Best Specialized Physicians Clinical Pharmacology Sydney Near Me

1. University of Sydney School of Medicine - Camperdown

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University of Sydney School of Medicine
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Address: Anderson Stuart Building, The University of Sydney, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9351 2222

Business type: Medical school

University of Sydney School of Medicine: what do users think?
Fazal Awan 471: I want to know Fees of MBBS course of this university for international students? Please tell me.
Jonathan Rowed: This is Jonathan may talk doctor Renata Chapman today thank you
Kenneth Yuen: Building is too old...
Som Prasad Kattel: Diploma in General Medicine from Nepal can study Here?
Keyla Yudiest: Sangat bagus

2. Faculty of Medicine and Health - Camperdown

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Faculty of Medicine and Health
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Address: The University of Sydney, Science Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9351 2222

Business type: University department

3. South West Sydney Dermatology - Liverpool

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20 reviews
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South West Sydney Dermatology
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Address: 1/7 Secant St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9602 0286

Business type: Dermatologist

4. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians - Sydney

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13 reviews
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The Royal Australasian College of Physicians
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Address: 145 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8:30AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9256 5444

Business type: Association or organization

5. The University of Sydney - Camperdown

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1245 reviews
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The University of Sydney
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Address: Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9351 2222

Business type: University

The University of Sydney: what do users think?
Richard Campbell: worst place to go
عمر حسين: جيد
soli L: 永远的神
Tran Anh Hung: This is to define how university/ education should be!
Tra Mi: Our uni visit 2023-06-04
Puryanto: Alhamdulillah...Thank U
Norrish Emb: It is the best University
Gordon.T. Williams: A beautiful day for a bachelor's degree in business "Magical" Autumn's days, let's celebrate
Philipp Cordes: Absolutely loved this place and came here so so often watching the Uni sports, the beautiful architecture or just the amazing sunsets. Like its own small city and a stunning one at that
최승희: 해리포터학교처럼 사진찍으면 그림되는곳
Daphne Star: The grounds and buildings are absolutely gorgeous and free to public, good for wedding photos 😉
Bella Evans: this university is top10 beautiful university in the world after this visit
Linda L: Regrettable that students pursuing the law course has to do double degree and spend 5 yrs instead of 3 years.Much more money has to be paid to the U and for accomodation.As a result, some potential students have to give up the idea of studying in Australia and go UK instead.
JH Park: 다시 공부하고 싶다라는 미친 생각을 잠시 함. 시드니대학 후디 하나 사려다 매장을 못 찾음.
Faizal Erlangga Makawi: Its not a harry potter
orange card house: Nice
goodwell arron: 它是一条链接历史与当下,当下与未来的河流。生机勃勃 源远流长
Alyssa: Syd Uni! Visited this place as it is near the Chau Chak Museum. 😎Great for taking good photos.
Junsheng Li: 庄严,充满历史感。
Sơn Thái Hồng: Không gì có có thể diễn tả được sự hoành tráng của nó. Môi trường đào tạo quá tuyệt vời.
Evonna Hertz-Rodriguez: Beautiful campus and great teach staff

6. The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy - Camperdown

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17 reviews
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The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy
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Address: The University of Sydney, A15, Science Rd, Camperdown NSW 2006, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9351 2320

Business type: University department

The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy: what do users think?
Svenhvit Sven: Hahaha ridiculous
Reza Kahlaee: One of the most magnificent faculties to study!
Lionel Motaz: Great inf about it .. I want to visit
Steve Grantham: The faculty has had its head in the sand for the last twenty years - and failed to acknowledge the retail model the profession is based on needs to change. This week (January 2016) reports are coming in that pharmacy is struggling. This has happened because the faculty has insisted on providing irrelevant education (how many times has Mrs Jones asked about the Krebs cycle - or Md Al Sharif asked about Boyles law?) And provides no vocational guidance whatsoever. Consider the proactive program of the UTS pharmacy school. I struggle to recommend the education the faculty provides.
Thiago Reis: Beautiful building. You should go in and see how it is inside. One of the best Pharmacy Schools around the world. You can also find a post service inside this building, which is close to the Footbridge Cafe. Very convenient.
Kayla Jackson: The benches in the lecture theatre are not the most comfy, however the accostics and its location are pretty great. I love the fact its the Bank Building and it is very pretty but unfortunately we don't spend much time in there being a Vet Student

7. St Vincent's Hospital Sydney - Darlinghurst

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36 reviews
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St Vincent's Hospital Sydney
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Address: 390 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Open 24 hours

Telephone: +61 2 8382 1111

Business type: Hospital

St Vincent's Hospital Sydney: what do users think?
Jay Leigh: Prompt and professional. However,Cowboy Steve stole the show, what a human.
Glen Manning: My stay at the hospital was awesome, was cared for n looked after by the nurses very well. For a public hospital I'll say great job. My nurse Hannah was soovely I wish I could take her home, always giving the thumbs up n making sure I was ok after surgery, great team of nurses n surgeons. Hat tipped to all the nurses of level 8 South wing.
Clarkey: Clean good service great staff
Ariel Arpires: Can't thank everyone here enough! ❤️
Hermione Le: They have excellent Doctors and nurses. Great service!
Suzannah McClure: St Vincent's public saved my daughter's life.They have the most amazing team in ICU.We are so lucky here in Australia to have such an amazing place.All the staff from every corner of the hospital help you how ever they can .I can not thsnk them enough for what they have done for my family.They are the best!!!
Melissa Prop: I had an encounter with the rudest and most aggressive person on the 389 bus today. Unfortunately, she was wearing the blue St Vincent's uniform as she boarded the bus outside the hospital at around 4.30pm. What a terrible way to represent the hospital.
Mitchell Mcgrath: Highly unprofessional head Dr Mel l believe her name is, was asked leave l said l wanna see different dr please or advocacy team she called security she said no leave, luckily l recorded everything for heath minster to see and l will seeking legal action, all this could be avoided with a simple phone call, or getting a different dr.
Yasmin Keers: The team at St Vincent’s really helped me after a visit to the emergency. The team really cared and were genuinely invested in trying their best for me despite being overworked and understaffed. Thank you to the nurses and doctors for everything they do!
jade (dodo): Would like to thank the ED team for looking after me so kindly - Dr Nikki Woods, Paramedics Josh, Riley, Emma and Co.
Teresa Wilkinson: conscientious staff, calm waiting area, triage was excellent & nurses & doctors kind, helpful, & very thorough, as long as you remember 'respect' is mutual & having to wait is not 'optional' but necessary, bring your patience along with Medicare card, & any other necessary ID
Glenys Kettlewell: I did not receive an adequate level of care following my surgery. The result was life threatening, fortunately I made it to ED at a different hospital and received the critical care I needed.
Cecilia Tan: NO STAR if I could to this hospital A&E from reception to triage room in abusing patient for extremely long hours in waiting area…What happened to the medical ethics principles???I was at the A&E 15 March 2023 with a secondary inflammation throat, 8/10 pain and fever. I registered at the reception was told to understand on their charges and payment on Overseas Consultation. Asked to wait at the brown chair was seen by a male nurse in triage room 1- took the RAT Test and he did all the checking. I informed him that I am in great pain 8/10, had not been able to swallow my saliva, could barely speak and difficulty in breathing that’s why I’m here. Also I informed the male nurse I’m an asthma sufferer. Told me to take a seat at the blue chair and waited to be called to see the doctor. Soon the blue area was full of patients (till at some point realised mostly overseas) in waiting. I waited from 7:30pm till 1am and was progressively getting worse, feeling chilly, shivering and aching that triggered to my asthma attack.My daughter went to triage room 1 to ask an Asian nurse for help and was told ok will come to you but nothing happened. We waited for a while again until my daughter had to approach the nurse again to get help that I had difficulty breathing properly. She came and got me into triage room again and try to communicate with me. At this stage I was in great pain and cramped and difficulty breathing. I asked for an inhaler after much struggles. She went to ask, I was handed a inhaler and was given a numbing gel to swallow for my inflammatory throat. Sent out to sit in the waiting area again to continue to wait to see the doctor. GOD knows I WAS TOTALLY EXHAUSTED MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY !!! I left the hospital thinking if I ever get to see the doctor!!!I received an email from the hospital, invoice no. 4228265 $162 dated 23 March 2023treating doctor-St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney LtdNO DOCTOR’s name of course as I did not even get to consult one after the abusing experience!!!WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MEDICAL ETHICS PRINCIPLES!
Jazzz Martinz: No judgement, just exceptional care and compassion. Also from the ambulance service team that took me to the emergency room numerous times this year. We are the luckiest people on earth to have such a health-care system. I was always treated with the utmost respect and compassion by every doctor and nurse. Amazing medical care! Thank you very much.
Hannah Havenga: Wonderful general nursing staff, however I had a mental health nurse to check on me after being taken to the ER to dispatch me. She tried to diagnose me without speaking with me, without listening to me and was extremely passive aggressive. She diagnosed me with a mental illness within a mere few minutes without knowing anything of my past. I’ve had her twice now and she lacks both empathy and the ability to have compassion those who are in her care. I have finally decided to leave a review because I am appalled at the care of the mental health nurse and hope others do not have to deal with her in future.I believe her name is Lisa Nolan. She was working on the 5/6 of January 2023. Please hire a new one as she was extremely disrespectful, dismissive and had stigma surrounding valid mental health concerns. I was treated so kindly and compassionately by the other nurses in the ward, working overtime and nightshift. I have nothing but wonderful feelings and things to say about them and do not want them dragged into this terrible review. However, whoever is dispatching mental health patients should be looked at. She is extremely unprofessional, rude and is not the right candidate for mental health support. She shamed me and took her time dispatching me because of her own preconceived ideas when she knows nothing about who I am. Please get this horrible woman out of your medical care as I promise you, she is only pushing people further into their spirals of addictions and passing passive aggressive judgement where she shouldn’t be. Also, falsely diagnosing patients with little depth. Absolutely terrible and unforgivable.
Huntington NY: I want to know why your RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL and VILE "Reception" and "triage" team think they have the right to speak back to patients the way they do? A young man bleeding profusely from his head was all but told off and ignored. An Aboriginal couple asked for a wheelchair and pain medication. They didn't get pain medicine until numerous people stood up in their defense that they asked from it 3 hours ago and your incompent staff didn't provide anything. If your staff expect patients to treat them with respect, which I have never witnessed any one be ride to staff until HOURS after being neglected and ignored by your staff, get some competent curteous and professional staff who do their jobs. Excuse after excuse and rude comments to patients. I actually applauded a patient for telling a triage nurses to f off. The pathetic waste of air cried victim after abusing apatient for hours. No wonder this hospital gas JESUS I'm everything it does. Double standards. Hypocrisy and ANYTHING FOR $$$$. This hospital should be be shut down and charges brought against it for abuse, neglect and breach of duty of care.
Krassimir: Bad experience. It felt like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. My dad was a patient here and every time I tried to contact the nurses to ask how he's going, either the phone kept ringing out without anyone picking or they just picked up and immediately hang up the phone. I had to get the front desk to call several different places around the ward to finally get someone on there and then the nurses basically didn't know what was happening and told me to call back later.Nothing changes here, a month later he went back and the same thing.Before subsequent surgeries they also don't properly explain to the patient what they are getting and how that will affect them, they need to acknowledge understanding. In my dads case they simply made him sign a document to proceed directly with the operation. This is a problem if the patient speaks another language and has no idea what they've just signed - Under heavy medication and distress this is a huge problem. The staff will make very little attempt to contact the next of kin. Not good if you ask me.
Yovita Iskandar: I appreciated the care from the staff member. However, not impressed at all by the system & process.I arrived at almost midnight after hours of vomitting and massive migraine, and told to take a seat. After the vital data was checked, the staff told me "It's probably just a bug", then I was asked so many administration data by the staff at reception, then brought to a seat and waited there for 8 hours. Got my blood taken, then nothing except blood presure tests every now and then. Everytime I asked when GP will come and see me, the answer was always the same: "sorry to make you wait this long, but we are not sure, hopefully soon."Seat was not reclined until I showed sign of huge discomfort by seating for HOURS. Anti sickness was only and FINALLY given when I keep telling them I felt nauseous. No water, not even any info about where the toilet is, nothing. My friends who waited for me were finally given blanket after waited for hours.After 8 hours of waiting, all my symptoms were mostly reduced on its own, and by morning when I finally met by the practicioner, I was asked the same questions all over again, only to got discharged without any treatment/medicine because I was already "better". Then charged for almost $490.When it is emergency, I (and I think all othet patients too) need to get treated immediately. Having this experience, I would never ever again visit ER if the process is even slower than my natural healing process. Unacceptable.
P Jano: Great hospital
Craig Hinkley: I'm my experience the best hospital in the world!
Joseph Khoury: Wonderful

8. Sydney Bariatric Clinic - Westmead

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31 reviews
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Sydney Bariatric Clinic
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Address: Westmead Specialist Centre 9, 16-18 Mons Rd, Westmead NSW 2145, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 9687 7019

Business type: Bariatric surgeon

9. Sydney Eye Clinic - Darlinghurst

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62 reviews
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Sydney Eye Clinic
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Address: L2/213 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon

Telephone: +61 2 8302 1140

Business type: Eye care center

Sydney Eye Clinic: what do users think?
Benjamin: Ruined my perfect closeup vision. Before the operation they assured me that my close up vision would remain perfect, but it is now blurry. I'm devistated. I can see in the distance better, but I now need reading glasses for computer and phone. When I raised this they just said 'oh, it's because of your age "... I'm in my 30s! Inhad specifically asked them before the operation, and they reassured me that it would be perfect. Add to this that every time I went I had to wait for at least an hour. Once I waited for 2 hours.
Hassan Fakih: 6 months post OP review: Highly recommend Dr Ilan Sebban for cataracts surgery. Everything was perfect from inital consultation to post op follow ups.
Celia Tanner: I got PRK done here in December 2019 and am so happy with the results. I was previously -4 in both eyes and now have perfect vision. Recovery was smooth and the price was very reasonable (although be prepared for appointments to run quite late). I would definitely recommend if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.
K Ro: Disgusting service by the lady in the phone. Called on 16th February at 3:30pm and was spoken to so rudely and was treated like a child over the phone, rather then helping me answer my questions, I was consistently rudely interrupted. Might need to re-consider your customer service as I was trying to book in a treatment but thanks to your front desk, you just lost a potential customer. Disgusting.
Jenny Wilson: Totally disappointed in the outcome of the surgery, Dr Sebban and his customer service! Wished I had searched further for a doctor to do the intraocular lens procedure, rather than relying on word of mouth. Firstly, join the queue of people that are in the waiting room to see him, which at worst for me was 2 hours past my appointment time, I eventually gave up and left. That was on my second post op visit. The ladies at reception and the ladies who do the eye measurements are great. I am now left in the situation of having to pay another surgeon, to correct my right eye vision.
Steven Shebo: Wonderful experience with Sydney Eye Clinic. Dr. Ilan Sebban was a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Sydney Eye Clinic and would highly recommend to anyone.Finally I can see 20/20 again and no more glasses 🙂 thank you Dr Ilan Sebban.
Daniele Menna Handyman: Dr. Ilan and his entire staff are very knowledgeable, attentive and careful to your needs. He put the At lisa tri trifocal intraocular lenses on me and I am very satisfied.I wore glasses and I was fed up especially with my work as a handyman, they created problems for me. Dr. Ilan had prepared me by putting in front of me the advantages and possible problems. When these occurred (the dysphotopsias) he was present he reassured me, he was very patient with me, he revisited me several times and after only 6 months my brain has adapted and now I can also see very well night . Thanks Ilan. Good job!
Semon Semon: Long wait and bad appointments I waited 3 hours and they say we are sorry the doctor will call you it is the worst eye center I do not recommend them zero star
Sophie Vo: I cannot thank Dr Ilan Sebban and his team enough after having my transPRK surgery done. The process was smooth right from consultation day to surgery day. I cannot fault anything. I went from wearing contacts and glasses everyday (shortsightedness + astigmatism) for 17 years to having perfect vision. Thank you for bringing my dream to a reality. I still can’t believe it.Thanks a million to the team of receptionists, the optometrists (thank you Maggie), nurses and Dr Ilan Sebban. Truly!A big thank you for having such reasonable/ affordable prices compared to other places. For sure, the Sydney Eye Clinic is the most accessible and affordable place to fix your eyesight. You guys have changed my life.*it’s been a week since my surgery, I can’t wait to see the full results
Truong Hai Vu Nguyen: I recently had advanced laser eye surgery.Chris/Maggie awesome.Front office more awesome.If I could add more stars I would.Great parking option, and supportive post operation processes.
Az An: Great Place to get Laser eye correction done.
Linda Yousif: The best doctor
Alan Reed: I couldn't be happier with my recent surgery and results, the overall experience was simply first class.Without exception, each and evey member of staff you come in contact with at the clinic are highly trained, kind and extremely professional.Dr Sebban ensures you are comfortable and well informed. He takes the time to explain things in detail and ensures you understand the processes and timelines.A true professional in his field of expertiseI can't thank the Sydney Eye Clinic enough and would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring the best eye care.
Tony Truong: Yay no more glasses and glasses tan on my face lol. Thank you and highly recommend 👌 PRK! In my after life. I’m coming back here definitely again. 😂
Paul Boyd: Absolutely Fantastic experience!! had double prelex surgery, now I can see perfectly after 20yrs struggling with glasses. Dr Ilan was great and the hospital ran like clockwork. Very professional and an amazing outcome!! 😀 Well Done !!
A BC: Had my eye PRK done by Docter Tony Chen and it was a amazing experience even though I do feel nervous at first. All staff and doctor Chen are very nice and friendly and they do give me those support that able to calm me down. I had an amazing experience in Sydney eye clinic and I am glad I choose this clinic with their affordable price and experience doctors and staff. Thank you so much for giving me a brand new vision! Is been a month now since my surgery and I still can't believe it that I am free from glasses and contact lens. My previous vision short sighted is - 8.00 .I would like to add a second good review on today 03/05/2022. I just have my chalazion removed by Doctor Kenneth Ooi. Very very happy with the procedure and is almost painless. I couldn't recommend enough of how professional sydney eye clinic Doctors is. Not to mention that their price is reasonable and affordable compare to some. Thank you so much Guys!
Cathy Chan: Thank you Dr Sebban and team for giving me perfect vision! Did trans-PRK there 5 weeks ago, the surgery was quick and painless, and the recovery is much quicker and easier than I expected!!!!I would highly recommend Sydney Eye Clinic for fixing short sight and astigmatism! Dr Sebban is very nice and caring but yet charging such an affordable price!!!***April 2022 update***After almost 3 years since the trans PRK, I did an eye test today and optometrist said I have perfect vision!! Dr Sebban did it spot on and I am so grateful for the convenience the surgery brought me!!Just wanna say thanks again and hope Kim and Debby are doing well 😊
Tony Gannon: Complete waste of $11000. I agree with Brian Moore.Operation by Dr Sebban. Intraocular Lenses, both Eyes, that has left me with... Crescents on both eyes. Haloes on both eyes and when lights appear in front of me at night, such as at traffic lights, they are a giant circle of magnified dots. Date of operation..15.12.2015 and i attended your clinic three more times after the initial operation! Why would you say you have no record of me at your practise?After all this, i then went to another eye specialist for help who told me i had been left with too much scar tissue on my left eye, which i said was causing me excruciating pain and which Dr Sebban told me had nothing to do with his operation... The Bondi specialist lasered the scar tissue which gave me instant relief, this cost me another $1000.
Stephen Docwra: Great service, great price and good people.
Harriet Redmond: I had my Prelex surgery almost a year ago with Dr Saban & it was the best thing I did for myself! I highly recommend this procedure, to have the freedom of not wearing multi focals.Harriet Redmond
Sabrina Bourouis: I love the team here, everyone is so nice and helped me being calm and relaxed before the intervention. Dr. Sebban is a great surgeon who immediately put me at ease and explained everything very clearly. Thank you so much !

10. UNSW Sydney - Randwick

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962 reviews
new review
UNSW Sydney
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Address: Sydney NSW 2052, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 9385 1000

Business type: University

UNSW Sydney: what do users think?
Ushy Bushy: This place sucks. Disorganised mess, recycled content for numerous subjects. Subpar and unprofessional staff. I have seen daycare centres with more organisation.
yang ye: 不爱也得爱。
Arina: Made me who I am. A lot to discover, to see, to do. Love this place :)
Phly Ball: Beautiful building! Definitely worth it to wander around.
Jim Lea: I obtained my PhD, Masters and Bachelor of Engineering (1995) from UNSW. I have learnt many practical and relevant skills during my studies at UNSW. The skills were immediately applicable when I joined the workforce in Jan 1996.I have many memorable memories at UNSW.I consider UNSW as one of the best universities in the world and highly recommend this university to potential overseas and local students.
HenryIggy Khush: For being in the top 50 Universities of the world it is a very dead university. Boring labs, bad lecturers, shocking multi-factor security, very disappointed.
Justo: antes de llegar acá por supuesto despegamos en el Aeropuerto Internacional Kingsford Smith, para luego en autobús irnos ya en cia. de nuestra hija que fue a buscarnos para llegar a su dpto. en la famosa UNSW. La universidad es como un barrio de grande, al dia sgte. fecha 14 de diciembre fuimos al mercado y luego pasamos a centennial park que no esta lejos de la universidad
Sandra Leethwood: The food here is great hey
Coco Pumar Plus: One of the BEST universities in Australia.I got my TESOL qualification here in 2017.❤️♥️♥️
Nourah: Beautiful campus.
Pritpal Singh: Part of the Group of 8 prestige unis of Australia. Yes the entry requirements are harder and higher than other local universities but it’s simply due to higher standards here
Stuart Fischli: This has to be the best uni in Sydney... Incredible campus with big brand new sports facility
Jack Balcombe: A great university with a high global ranking, modern facilities, and the latest technology. Tools and software that are used by real workers and companies are introduced to students from early on so they know how to use them. UNSW is good for its practical courses that prepare students well for joining the workforce when they leave. They seem to be pretty progressive and aren't afraid to change things up to improve the student experience (although whether some of their decisions eg. Trimesters are actually good is controversial among students). UNSW is a bit further from the city centre than other universities in Sydney, so it could take longer for some students to commute there. But I like the relative peace and quiet of the suburbs around UNSW compared to the busy, crowded city centre.
Lan Lin: Love unsw. Beautiful memories here for 5 years.
notis tsimas: Cst service is alright but the assessment team is rly bad! I don't even feel like spending a minute to explain what happened....
Joseph Macrae: soo slay 😻
ERAGA EBOIGBE: UNSW probably the best University in Sydney a lot to choose from and friendly school mate and staff
Yuyun Yuniar: My campus... This is where I will carry out my doctoral program
Exploreyourworld Highgate67: Over priced for the service you receive , untrained staff , subject outline snot updated with current dates , spelling mistakes, unfriendly staff, there are better options than studying at UNSW, lecturers do not reply my emails, please do not study in this university, when you get trapped please dont say wish i went for other university. or why was i not told that the service was really bad
Antonio Sanchez: did you think the days of piracy were over? well... they aren'tINTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, these guys want your money bad and they will give you as little as possible in exchange for it. (I got nothing).I intended to study a graduate certificate. Only when I paid the enrolment fees, 4000 DOLLARS, they disclosed the availability of the modules that comprised the certificate. All the modules that I intended to study were full so I thought I would get a refund... Guess what... they STOLE my 4000 dollars and offer no compensation for it. (I asked them to offer me other courses such as public speaking…)it is important to note that they only disclose the module availability when they get the hand in your wallet, prior to that there is NO INFORMATION/WARNING.As an indication of how BAD this institution is just try to contact them... The student support is horrible, long wait times and unqualified people. Again, if you are an internal student don't waste your money here.This institution gets good ratings just because relative to other institutions in this country it is better:"In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."
George Argy: Best university in Sydney!

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