice, I forgot what his name was but I went in last Friday to get French passport photos and he was super accomodating and explained everything to me and just overall good experience. Probably just different staff but just my experience
Bev Armstrong: Great film selection and staff are helpful with advice on what to take
Analise Marshall: I have never written a negative review. But my experience at Camera House Broadway was the worst customer service I’ve ever received.I dropped off my film for processing two weeks ago. First, I received film in my email that did not belong to me- somebody else’s photos. After calling I was told it was a mixup and I’d receive my film shortly. I waited three days to call again, the new employee I spoke said there was no note of the mix and began to investigate where my film could be. My issue was not prioritized due too a busy store and I was told they’d call me back by the end of the day. In fact every time I spoke to an employee I was told I could expect a call back. I never once received one, and I called the store about this issue 6 times over the course of two weeks.Finally today they informed me my film was destroyed due to a machine error.I was never informed by Camera House of what happened, I had call multiple times to get to the bottom of my issue. Then after two weeks and destroyed film I was just offered a refund and replacement roll that was cheaper than my Portra 400 that was destroyed. Things happen, but I would expect that in the event of a film error like this I would be informed and offered some better compensation for the issue- or atleast a roll of the same value as the one they destroyed.Super upset about the service here and I definitely won’t be returning.
Cheyne Milligan: Got my passport photo taken here! Mitchell was very helpful and a good chat! Definitely recommend this place:)
Constantinos Rigalos: DO NOT USE THEIR REPAIR SERVICE!!!!!!I dropped my camera off here back on October 21, 2022.Was charged $59 to assess my Sony RX100vi that had water damage.They quoted me $850 to fix it. That is ridiculously overpriced, but they're using a 3rd party for repairs so sure they need to make their cut too. So I agreed and was told 2-4 weeks.I call every month for an update and they give me the run around, and say they will check on it and call me back. They NEVER call back.It is now March 19, 2023. FIVE MONTHS LATER and I still don't have my camera back. It's safe to safe, they have ROBBED me.AVOID THIS STORE AT ALL COSTS.
刘慧: The service attitude is very bad, cheating customers.
Barry Akkary: A great range of film stock which is rare at most camera places in Sydney right now! Mitchell helped me with what I needed, taught me all about the ISO numbers and which have finer grain and warmer colours for sunny days to overcast evenings, an extremely professional and knowledgeable young man. He also showed me prices he could match and how to get the best deals with a smile. Very welcoming and friendly assistant. Highly recommend them!
Karen Beilharz: I took my kids to get passport photos here, and while the service was done quickly and efficiently (with just a half hour waiting time to develop and print), the Australian Passport Office rejected the photos due to too much post-production editing, which means now I have to get them re-done.Don’t go here for passport photos. Go to the post office to do them.
Madison Kingsly: All the search stop here it’s show stopper shop
Reshma L: Staffs are rude and racist. I wasn’t sure on which product to get when I first went there so I asked the staff on duty, He snapped me off by saying that they don't have much varieties and I should get what they have. While I was searching on google if I should just get that product, he suddenly changed his tone and spoke friendly to the white customer who had just walked in. I couldn’t help but notice the difference in behaviour. I bought the product anyway because I needed it and after payment, I thanked the man but he didn’t even reply back. I asked for receipt and he looked annoyed. I didn’t bother on writing this review until today, I called the store about whether I could get my film camera developed and the staff on the line replied “film camera? What is that? I don’t know what is a film camera.” Are you kidding me?? Working at a camera shop and not knowing what film camera is absurd.
Mel M: Thank you Chris from Camera House Broadway Amazing service.I Ordered products and they came on time as agreed.Chris also went out his way to deliver goods after hours.That’s good service, Keep up the good workMelanie
Rodney Tuck: I used Camera House Broadway as the shop in Katoomba has now closed. My experience at Broadway was great. Excellent service that was well communicated which positive results. I'm not the smartest person when using a camera but felt totally confident with the advise and service given to me that wasn't condescending. Recommend.
Christian Rota: $33 for kids passport photos and insist on giving 6 when you only need 2? Daylight robbery. Way over priced. Most places charge $20 and that already seems expensive.
Terry Lord: I go There offen wonderful staff's
Xy Z: A friend of mine returned a faulty product and the staff placed it straight back onto the shelf. Staff are rude!
K Salad: Honestly kinda rude and frustrating experience. I had a staff member mock the spelling of my name twice in the space of about three minutes. The guy said ‘that’s spelt really weird’ and I didn’t say much and he repeated himself as if I hadn’t understood the punchline of a joke he was making. Ur not funny luv x
Chris: I came to this store looking for a large number of disposable cameras for my wedding. Unfortunately there was an initial mix up with the wrong items being transferred to the store which put me in a difficult position with the wedding not far away.However the staff did everything they could to resolve the situation to make sure our plans for the wedding still went ahead as planned. A particular shout out to Young who went above and beyond to find a resolution.
Benjamin Yap: Developed film at this place and have always been helpful with advice and has a decent selection of film!
R B: It’s right what many of these reviews say. The customer service at this store leaves a lot to be desired. Two staff who were more interested in talking with each other than acknowledging a customer in any way, shape or form, they didn’t even know or care it seems that I was in the store to purchase something. You would think that after what we have all been through over the last couple of years people would be happy customers are out spending again, however I guess not with this store. It’s ok though as I can spend my money where I please and it will not be here.
Sarah Smith: Absolute ripoff. They charge $30 for Passport Photos which are then rejected by Australia Post. They do this knowing their photos will be rejected . Reported to Fair Trading. Seems other people below have had the same experience. Avoid this place.
GEMMA MATTESON: Bought the Nikon D500 from this shop, for $2200 thinking it would be a great investment. Nothing but problems, couldn't get a single sharp image. Took it back to the shop, Chris (store manager) couldn't get a sharp image out of it either (he tried several lenses). He then offered me a $1650 store voucher because he claimed it wasn't in original condition, I provided all of the packaging and accessories. His specific problem was that I had taken photographs with the camera since its purchase, the cardboard box it came in had a slight crease and the neck strap was still attached to the camera. And for this he wanted to rip me off by $550, after much argument he agreed to give me $300 more, however I'm still out by $250

4. Camera House - Ryde - Ryde

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86 reviews
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Camera House - Ryde
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Address: Shop 1021 Top Ryde Shopping Centre, 109/129 Blaxland Rd, Ryde NSW 2112, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +61 2 8068 6988

Business type: Camera store

Camera House - Ryde: what do users think?
nigel owen: Horrendous ‘bio metric’ passport photo, guy shot from above eye level and told me to look down’s a terrible perspective…..wished I’d noticed at the time but was in a rush
Claudia Lyndon: Have always had such a good experience getting my film developed here. Staff go above and beyond to help. Definitely recommend!
OSCAR MANUEL JIMENEZ SOLANO: fantastic place to take any photo ID (passport) you may need!
Jonghyun Lee: If someone's need instax mini evo.Don't go there. They have no stock.Dicusting fake marketing.Do not playing with them.
Pez C: Poor service, attitude, poor editing skills, would not recommend the shop!
Shihan Sun: The worse customer service!! No communication!!! Wish never step into this shop. The older gentleman just sat there and print out the photo without letting you know the size. It felt robbery and no respects!
Sjaak Koring: Excellent for baby Passport photos. Really nice photographer an good with babies.
Shajuty Sarker: Been to camera house Top Ryde for taking my baby’s and husband passport photo.They charged me $68 for both photos( child $36, adult $32),Where Australia Post and officeworks do it for $16.95. What a rip off!!I don’t recommend anyone to visit this shop for paying double money than other places.Shame on you Camera house
Pete Jefferson: I have been in the store on a number of occasions this year and found the Manager of the store to be extremely helpful for both camera / lens servicing and new camera equipment. He is very knowledgeable about the Canon product range and has given me some great advice about sensible upgrades to my camera gear.
Patrick Smith: Very helpful and knowledgeable staff...... And happy to price match the camera I purchased..... Highly recommend.
Mithila Daya: Unsupportive staff, wonder they really want to make a sale. Arrogant attitude while I was keenly asking about the camera's. I wanted to purchase a Canon SLR but the sales person was not interested at all and was engaged in his personal work. Waste of time.
zoe hyland: I was having a nightmare, and the people here helped me out a great deal. Incredibly assisting and helpful, would reccomend going here to anyone. Chris the manager knows his tech very well and even gave a discount to help, and a rep (I think his name was T) was incredibly patient and amazing. 10 out of 10 customer service!
Kevin Brennan: 1.6% surcharge on a credit card is ridiculous for a camera store
Huang Siyi: I'm here to repair my camera, and the staff at this store haven't given me any feedback (cell phone or email) about my camera's progress since April 9. In May, I noticed that my camera was not making any progress, so I went to their store to inquire. After an inquiry, a shop assistant told me that he had finished the inspection and asked me if I wanted to continue the maintenance. I made it very clear that we should continue the maintenance, and I called to confirm it a few minutes later.Until today, June 1, another month has passed, I still haven't received any progress about my camera, and during this month I sent several emails to their email to inquire about the progress, but there was no response. At 6.1 I called their store to ask how soon I could pick up the repaired camera. After inquiry, the staff of the other side told me that the camera was only checked and not repaired. I told him that I wanted repairs last time I was there, and I wanted to know the price of repairs to judge whether I needed repairs or not. Get a very bad attitude response, tell me in a commanding tone that you don't know whether you want to fix it or not, what on earth are you going to do? I think the whole person was scared. Regardless of how slow the progress of your store is, you never give customers feedback on goods, even the attitude of the clerk is so uncomfortable.I sincerely advise you not to go to this store to buy or repair anything.
ric roman: Charged $7.00 to print one 5 x 7 photo, poor quality, unreasonable pricing, avoid at all costs. Go to officeworks and pay 35 cents.
K L: Friendly staff but rubbish operations. Ordered an item online at the end of December which website stated would be posted within 14 days of order.Needed to call 3 times in total to get updates and each time was told they were waiting for the stock from supplier and no ETA could be provided.On my 3rd and final call, was advised the same usual line. Asked how a business couldn’t provide any sort of ETA 2 months after the order was placed?? Was told I’d get a call back as it needed to be referred through to the manager.Never got a call, BUT that afternoon a tracking number came through on my order via email. Have now just received the item today.So how long was my item just sitting around waiting to get posted??? Absolute joke. Learn how to run a business!
narshant wedding: Worst experience I’ve ever had, I provided the t-shirt and asked for the print.they printed in the smallest size possible Where someone needs glasses to be able to read and they charged $20 for it
Bassem Aswad: We came here for our baby's photo. We wanted two photos for two different documents. After taking the photo, the photographer assured us that the photo will be accepted for both documents. However, it was accepted for one document only. Therefore, we returned to the store trying to get a new photo. We explained to the photographer (a senior guy, not the same photographer from the first time) why the first photo wasn't accepted, so he agreed to take a new photo. He rushed the photo (because he thought I wanted to get the new photo for free) and he took it while our baby was unsettled. We didn't like the photo (because our baby looked crying) and asked him to take another one; which he did. During our time there he was rude saying things like "if you don't like the photo, go take it yourself" and "you are wasting my time". When I told him I wanted to pay, he started to be a little nice and he said "to be honest the first photo wasn’t good". Avoid this store and, specifically, avoid the senior guy.
Mengyao Tu: Terrible service and high price!!!!!!$29 for passport photos. It is nearly double compared to other places👎🏻.
Mick McCarthy: Myself and my wife (jessica) have purchased 2 cameras and separate lens over the years plus several other items as needed. TBH I wouldn't go anywhere else for my camera needs. Huot, the store manager is a genuine man. He lent me a camera once for a week just to try something different. He's a terrific guy and very nice to deal with.
Bishesh Thapa: Good store to buy camera and accessories.

5. Sunlite Mitre 10 - York St - Sydney

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167 reviews
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Sunlite Mitre 10 - York St
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Address: 60 York St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9299 1944

Business type: Hardware store

Sunlite Mitre 10 - York St: what do users think?
Bin Yang: I have been doing business with this store for 15 years, I never have single issue. all the staff in this store are very experienced, friendly, and great helpful. They have been trying the best to help me (I believe other hundreds of other customers). Highly recommend to visit this store in Sydney CBD.
Angelico Estil: Good for emergencies while you are in the middle of a job in town, although very limited.
Stephen Pettitt: Found exactly what I was looking for. Interesting is that they have a really good light globe selection for a small store. Many of the selection are not available in Bunnings, Woolworths or elsewhere.
HelpStop AnimalAbuse: I used the Glebe store & as i am disabled. They helped me out with the delivery. Friendly & very helpful.
Anne Stevens: We live in the city & the service given in York street is fantastic!Gavin mixed my paint colour perfectly for me & was so helpful! Couldn’t do without them!Annie Stevens.
Ian Baker: Small location, with a wide variety of products. This mitre 10 has saved me countless times. With a attentive and friendly staff on top of it, can't fault this place. Thanks for doing what you do.
paul streeter: Best store ever
jonnies: Such friendly service! They were only too happy to help with my questions, as I am learning the basics of building. They recommended great starting out options.
Ernst Voegeli: Der kleine Hardwareshop, der das hat, was du brauchst. Freundliche Beratung. Gute Preise.
Moh’d Asfour: This store has a range of items and I would like to thank Sotheary as she is friendly helpful and professional lady. She is always happy to help.
Vincent Luc: Sotheary is very helpful and friendlyand she went extra mile to what i need for my project. I would like to say thanks to her and i always come back to look for service.
Orchid Li: Great customer service. I was served by Sotheary who helped me with what I wanted that I didn’t know what was the name the product.I would like to thank to Sotheary for all her patient, friendly and great help.I will come back to shop with your store again.
Stacey Y: Convenient little Mitre 10 with a decent range of products in the heart of the city. Prices are higher than suburban stores but to be expected in the city. Service is great, staff are always friendly and happy to assist, be it collecting an online order or getting assistance when browsing the store.
Eliya Suparman: Great customer service and a nice selection of bits if you’re in the city needing DIY supplies.
Patrick Tay: I was served by Ms Sotheary & her team. Ms Sotheary is very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and was able to assist me with little waste of my time and found what I wanted. I really appreciate Ms Sotheary's kind service and assistance during my recent visit to the store. Well done Sotheary & team :)
george koulis: Great service
Robbie Lloyd: Comprehensive range and efficient service
Tilwin Joy: They don't stock the cheap items that are available on the website, and don't even mention they exist when specifically asked for cheap items for one time use.
Kirsten Garrett: I love going to Mitre l0 in York Street Sydney. Everyone very professional, very helpful, and the shop is well stocked. Gavin served me a few days ago. He knows everything, and is an great asset to the shop. Thank you, Gavin, and Mitre l0 York Street.
Phillip Chappell: Sotheary was friendly, professional, had excellent product knowledge and delivered top notch customer service.
Justin Green: Excellent customer service. They are great with returns and also very helpful helping me find what I need. That's why I'll keep going back

6. Onsite Timber & Building Supplies - Bexley

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43 reviews
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Address: 477-479 Forest Rd, Bexley NSW 2207, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9597 4725

Business type: Building materials store

7. ResMed - Bella Vista

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30 reviews
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Address: Innovation Centre, 1 Elizabeth MacArthur Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Tue

Telephone: +61 1800 737 633

Business type: Medical equipment manufacturer

8. Sunlite Mitre 10 - Newtown - Newtown

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170 reviews
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Sunlite Mitre 10 - Newtown
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Address: 267 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9565 5555

Business type: Hardware store

Sunlite Mitre 10 - Newtown: what do users think?
Patrick May: Fantastic customer service here last Saturday.
Juan Simon Linares Oropeza: Compact hardware store. All essentiaks and more available
Elizabeth: Always a wonderful experience when I shop at Mitre 10 Newtown! Liam is always so welcoming, knowledgeable and really takes his time with customers to make them feel heard and valued. I truly appreciate his fantastic service and I will keep coming back just for his professional knowledge!
Warwick Crane: Great shop
Simon Skinner: Friendly and helpful staff.
Fiona Wright: Love this place and the staff are super kind and sweet and smart to boot. Beats a Saturday sausage any day
Jemma Morris: Best service ever!The whole team go above and beyond to help. Really appreciated
Ray Moss: 20022023" yeah great place to rang to, lots of variety tools and drills," go check it out people,".
Koen Ruymaekers: One guy was very knowledgeable, the other useless.Not the cheapest hardware store but conveniently close.
Kathleen O'neill: Just had the best customer service experience thanks to Oscar who went above and beyond 🙌Thanks again Oscar!
Jia Hui Loo: Big ups to Oscar for helping me find what I was looking for today and even pointed me to a discount. He's such a warm person and was eager to help from the very beginning. 10 out of 10 experience shopping at the store and will definitely be back!
Susan Ruck: Have been coming here for the last 20 years. They moved around King st and are thankfully still there. Ross who has been working there is a living legend. Whatever you need to know, he knows it. Great old fashioned service and professional attitude. They even showed me how to change a tap washer. This is like your old country town hardware store but in the city. Snice
Alana Scherr: Other hardware store?More like the Mother of Hardware stores.F*** Bunnings
James Matheson: A good selection of different hardware items, modestly priced, limited to a few in each category by the size of the store. Friendly staff and conveniently located if you are in Newtown.
Brett Parker: A Great little hardware, with very knowledgeable, friendly helpfull staff.
Raphaella Katzen: I would like to say a belated and incredibly warm thank you to Liam. I came in needing wooden frames and Liam hand cut them in store for me EVEN though they didn’t offer that service. He ended up glueing and clamping them onto the paintings and letting them dry in store over night, saving me a lot of stress. Liam, thanks so much. your customer service was exceptional and i’m incredibly grateful… I am a loyal customer to mitre 10 newtown forever.
NERTCHER: staff were helpful-didnt know precisely what I needed, but that's because I was after specific help with how acrylic paints adhere to plastic primers
ROB: Big as it gets and it on the heart of Newtown on king street you can't miss it they have everything you need and the staff are excellent at what they do next time your around drop in and see for yourself I bet you will be surprised at how big it is you still gotta remember that there ain't much mitre 10 shops around in the Sydney area.
Pascale Freer: I cannot believe how helpful and accommodating the staff were. I was astounded by their willingness to help and meet my request. So lovely. Brilliant customer service! Probably best consumer experience of all time!!
Matthew Guy: Excellent! Friendly and helpful service. I would definitely shop here again.

9. Carel Australia PTY Ltd. - Homebush

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3 reviews
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Carel Australia PTY Ltd.
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Address: 11-21 Underwood Rd, Homebush NSW 2140, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 8762 9200

Business type: Electronics manufacturer

10. Camera House - Brookvale - Brookvale

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105 reviews
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Address: 514 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 9:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9907 1955

Business type: Camera store

11. Black Star Pastry Newtown - Newtown

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783 reviews
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Black Star Pastry Newtown
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Address: 1/325 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia

Schedule: Opens at 8:00 AM

Telephone: +61 2 9557 8656

Business type: Cafe

12. Holiday Inn & Suites Parramatta Marsden Street, an IHG Hotel - Parramatta

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111 reviews
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Holiday Inn & Suites Parramatta Marsden Street, an IHG Hotel
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Address: 100 Marsden St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9633 9898

Business type: Hotel

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